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    Hey everyone my name is Yoda! I am here to tell you about our server Gaia Network! Our server is a unique one of a kind game experience that will feature various different game modes that will test your skills! Our goal is to provide an amazing community while serving an equally amazing gaming and quality player experience! A little about us We are currently in active development and just under pre-alpha stage. We feature custom coded plugins, uniquely created builds from scratch, an amazing staff base and an even greater growing community! While we are in development we will be hosting monthly giveaways featuring cash, gift cards, discord nitro and so much more! We also have fun little competitions that give rewards. Lastly we have discord invites to get you some awesome rewards to let your friends know about us! Our discord link is:https://discord.gg/e2sx2yS7 we hope to see you there!

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    hey i can also help with being a mod/admin and i can give you some advice. i have plenty of experience .

    for more details add me on discord fatyoda#2523

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    Admin/mod aplication

    ign- Fatyoda01


    discord fatyoda#2523

    I believe that i would be a good admin as i have lots of experience modding on mc, discord, twitch, mixer and other platforms. i am always fair and my decisions are always backed with evidence and reason. i know the ins and outs of minecraft owning almost every version of the game and have played the game for many years. I go to a academic selective school and am very mature and can work well with others.

    experience- i have moderated for the mc server eclipse as well as some other small servers and realms, i have also modded mixer and twitch channels the most populous of which had 2500+ followers. i also modded the discords for all these servers

    on week days i can do 1-2 hours and weekends+ Friday i can do 4+ hours.

    i can offer experience and determination to the server. i also live in Australia so will be on when other mods are unable to be because of different timezones.

    proof of work- while i haven't been on eclipse for a while i may still have the helper role in the discord.

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