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    I've played on a lot of servers over the years, some with very unique features and atmospheres, but this one is truly different.

    The CIVS plugin is a game changer. If you've never tried it, you need to join this server and check it out. It's like towny on steroids! You build your town by making the correct buildings, not by adding members and buying extra towny plots. What's better, is that you can automate just about EVERYTHING--mines, shops, farms,---all of it. This plugin rewards good town planning and creativity with layouts and decisions on what to build, when you build it and where you build it.

    We have a good playerbase that, for the moment, is holding off on the war features of the CIVS plugin to allow new folks to get settled in. Once our population grows a bit I'm expecting to see city sieges and defenses--CIVS allows for that in a big way (think factions, only more robust)!

    As an added bonus: the plugin dev plays here regularly as well--so while CIVS has a learning curve to it, you'll always have access to the answers you need.

    Come give us a try and play Minecraft differently than you've played it before!

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    Just a quick bump to say that this server is very neat, professionally run by an experienced server owner who has big plans, and as of this post it's only a few days old! The world is nearly untouched still as the finishing touches are put on the server. Come join now and get ahead of the crowd!!

    There are some really neat concepts here. The gold-based economy is a challenge that rewards you for mining and exploring, the core concepts of Minecraft (along with building, of course). This is a refreshing change from most economy servers whose economies can be manipulated with mob grinders and villager trades---those won't help you succeed here.

    All in all--this is a good place to call home if you want to test your towny/economy skills on a fresh server.

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