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    In 1.8, I had Good FPS, but when I moved 1 degrees,m I had lag spikes and lag studders galore, even with optifine...

    with 1.8.1, the lag spikes and studdering stopped when I turn around, ect. But now moving around is when it starts to studder ;/, I play 1.7.10 fine, and pre-release 1.8 was finea s well, what on earth did they screw up?
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    posted a message on GodWarsCraft: A Runescape Mod, that adds ALOT to the game. Extremely Detailed. w/ Shown Textures!
    NOTE: When 1.3.2 is stable and Modloader/Forge is competely working, I will begin working on this
    mod myself, also changing the Mod name to GodWarsCraft.

    PS: I will leave a message hear saying that i have started the mod, and worked on a bit and posted it on WIP Mods Forum. So if you see this message still, means i havn't started yet.

    This is a Mod i came up with and my friends wanted me to post it on here to see if anyone likes it, or will take this up. IF anyone does take this offer up, please do not make anychanges! And i would like to be in charge of it. If i knew how to Mod, i would of done this, but unfortunitly i don't know much about it. READ through all of it! If you are a Runescape player, you will understand most of this. This Mod would make Minecraft more fun adding new ores, stronger/harder enemies, more bosses, and more abilities that will help you.

    Note: I may add more to this!
    Pic's and Video's are at the bottom!

    - Added 1 New Bows, and another list for Xp/Capes
    - Added Textures for Ores/Armor/Weapons (at bottom)
    - Added a Template showing Armor/weapon Durabilities
    - Added a bunch of Stuff.. lol

    ~Table of Contents~

    - NPC's
    - Godwars Bosses/Room Details.
    - Items: Weapons.
    - Armor and Ore
    - Other Blocks, Ect.
    - Summoning
    - Potions
    - Extended Enchantments
    - Summoning Pouches
    - Skillcapes/Achievements
    - Pic's and Video's


    Red Dragons: Found in the Nether, Smaller versions of the ENderdragon, they don't fly, just move around on there feet, spawn only in flat area's. Drops: 25% chance of a Iron Tool. 10% of a Dragon Shard. Health. 3 times the health of a Enderman.

    Green Dragon: Found in Mountian Biomes (layers 70-120). Health of a Enderman, Drops: Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, gold ingots(both ingots are rare) and Dragon shards (Very rare).

    Skeleton (melee): Basic obviously, same drops as Skeleton, just no arrows or bow, just melee's liek Zombies.

    Mage Skeleton: Shoots Purple goop(range). Same Health as other skeleton's. Drops Bones.

    White Knights: WHite Armored warriors of Saradomin, Health as a Enderman. Will Help you if weilding a Sara Item, or in White Armor. Will attack you if you wear Black Armor, or weilding Zamorak weapon

    Black Knights: Black Armored warriors of Zamorak, Health as a Enderman. Will help you if weilding a zammy item, or in black armor. Will attack you if you wear white armor, or weilding a saradomin item.

    Goblins: Same health as a zombie. Weak Attack (not even half a heart, so it would have to hit you 4 times to equal 1 heart total). Health as a Sheep. Drops: Seeds, wooden sword (rare).

    Lesser Demons: Health of a Enderman. Found in the Nether. Drops Stone Weapons, and with Rare drops of Rune

    Greater Demons: Health of a Enderman and a half. Found in Nether. Drops Iron Weapons, with the Better Chance(but still rare) of Rune Items.

    Black Demon: x2 of Health of a Endermen, Found in the Enderrealm. Drops Iron, and Rune bars , Obsidian Blocks (Ranging from 1-20), Diamonds (1-3), Only Spawn when Enderdragon is dead.

    Moss Giants: Found in Jungles. Health of a Enderman. Drops Sapplings, seeds, cactus, flowers, wood, grass blocks.

    Ice Giant: Found in Snowy Areas: Health of a Enderman. Drops Ice blocks, Buckets of Water, Snow Blocks, bunch of Snowballs

    Fire Giant: Found in Caverns near lava, 1-30 Layers. Health of Enderman. Drops Bucket of Lava, Fire to craft Chainmail, Flint and Steel,Nether blocks/Obby Blocks.

