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    Yeah sorry about the delay! I needed sleep, writing application now.
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    Will post pics of spawn soon!
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    Novus spectrum is a unique pvp server with a top notch spawn, a friendly staff line up and community, many cool ranks and much to do, and dedicated anti griefing support. We are unique because we are a factions server with no grief and stealing to encourage building.


    1. USE YOUR BETTER JUDGEMENT. Just because something isn't explicitly stated against in the rules, don't do something you know is wrong.

    2. BE MATURE AND RESPECTFUL. You may NOT spam the chat or swear in every sentence. Respect others, and they will respect you back. Most of the time. NO extreme racism or harassment.

    3. NO CAMPING. Do not camp a spawn area or someone's home, that being said, combat logging/teleporting is STRICTLY prohibited.

    4. NO HACKS. No modified clients. No X-ray. Period. (optifine, voxxelbox, and minimap allowed)

    5. DO NOT ABUSE SERVER SIDE GLITCHES. If you find an error anywhere tell an admin. Exploiting it will get you banned.

    6. BUILD. Do not just sit in a cave with all your chests around you. Please build something for a faction! TNT is disabled!

    7. DO NOT grief ANYTHING that ANYONE built. (Save small structures such as 1x1 towers)

    [Beginner] First rank, given upon applying. {Free}
    [Novice] After beginner, can do most things. Can join factions. {Apply}
    [Guardian] Can purchase small plots at spawn. {3,500}
    [Adept] Can CREATE factions. {7,000}
    [Paragon] Can purchase med and large plots at spawn. {10,000}
    [Master] Can purchase lord plot at spawn. {20,000}
    [Transcendent] Final rank, (looking for suggestions) {150,000}

    Donations are as follows:
    1000 Silver for every $1
    1 Diamond block per every $1
    Magic carpet is $20
    Nickname and/or color is $10 ($15 for dark colors)

    Donator rank [Premium] costs $30 and includes Magic Carpet, Nickname and color of your choice, 30 diamond blocks, 30k silver in game, access to /hat, a premium sword, and (MAKE SUGGESTIONS).


    Have you read and understood the rules?:
    Tell me about yourself:
    Will you be a positive addition to our community?:
    Will you consider donating?:


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    Hey everyone! When you read this, please dont post behind it so everyone can see. This message is to my good friends from uncrafted and who are now in the Sovereign Empire and all those who enjoy my server.

    I have noticed in recent days that our current server cannot work. It was a very ambitious project that I undertook and I no longer have the will to continue it. I know for a fact that nothing anyone says can change my direction in this, and I regret to have to say these things. You all have been very helpful and supportive, however OUR idea is impossible with the current plugins and features minecraft has. I am afraid I may be shutting Kingdom Wars down. In recent days, the overall server morale has been anything but positive, and people fear for the future of the server. Many ideas have not been met with kindness, and people do not seem to be grasping the concept very well. In addition; the starting areas/factions have been diminishing quickly.

    However there isnt all bad news! I wish to continue hosting a server, however just with a different concept! My new idea is for Novus Spectrum PVP(Latin for New Idea :P how creative!). Novus Spectrum is (in my mind) a softcore pvp server. There will be 5-6 ranks, whose names I have not decided on, and will be based around factions. Griefing on Novus Spectrum will be prohibited and enforced with Hawkeye. There will also be lockette available to all players to prevent stealing. Novus Spectrum will be for those who desire a semi-safe, friendly environment where pvp is still encouraged! I hope this idea can be made possible with all of your help.

    If any of you have any questions for me please feel free to ask. I will begin work on this project once my co-admins have given the thumbs up to start it. For ANY (and I mean ANY) suggestions, please, skype me at Neal.Lockhart

    Sad to say goodbye but I fear it may be time!

    Your Friend/Owner:
    - neal301

    PS: The Novus Spectrum project will be started as soon as this is posted. Expect it this weekend. Any questions either skype or pm me.
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    Quote from joshpwnstango

    Hi neal, per request of some players i made a server that people will be able to enjoy, with minimal lag, and zero admin abuse contrary to what can be found on your server, Thank you for bumping the thread!

    Server will be open in 45 minutes :D

    We dont have admin abuse, that admin was removed from his position. I would appreciate it if you gave me credit for my work.

    EDIT: thank you for adding that, I much appreciate it! I will be on my way now and may stop by in a week or so and see how things are!
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    EDIT: Josh has credited me for the origional work, I hope to see success on this server!
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    Friggin hitler whitelister. Just accept people and let them play.
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    In response to wuler:

    You were de-admin'd because you gave a player an advantage over another player he shouldn't have had. You should have thought more before you did what you did. It is not an admins place to interfere with other players. I was considering giving you a 2nd chance, however reading these posts I have decided against it.

