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    You should make the WIP brewing stand.
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    5 more challenges added! Have fun trying to complete them!
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    Hey, would you like to try out my survival map? It's called "Dream world survival" and it's kinda like skyblock, with kind of a twist.
    I have tried it on multiplayer and it certainly needs some teamwork at some parts, especially the beginning. You will have to make some decision at the beginning and mine some iron from zombies to complete some challenges. So it will be pretty intresting but slow at some times. Here is the link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1322860-surv-dream-world-survival/
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    At the level of 10 or so.
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    Oh, the things that modloader has done for me. I love it!
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    Oh, yes nostalgia!
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    Quote from SkillPlayer231

    Is there any iron? bcz i cant find any :s

    You can get iron from zombies!
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    Quote from Maririn48

    Just askin, is the island just that 3? the above, bottom and the right of the upper island? Sorry my bad english, i will download tommorow morning, i'll Bookmark it :D

    There are 4 islands, that one where you start, the other one next to it, one below it and one that is kinda far away.
    Plus there's an island in the nether. The one that is far away is called "the spawner island".
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    Dream world survival.

    A survival map where you are in a dream world that has all kinds of weird things, like a giant popsicle, a big flower and some kind of floating islands and chests filled with all kinds of weird stuff like mycelium, 3 iron ingots and some feather falling boots that are about to break, what will you do with these things? That is up to you to decide, either make a iron pickaxe or a bucket, which one will you make?


    Download: http://www.mediafire...kae6gk5c84iaaz4

    Updates: Ice Cream Bot Update 7.11.2012: A mysterious mechanical and cool creature has appeared!

    1. Jump over to the other island.
    2. Make a crafting table.
    3. Make a wooden pickaxe.
    4. Make 3 beds.
    5. Make a cobblestone generator.
    6. Find the secret pumpkin.
    7. Make a Lapis Lazuli block.
    8. Get a stack of cobblestone.
    9. Make a snow golem.
    10. Get to the floating bedrock block with a chest.
    11. Go to the nether.
    12. Get you a cat friend.
    13. Go to the spawner island.
    14. Make a mob trap.
    15. Make an iron block.
    16. Make an iron golem.
    17. Make an infinite water source.
    18. Make a red giant mushroom.
    19. Make a brown giant mushroom.
    20. Make some mushroom stew.
    21. Make bread.
    22. Make some potions.
    23. Get a diamond.
    24. Get a record.
    25. Get all the records.
    26. Find the secret notes left by Prof. Pork.
    27. Find the mystical ice cream bot.
    28. Play some records.
    29. Get 40 redstone dust.
    30. Have a stack of apples.


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