    Player Pker: Rare to Find, Dangerous to Fight, he is in ether: Full Adament, Full Rune, or.. Dragon Armor. Health of Enderman + 3 Instant Potions II. Hits depending on his weapon *varies*. Drops: a chance at somthing he is wearing/holding for weapon, and Instant Health Potions II. Dragon Pker's would be VERY Difficult to kill, they would kill you... FAST if your in Iron armor or Below..

    Mud Warriors: Found in Swamp Biomes. Health of a Zombie. Drops: Dirt Blocks.

    Ice Warriors: Found in Snowy Biomes. Health of a Zombie. Drops: Ice Blocks.

    Hill GIants: 4 Blocks high. Health of a Enderman. Weak in Attack. Found on Mountain Biomes. Drops: Wooden Items, possibly Stone.

    Cyclops: 4 Blocks High. Health of a Enderman. better attack than Hill giant. Drops: Stone Weapons, sometimes iron (rare).

    Hellhounds: Found in Nether, but a possibilty to find in the Overworld. Health of a Enderman + half. Drops Nether Blocks, obby blocks, Arrows.

    Floating Iron Shovel/Pick axe: Found in Aband. Mine Shafts, Health as a Zombie, hits as a zombie, they can float/fly though, Slowly... Drops: 40% Chance at the Iron Shovel/Pick Axe.

    Dark Beast: Will only spawn in the EnderRealm After Dragon is Disapeared. Health of 2 Endermans. Drops: Obby Blocks, Ender Blocks, Dark Bow(rare)

    Abbysal Demons: Found in the Nether StrongHolds. (rare to find) With a 25% Chance of Dropping a Abbysal Whip! Health of 2 Endermans.

    Imp: Health as a Chicken. Drops: String, flint, Feather, Leather.

    Revenant Imp, Goblin, Creeper, cyclops, Demon, Darkbeast, Knight, Dragon(in order to weakest to strongest): Found if Wilderness Biome, The Stronger the Revenant is, the more chances of it dropping 1 of these items: Diamond tools, Rune Tools, 64 stack of Obby Blocks, Wood, Cobblestone, sandstone, stone bricks, or Ghost Amulet(very rare). The Hp Varies, gets more and more, from Revenant Imp with a chickens health(+1 heart) TO revenant Knight with 4 Enderman's Health., Attack gets stronger, the stronger the Revenant type it is. Revenant Creepers have a Smaller Blast Radius, but deals more damage.

    Fungus Creatures: Found in Mushroom Biomes. Health of a Cow. Types: Blue/Red/Green/Black Fungus Creatures. Drops: Fungus Flakes (used to make Bow armor, meaning when wearing full of 1 of these armor (helm, body, legs, feet) Grants you a Attack boost with Bows (meaning when firing and hitting someone with the bow too) more resistant against Range attacks, but weaker to melee. Durability of the Armor: 600

    Jagex Moderator: Found: Anywhere, Enderrealm, Nether, and main World. VERY RARE TO FIND. Health of a Enderdragon. They will Run, but at times attack you with chance of hitting from 1-7 Hearts! Drops: White/Purple/Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Party Hats.

    Highwayman: Health of a Zombie, but weak in attack. Drops: 50% of dropping a Cape Kinda hard to find, only found in Main world.

    Vyrewatch: Health of a Enderman (Absorbs half of the damage of all weapons/bows, except Vampyre Blade). Found in Swamp Biomes. Drops Darkmeyer Armor(4 total peices). Drops Vampyre Blade 1/10 Chance.

    Monkeys: Health of Pig. Found 1 day during a Minecraft week, Full Moon day. Found in Jungle Biome. Drops: Banana's.

    Ninja Monkeys: Health of Enderman, Does not take Fall damage, and can jump really high. Found 1 day during a Minecraft week, Full Moon day. Found in Jungle Biome. Drops: Banana's, Iron Sword.