    Thank you, sorry to see you go.
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    OOC: Not sure what you want me to put here, it means out of character.
    IGN: neal301
    Age: 17
    Why us?: big time es fan
    Have you "liked" this thread? yes
    Have you voted for us at Planet Minecraft?: not yet ;)

    Did you join our forum? not yet
    Define Role-Playing in your words: (See front page for examples) players being a part of the game rather than playing it.

    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Making a new game out of an old one.
    Define Power-gaming in your words: not fun.

    Name: Hutch
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male

    Race: Imperial
    Appearance: Golden armor somewhat worn from age.

    Personality: Charismatic and leaderly
    In-game RP example: 'John: Tim? tim: yes john? john: have you any bread to spare? I havent had the chance to get to the markets today'
    Background: Born in the great Imperial City, Hutch has had aspirations to assume control of the land since age 5. He is the slayer of many great beasts and lead crusades in the nether realms (otherwise known as oblivion) to make him forever known as the 'Great Crusader'. In his hunger for money and power, he tried convincing many aristocrats of cyrodil to help him replace the current emperor. After many years of failing to win the emperors favor, he decided to move to new lands to see what ripe opportunities lie before him.
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    Crashes fixed.
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    Quote from Exodor

    Age: 14Hai its me.. im doing an application for my friend.. well hes doing it but with my acc.. thats all
    Ign: Hunter_blomqvist
    Tell us about yourself: Ive been playing minecraft since 1.8 and id like to play sith my friend pontus.

    Enjoy the server/Does it look fun: I think it looks fun.
    Will you consider donating? Any more donator perks you would like?: Nope
    Anything that needs clarification?: Yes
    Do you understand how the server works?: Yes
    Have you signed up on our website? (kingdomwarspvp.enjin.com): No.
    What kingdom do you like (or none): Elek

    Quote from Squareopolis

    Age: 15
    Ign: Squareopolis
    Tell us about yourself: been playing mc for about 7 months been on a number of servers, play several other games tf2, Aoe3 (age of empires), Borderlands etc started to love the whole feudal system after playing Aoe2 (and a bit of reading) spend a large amount of time playing on computer,i am mostly in a joyful mood (about 95% of the time) never got banned from any servers all though i have been muted once or twice just being honest.
    Enjoy the server/Does it look fun:it does seem like fun, i enjoy the theme of the server very much (well from what ive read so far)
    Will you consider donating? Any more donator perks you would like?: Donating is a tough one i do like donating to servers currently donated $50 to one server but i cant always donate as i need to ask a parent and that's always a mess but if i enjoy the server and it seem like it wont go anytime soon ill try my best
    Anything that needs clarification?: no seems good
    Do you understand how the server works?: yes you start at the bottom and threw time (or donation or both) you get a better rank :)
    Have you signed up on our website? (kingdomwarspvp.enjin.com): indeed i have
    What kingdom do you like (or none): Elendil have been in the kingdom threw several servers :)

    (sorry if there are things missing or are unclear i tend to forget things or just dont explain them well)

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    Quote from ICEC00L3D

    Age: 16
    Ign: ICE_C00L3D
    Tell us about yourself: I'm just looking for a friendly server that allows me to fight people and this your server seems to do just that.
    Enjoy the server/Does it look fun: It look fun and I can't wait to be able to do stuff on it.
    Will you consider donating? Any more donator perks you would like?: Donating is not my priority but if I ever feel I need to then I will.
    Anything that needs clarification?: if anything comes to mind I will ask in game.
    Do you understand how the server works?: I'm learning.
    Have you signed up on our website? (kingdomwarspvp.enjin.com): no and if I don't have to then I'd rather not.
    What kingdom do you like (or none): Kingdom of Elendel

    Quote from JarodY

    Jarody1234's Bandit Application!

    Age: I am currently 13 years old.

    Ign: My IGN is JarodY1234

    Tell us about yourself: There is a lot you should know about me ;)
    Basic Overview:
    I am a 13 year old Gamer basically. I like many different varieties of gaming, and enjoy most genres. Whether it be Futuristic Shooter, or Basic Pixel Indie Game, or In-Depth Games, or even Adventure games, I enjoy them all. My favorite games are the Kingdom Hearts Series.

