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    Wow, that looks fantastic. I really like the balcony you added and the wall designs. I especially never would have thought of putting buttons on things at random, but it does make it look good.

    I like the idea of secret rooms in some of those unused areas. Maybe I can use pistons (once they're added to the main game) to install a secret door.
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    I have just finished building my first Minecraft megasturcture, based on the historical ziggurat of Ur. A Google image search for "ziggurat" will show several pictures I used for inspiration, but I tried to make the finished structure a combination of my favorite aspects of each reconstruction.

    Here is a long-distance shot:

    Here is a view from the bottom of the main stairway:

    This one shows the upper tiers a little more clearly:

    You may have noticed there are no pictures of the inside. Apparently the historical ziggurat did not have anything inside it, but that's not the reason for the lack of pictures. When I make buildings in Minecraft, I always put something inside them, so they're useful. Unfortunately, everything I've tried so far to divide up the inside looks ugly, and if I just put chests and workbenches scattered around it doesn't look too great either. So I'm asking for help from anyone who would like to try.

    Here is the save:

    A couple notes:
    In that save, you should start at the foot of the stairs. Behind you is a small house with a bed, workbench, furnace, and a chest full of a thousand blocks of sandstone, in case you need to build walls or floors. (I did use INVedit for sandstone. I would have to strip several deserts worth of sand to make it legitimately.)
    Inside the top section are stairs taking you down inside the structure. The bottom of those stairs puts you on the 3rd tier from the top, leaving no way to get into the biggest section of all. I'm just putting off designing a way to access it until the interior is decorated. For now I just mine through the outer wall to get in.
    Speaking of the bottom section, right now it's just a huge open space. If you're decorating it, fell free to add levels inside. That's what the chests full of sandstone are for.
    There's a row of cacti along one side of the upper section. Some of the pictures I saw showed plants all around the ziggurat, some showed it bare. This is my compromise until I can decide what looks better.

    Thanks for looking!
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