    ~~~~GOD WARS ROOMS~~~

    Rooms: Consists of Unbreakable versions of Stone Bricks , most likely 30-30 area. Underground, , found Once per world, rare as a stronghold, 4 rooms per world. Unbreakable Snow Blocks for floor. Entrance to the room would be a coradoor with a Unbreakable door, and Unbreakable pressure plate that would let you in, the momment you go in, you get 10 seconds before "boss" spawns. Health of all 4 bosses are the same as Enderdragon. Blue Colored Health bar at top. Statue at 1 end of the room. Clicking on it would give u a "yes" "no" Option to respawn yourself safly at your spawn point or bed (which ever you last spawned before). After the Death, they take 3 minutes to Spawn each time, No Minions. Nothing else can spawn in there . Room is Lightened so nothing else spawns inside. Armor helps defend attacks besides Kril's Special!
    Saradomin Boss: *i forgot her name lol* The boss would be floating, with wings around, her attack speed is fast, she is slow moving though. Her Special is when she stops, and makes a path of lightning in the direction your at, so move out of the way! Her Normal Attack hits 2 hearts per hit, which is 4 hits persecond on you. Drops: Saradomin Sword, Saradomin God Sword Hilt, and Godsword Shard, Saradomin Key.

    Armadyl Boss: Kree somthing...The boss would be flying with wings (duh). Her wings cause you to teleport around every 3 seconds in the room near the position you were just at. Has a gust attack that will deal 4 if you do not move out of the way. Must Range this boss, Melee weapons are weak against Kree. Drops: Armadyl Armor. Armadyl God Sword Hilt, and Godsword Shard, and Armadyl Key.

    Zamorak Boss: Kril somthing lol... Melee Styled boss, normal attacks hit 2, his special hits 5 hearts in 1 go, hits through armor, so armor would not help defend through his special, he doesnt use special often, most likelt 3-4 times per fight against him? Drops: Zamorak Spear, Zamorak God Sword Hilt, and Godsword Shard, Zamorak Key.

    Bandos Boss: General Graador. Melee Styled Boss: His normal attacks hit 3-4 Hearts, his Special is a Shock wave style, it hits you or (all if multi). and deals 3-5 Hearts. Drops: Bando's Armor, and Bando's Godsword Hilt, and Godsword Shard, Bandos Key.

    Zaros Boss:
    Found in: Nether Ruins. 1/2 a chance of 1 spawning in the Ruins.
    Room: Huge room with 4 holes in middle where lava would be present. Indestroyable Snow floor, and bedrock covering, with destroyable NetherBrick around it for decoration, indestroyable glowstone in middle of boss spawn point. Smaller path leading up to the Room where you would jump down into the room. Magic lever that will Teleport you to your last bed spawn or Original Spawn. There will be a door to let u gain entrance into the room, you need all 4 god keys to enter, once you have all 4, use them on a crafting table (doesnt matter which slots are which), and you will get a Crystal Key, which will let u gain access into the room, you get 6 uses each time, then the key will disapear and you need to get get the keys.

    Health: 2 Enderdragons. HAHAHA TROLOLOLO!

    Nex Phases:

    1. To start, stand in the middle of Glowstone Spawn Point, then walk away, as Nex will spawn in less than 10 seconds of standing on that, if yoru still on, u will be pushed in random direction once he spawns. He will walk at the speed of a Zombie after you. and at times will spawn in middle and fly down 1 of the stretches. dealing 5 damage (no matter what armor u wear). Will melee you if you are to close and hit 2 hearts. This Phase is about 1/3 of Enderdragon Hp.

    2. After you hurt him enough, he will spawn in middle and "gather energy" making you know its the next phase! This phase he will now Melee (2 hearts), and Shoot Arrows at you (same accuracy as skeletons), arrows peirce through armor and deal 2 hearts every time. Be on the move!!! Every 5 seconds, your screen will start to go dark (as if your sleeping), if it goes pitch black u will start taking damage fast as if your in lava! Effects all players during this phase that are in the room. This Phase is about 1/3 of Enderdragon Hp.

    3. Again, after you hurt him enough, he will spawn in middle and "gather energy" making you know its the next phase! During this Phase, again, he melee's and Ranges, but everyonce in a while (roughly ever 50 seconds) he will glow red, everytime you hit him during this phase, he heals per damage u deal. Also, he spawns 4 zombies at the begining of the phase, and then 2 zombies every time he glows red. Every minute and a half, a player (if single player, its you, if SMP, its a random person int he room) will glow red, you must run far away from Nex, if you are within 10 squares of him, he will cut you down by 7 hearts and heal himself 20. This Phase is about 1/3 of Enderdragon Hp.