    Minecraft Life:
    I enjoy to play Minecraft greatly. I have been playing since Late 2011, when I first received my computer. We setup minecraft, and I have been playing ever since. My first server was a nice vanilla server, and it started my multiplayer quest. I soon moved on to many servers, moderating many as well. I played on Survival, Creative, Adventure, and even roleplay servers. Then there were multiworld, objective, minigame, and even more servers that I played on. I was open to a wide variety of servers. I loved most of them, but usually lost them in some way. So I moved on. Then I met the Leader and Co-Leader of a clan called The Prosperous People.

    My Time in my first Clan Server:
    It didn't take long for me to be accepted to TPP. I was very active and very willing to help. We played on our own server for a while until we moved on. We went onto my first PvP Raiding Server. They showed me the ropes of how to play on the server and such. We made bases, conducted raids, the usual stuff. I was always the archer, of course. I always was good at it. We prospered from spawners, selling, and collecting resources. I don't remember much of the server, but I remember the next server, ShadowPvP.

    ShadowPvP was a great server, with a not-so responsible Owner. I will explain later. For now, the clans. Like the others, this was a Raid/Factions PvP Server. TPP moved there, meeting with a local Clan called Britannia. We soon made an official alliance, and we protected each other. Our bases were close to each other as well. We vowed to protect each other until death...or multiple deaths. Only the destruction of our kingdoms could stop us, and not even that stopped us. After raiders found our bases, we moved to a different area, where we made a newer base. It was almost unraidable, as long we didn't let people in. It didn't take long before problems sprung up, so I left TPP after it started to die down. That was when my days with Elendil had started.

    We were not just a clan, we were a family, like some others. We stuck together, helped each other, and we never gave up. My days with them were small because of server problems, but they were worth it. We prospered like no other. Problems didn't stop us at all. I scarcely remember much, due to a horrible memory, but we were one of the best. It wasn't long before Server Problems though.

    Server Problems:
    I will give you the short version on this.
    The Server Shutdown because the Owner is very suspected to have taken the donations (3k+) and ran, even though it came back up. The server went down again, and I have the belief the same thing has happened. Its completely gone last I checked.

    Thats about it. I am now here, where I will be very active. Hope you enjoy me being here :D

    Enjoy the server/Does it look fun: Server looks great so far. I've enjoyed the mechanics that I know of it so far. It seems very interesting in how it is made.

    Will you consider donating? Any more donator perks you would like?: I would consider donating, if I had the money, and if I was able to at all. I assure you though, if at a time I am able to donate and I like the server, I will :)

    Anything that needs clarification?: My real name is Jarod, but I am usually called Jarody ;)

    Do you understand how the server works?: I understand how it works mostly. I will be reading up though on the mechanics and exacts of the server.

    Have you signed up on our website? (kingdomwarspvp.enjin.com): I have joined the Enjin website, and I plan on making a post soon.

    What kingdom do you like (or none): I am favoring Elendil, or EleK as the faction name shows. I know the members because I am actually a part of the Clan Elendil. I am applying because King Josh has invited me to join, and thy will follow his bidding ;)
    They are also a great clan and can work together to prosper.

    Quote from orange216

    Age: 14
    IGN: orange216
    Tell us about yourself: I like minecraft but I'm usually busy doing school, sports, and doing stuff with my friends and family.
    Enjoy the server/does it look fun: It seems pretty good
    Will you consider donating?: I am not that much of a fan of paying for stuff online, so sorry.
    Anything that needs clarification?: nope
    Do you understand how the server workers?: I am pretty sure I do
    Have you signed up on our website?: Not yet. I might when I'm whitelisted
    What kingdom do you like?: Not sure. Its hard to decide.


    Great app jrod!
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    posted a message on Kingdom Wars [Factions][24/7][PVP][Clans][Unique][Dieties]
    Is it really down again?Just checked, it isnt.
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    posted a message on Kingdom Wars [Factions][24/7][PVP][Clans][Unique][Dieties]
    Yea I fixed the problem. We idle at the beginning of everyday, however some troublesome coding was preventing it from restarting. Fixed now :)
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    Quote from Jrodmanu

    Age: 13
    Ign: JrodManU
    Tell us about yourself: I love minecraft, I play select soccer, and get good grades. (I'm not very good at telling stuff about myself lol)
    Enjoy the server/Does it look fun: The server looks epic, I like the concept behind it where it has organized war and noobs can't just tnt your base, they actually have to fight.
    Will you consider donating? Any more donator perks you would like?: No, I never donate on any servers, as I said I am 13 so I don't have an income.
    Anything that needs clarification?: No
    Do you understand how the server works?: Mostly, but I can always read to fill in what I don't know :P
    Have you signed up on our website? (kingdomwarspvp.enjin.com): I will after I post this.
    What kingdom do you like (or none): SovE

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