    4. Again, after you hurt him enough, he will spawn in middle and "gather energy" making you know its the next phase! During this phase, he will again, melee, and range you. BUT, this time, every minute u will heart a Glass/Glowstone/Ice breaking sound (bunch mixed together) meaning, in 10 seconds you will be covered in 4x4 ice (different type of ice, same break speed as ice, but places no water once it breaks). If you run enough, u can slip out by getting stuck on the side Block, being able to get out, if not, you are stuck in middle and forced to break ur way out. If you are to slow, he will come in and melee you for 8 Hearts!!!! Also, during this phase, there is 1/2 a chance instead of the Ice Prison, it will be a wall of ice around u, wichi can be broken easily due to, which ever spot u stand, the wall will form 2 blocks in every direction of you, leaving you unable to move and he can melee you(normal though). Ice blocks will Disapear after his attack hits you, or fails. This Phase is about 1/3 of Enderdragon Hp.

    5. Again, after you hurt him enough, he will spawn in middle and "gather energy" making you know its the next phase, but he will just stand there, looking as if he has no energy left to gather lol. During this phase, his melee now hits 3 damage, and his range now hits 3 damage. His movement speed is now more faster. This last phase is the last 2/3rd's of his HP. Once he dies, the "light explosion effect" will show up around him, BUT, the explosions can cause damage to you if you are around! but they do not destroy blocks, then they will stop, he will de-pixelate, and then he will drop the items, Once Nex is dead, you must wait 2 minutes till he can be respawned.

    Nex Drops: Bando's Armor, Armadyl Armor, Zamorak Spear, Saradomin Sword, Torva Armor, Pernix Armor, Virtus Armor. Zyrate Bow.


    *Hilt+ 4 Godsword shards are needed to craft like this.. H = Hilt S= Shard

    *Special's take 2 minutes after each use, but the swing must hit the enemy, if you miss the swing after the charge up, GF, you gotta wait 2 minutes to do it again!
    - Zamorak Godsword: Hits 5 Hearts, Hold right click to Charge Special which slashs the Enemy and freezes them in place for 10 seconds. (doesnt work on Enderdragon)
    - Saradomin Godsword: Hits 5 hearts, Hold right click to charge special which slashs the enemy and heals you 5 hearts.
    - Bandos Godsword: Hits 5 Hearts, Hold right click to charge special which crushes enemy and lowers defence, after words you will hit 6-7 Hearts per hit on that enemy you special'd
    - Armadyl Godsword: Hits 5 Hearts, Hold right click to charge special which slashs enemy and deals 10 hearts.

    God Armor:
    - Armadyl Armor Increase Bow damage, and increases resistant against Range style attacks from other enemies. Strong as Diamond Armor. Durability: same as diamond

    - Bandos Armor: Increases Melee Damage, a Tad bit stronger than Dragon. Durability: Same as Diamond

    * Nex armor gives Heart boost. 3 for Chestplate, 3 for leggings, 2 for boots and 2 for helm. total of 10 heart boost incease when wearing.

    - *Torva Armor: Stronger than Bando's Armor, Durability as Diamond. Hp boost is given.

    - *Pernix Armor: Strong as Diamond Armor, durability as diamond armor, Boosts range damage by +2, charge rate slowed down by 1 whole second when wearing full set. as well as hp boost.

    - *Virtus Armor: Strong as Iron armor, Durability as Diamond, Boost Staff's Damage by double!, Give hp boost.

    Other God/special Weapons:
    - Saradomin Sword: Fluxuation in Hitting, ranging from 1 heart to 12 hearts with each hit. Durability: 1500. Special Charge Summons a "Blue" Bolt of Lightning on the Monster, Recharge time is 5 Minutes. Bolt cannot hurt you.
    - Zamorak Spear: Hits 8 Hearts, makes reach from 4 to 6 blocks. Special charge pushes Enemy Back 2 blocks, with a 5 second Stun, dealing 8 Hearts. 2 minute Recharge time. Durability: 1500
    - Abbysal Whip: Hits 7 Hearts, Enchantable, Durability: 1200. Special Charge: 40% Chance at hitting Double the amount of Hearts, if its the 60%, it only deals 1 Heart. Dropped by Abbysal Demons
    - Dark Bow: Shoots 2 arrows at once. The Charge up is twice as Slow. Added a 4th Charge, which is the Special, that makes the Arrows into Dragon Arrows and hits Triple the Amount of Damage. Recharge time: 10 Minutes. Dropped by Dark Beasts
    - Saradomin Bow: hits +1 Heart higher than normal Bow, Special 4th Charge has a 50% chance of Healing the Player 5 Hearts. Found in Chest in Strongholds/Aband. Mines (rare) Recharge time: 2 minutes
    - Zamora Bow: hits +1 Heart higher than normal Bow, Special 4th Charge has a 50% chance at hitting double the amount of damage, at the cost of 3 hearts. Recharge time: 3 minutes. Found in Chest in Strongholds/Aband. Mines (rare)
    - Guthix Bow: Hits +1 Hearts higher than norman Bows, Special 4th Charge hits the enemy with +3 damage, and creates a 3x3x3 leaf block Freeze. Leafs disapear in 5 seconds. Recharge time: 3 minutes. Found in Chest in Strongholds/Aband. Mines (rare)
    - Vampyre Blade: Hits as strong as Stone. but takes half the damage and gives you the hp. Durability: 1000. Dropped rarely by Vyrewatches. (enchantable)
    - Zaryte Bow: Bow with Ifinity already enchanted into it. hits 5 Hearts. Can be enchanted. Special move: Upon charging bow, wait 10 seconds after its charge up, for the bow to glow green for the special "Fierce Rip" Will, upon release, will fire in the direction at which you aimed at, and deal 40 Hearts which ever it touches, and deals 10 Hearts, to anything in a 3x3 around of the direction its going to, so if you miss a zombie by a square, it still is damaged by the aftershock!. Also, the shot will fire up to 100 Squares before it falls to the ground. The Damage can be reduced by armor though! So if someone was wearing Full bandos, they would only take 8 hearts, instead of 40 Recharge time: 5 minutes. This is a VERY VERY RARE DROP from Nex. Durability: 1000. Arrows shot from this bow have a green glow around the arrows when shot.
    - Spruce/Jungle/Birch Bows: Same durability as a normal bow, same damage, just crafted using each corrisponding 3 of Spruce/Birch/Jungle Logs to make the bow.
    - Magic Bow: Same Craft Recipe as Normal Bow, just with 3 Magic Logs instead of sticks. Durability is same as normal bow. Hits +1 Heart better than Normal Bow.

    - Saradomin Staff: Shoots lightning at which ever block you are looking at with a right click. Can hurt you. Durability: 500. Found in Chest in Strongholds/Aband. Mines (rare)
    - Zamorak Staff: Creates a 3x3 fire on the ground which ever block you are looking at, the fire is "red" looking, giving the Fire damage on the enemy stronger than normal fire. Durability: 500. Found in Chest in Strongholds/Aband. Mines (rare)
    - Guthix Staff: Creates a 3x3x3 Dirt Block Placement at which ever block you are looking at, dirt blocks disapear after 5 seconds. Also Grows Sapplings and such. as if it's bonemeal. Uses Durability though. Durability: 500. Found in Chest in Strongholds/Aband. Mines (rare)
    - Armadyl Staff: Creates a path of Gust in the Direction you look at. Anything int he path gets flung 10 blocks in the air. Durability: 500. Found in Chest in Strongholds/Aband. Mines (rare)

    !!~~ARMOR AND ORES~~ no tools can be made out of these! except Rune!

    Tin and Copper Ore: Found Together in a Vein, Common to find. Use on Craft Table to make Copper/Tin Mix, put in furnace to make Bronze Bar

    Bronze after is a bit better than Leather, abd a bit better in Durability. Sword, Armor, no Tools.

    Grey Iron Ore, use in furnace to make fined Iron (grey looking Iron bars)

    Iron Armor/Sword is better than Bronzes and with durability, just not as good as Chain Armor.

    Steel Items are Made from using Grey Iron Ore with Coal to create Coal'ed Iron Ore on the Crafting Table, then used in the Furnace, Durability with Swords and Armor as the same as chainmail.

    White Armor and Black Armor and weapons are obtained from White Knights and Black Knights. Durability is better than Chainmail, Stronger than Chainmail.

    Mithril Ore is found inbetween Layers 1-30. Combined Mithril Ore with Coal in Crafting table to make Coaled Mithril then used in Furnace. Mithril ARmor/sword is better than white/black armor, better in durability, and stronger., just not as strong as Minecraft's Iron Armor/weapon.

    Adamant Ore is found inbetween Layers 1-20. Combined Addy Ore with Coal in Crafting table to make Coaled Adamant then used in Furnace. Addy Armor/Sword is just as good as Iron Armor, just a bit more Durability.

    Runite is RARER than Diamond, in the Layers 1-14. Combined Runite Ore with Coal in Crafting table to make Coaled Runite then used in Furnace. Runite Sword/Tools Armor have more Durability than Diamond, and is stronger. tools are as fast as Gold items.

    Dragon Armor is only obtained from Dragon Shards from Red Dragons in the Nether. Durability is 4000, and is Stronger than Rune. Dragon Pick Axe is as fast as Diamond Pickaxe, but has the 40% chance at double loot from the block it mines. Dragon Axe is fast as Diamond, but is strong as a Diamond Sword. No Shovel or Hoe. Dragon Sword is stronger than Rune Sword, Dragon Sword's Special Charge is a 20% Attack Boost for the next 4 hits. recharge time: 10 Minutes. Dragon Armor provides Protection Automaticly from Fire Damage, JUST NOT LAVA DAMAGE!

    Darkmeyer Armor: Can be dropped by Vyrewatches. These are as strong as Leather, but durability is long as Iron Armor. When wearing 1 or more peices, your Hunger bar fills up each time you hit a NCP, but only by a half a peice. The more the armor, the more peice (when wearing all 4 armor parts, its 2 hunger peice)


    Mithril Grapple: Use a Arrow with a Mithril Bar on top, and a String on the bottom to make a Grapple Shot, used with bow to swing across somewhere to to grapple yourself upword.

    Ghost Amulet: Where's in the Body area. When worn, it provides you with Invisibilty, NOTHING will attack you, even Enderdragon.

    Party Hat (dif. Colors): Just for show, strong as a Leather Helm. NO Durability, they last FOREVER!

    WILDERNESS BIOME: A dark Grass looking place with Dead trees, grave stones in places, more lava pools, and Filled with Revenants. Dangerous Place. :3

    Gatestone: Looks like the Enderdragon Egg, but green, you make it out of Redstone and Enderpearls, you place this down, then you use somthing you can make which teleports you back to teh Gatestone.

    Banana: Heals 1 and a half hunger.

    Nex's Ice Blocks: Same as Ice Blocks, but do not create water upon breaking. disapears after it showing up after the attack, or 30 seconds. (if a player places it using TMI, or another mod, it will despawn after 30 seconds.

    Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl Keys: Are dropped by the God bosses. Use on Crafting table to Create Crystal Key.

    Crystal Key: all 4 keys crafted together, will open the door to Zaros Dungeon for you. Has 6 uses.

    Magic Tree: Rare to Find. Mostly Found in Forest Biomes.

    Magic Tree Logs Uses: 1. place in 1 spot in crafting area. gives Normal Wood,. but twice the amount 1 magic log = 8 peices of wood. 2. Crafting 3 blocks going up gives a Obelisk.

    Magic Tree Leaves: Purple with few Nether Portal Particles coming from it. Can be collected with Shears. 1/10th chance of Dropping a Magic Tree Sappling.

    Magic Tree Sappling: Drop from Magic Tree Leaves. Grows Magic Tree.

    Raw/Cooked Lobster: Found in Sea Water Areas. Gives 4 on Hunger Bar, with healing 2 hearts over Time.

    Raw/Cooked Cavefish: Found in Water between the layers 1-40. Gives 4 on Hunger Bar, with a 10% Chance of it boosting the player in: Strenght, Defense, Ranging, Speed.

    Raw/Cooked Shark: Found in Sea Water Areas. Gives 8 on Hunger Bar, With healing 4 hearts over time.

    Raw/Cooked Rocktail: Found in Water betweent he Layers 1-15. Gives 6 on Hunger Bar, and Increases your Maxium Health by 2 Hearts for 2 Minutes (everytime you eat 1 of these). (doesnt stac with Nex items, Max is 10 Extra Hearts.)


    Obelisk: 1 block, wide, 3 blocks tall, right click to "enchant" pouches, a 1 block, 3 block tall Crafting table to be shown, Pouch will need to be at the bottom, Spirit Shards in the Middle. Monster Ingrediant at the Top. Takes Experience Points to Create Pouches.

    Pouches: Need 3 Leathers in a bucket shape in the Crafting Table to give 10 Pouches. Used to make Creature Pouches.

    Spirit Shards: 1/1000 Chance of it coming from a Stone Block. 100% from coming a Spirit Shard Stone Cluster Block (10 from it when mined, or more with fortune).

    Shard Cluster Block: Found randomlly in layers 1-80, but more rare than runite. so there could only be 1-5 blocks per 100x100x100 area.


    - Defense Potions: Temporarly increases your defense. Ingrediants: Awkward Potions - *add cobblestone lol?* makes: Defense Potion. Add Redstone to increase duration.

    - Range Potion: Temporarly inceases your Range attack. Ingrediants: Awkward potion - *add feather* Makes: Range Potion. Add redstone to increase duration.

    - Saradomin Potion: Temporarly Increases Defense, and Heals you 8 Hearts, but lowers strenght. Ingrediants: Awkward Potion - *add Flower*. Makes: Holy Potion, *then add Glistening melon to it* Makes: Saradomin Potions. Add restone to increase Duration.

    - Zamorak Potion: Temporarly Increases Strenght alot (better than Strenght II), deals 5 damage on you, decreases defense. Ingrediants: Awkward Potion - *add Rose*. Makes: Unholy Potion, *then add Blaze Powder to it* Makes: Zamorak Potions. Add restone to increase Duration.

    - Guthix Potion: Temporarly Increases Strenght, Defense, Range by 1. Gives 1 heart. Last 1 minute. Ingrediants: Awkward Potion - *add Grass*. Makes: Balanced Potion, *then add Ghast Tear to it* Makes: Guthix Potions. Add restone to increase Duration to 2 minutes

    - *more to come*

    ~ Extend Enchantments to this Mod

    {found in these xp}

    - Posion: The Stronger, the More Damage it deals. {10-40}
    - Sharpness (for axes) {3-40}
    - Peity: 10% Chance of hitting double the amount of damage. {30-40}
    - Turmoil: Sharpness 3, but 10% Stronger against a NPC depending on there Health. {50-60}
    - Soul Split: You get 20% of the damage you deal, back you to in hearts, so if you deal 10 Hearts, you get back 2 hearts. {25-50}

    - Poison Arrows: The Stronger, the more damage is dealt. {10-40}
    - Homing: Homes in on a Monster if the Arrow is near him, and before it touches the ground. {30-40}
    - Rigour: Power 3, but 10% Stronger against a NPC depending on there Health. {40-50}

    - Life: Be able to use on Grass, or Sapling, or Wheat, as if it's Bonemeal, Uses 5 Durability total from one use. {1-50}
    - Scythe: I, II, I - 5% chance of 1 hitting a NPC(not including Bosses), II - 15% chance of 1 hitting a NPC(not including bosses). {10-50}

    - Flight I, II, III, IIII (chestplate): Gives white wings on your back. Let's you fly as if you in Creative Mode. The Higher the Number, the less Durability it uses per 5 seconds you are flying. {30-50}
    - Redemption(Chestplate): When wearing this when you die, your chestplate will be cut in half of it's remaining durability, and will revive you by 4 hearts. {40-50}
    - Wraith I, II, III(chestplate): When wearing this when you die, you unleash devistation around u in the next 6x6x6 area of where you died. Enemies take damage. "I" Gives out 3 heart damage. "II" Gives out 6 heart damage. "III" Gives out 10 heart damage. {20-50}. If Multiplayer, the person who is near the person that dies, will have a quick white flash in front of them, followed by the damage.
    - Steadfast(shoes): Gives +1 Damage in strenght. {10-50}
    - Ragefire(shoes): Gives Extra Damage with Staffs {10-50}
    - Glaiven(shoes): Gives +1 Damage in Bows. {10-50}

    ~Summoning Pouches:
    *last for 30 minutes on each monster*
    *you right click on the ground to where they spawn as if they are eggs*
    *summonings can attack bosses, but can be killed easily*

    - Spirit Zombie: Attacks monsters, will follow you around, Same hp as a Zombie. Ingrediant to make: Rotten Flesh. Takes 3 XP.

    - Spirit Skeleton Archer: Attacks Monsters, will follow you around. Same hp as a Skeleton. Ingrediant to make: Bones. Takes 4 XP.

    - Spirit Creeper: Explodes on Monsters, but doesnt die, or destroy blocks or items around it. Only damages enemies (and to counter at how its overpowered, it can damage u too). Same Hp as a Creeper. Has a 10 second recharge between each explosion. Ingrediant to make: Gun Powder. Takes 14 XP.

    - Spirit Pigmen: Carries a Gold sword like Zombie pigmen. Follows you and attacks monsters, and fast movement. Same HP as Zombie pigmen. Ingrediant to make: Gold Nugget. Takes 7 XP.

    - Obsidian Blaze: Follows you around, shoots fireballs at enemies and lights them on fire for 5 seconds, fire does not destroy blocks nor spread. Same HP as Blazes. Ingrediant to make: Blaze Rod. Takes 6 XP.

    - Kindermen: White Endermen that follows you and attacks enemies, fast movement. Teleports enemies away sometimes. HP of a Endermen. When using Enderpearls to Teleport, you take no damage! Ingrediant to make: Enderpearl. Takes 8 XP.

    - Spirit Dragon: White Enderdragon that you can use to attack monsters, it is small though, but it flies through blocks and items without destroying anything, but it can fly into monsters and damage them that are near you! HP of a Endermen. They fly through you, so they don't push u or anything. Ingrediant to make: Enderdragon Egg. Takes: 35 XP.

    - Fire Titan: a Firery Titan that follows you, some what same shape as Iron Golem, same HP as Iron Golem, with flames around it. Attacks Monsters and when it is summoned, you take no fire or lava damage if you happen to fall in or step into some! Can be damaged by water ALOT. Same with Rain and Snow. Takes Bucket of Lava as ingrediant. Takes 15 XP.

    - Water Titan: Same HP as Iron Golem. Water particle effects around it, when it's summoned, it lets you breath twice as long underwater! Attacks monsters, can be damaged by fire and lava ALOT! Takes Bucket of Water as ingrediant. Takes 15 XP.

    - Moss Titan: Same HP as Iron Golem. Running on dirt particles around it. when it's summoned, it sometimes grows grass/flowers around in when on Grass Blocks. Attacks Monsters. Takes Dirt Block as Ingrediant. Takes 15 XP.

    - Ice Titan: Same HP as Iron Golem. Leaves Snow blocks below it, when mining/destroying ice blocks, they will give you a Ice block.Attacks Monsters. Can die in the Nether and Desert Biomes! Ingrediant needed: Snow block. Takes 15 XP.

    - Stone Titan: Same HP as Iron Golem. When Summoned, you mine/dig 1 second Faster. Attacks Monsters. Ingrediant needed: Stone Block. Takes: 18 XP.


    *capes would be given to you once completing them, ether in inventory, or if full, dropped in front of you* *xp system capes are used with Runescape's 13 million xp counter, meaning *this xp* will equal to 45 mining, or 69 mining. and so on. levels 1-99! Skills can be accessed by pressing a Key that will show your current stats.

    Minecraft Cape: Have all Vanilla Achievements unlocked! Reward: Cape.

    Mining Cape: Mined 13m xp. Mining increases speed every 10 levels.
    XP System:
    Stone: 50
    Cobblestone: 55
    NetherRack: 30
    Enderstone: 70
    Coal Ore: 55
    Tin Ore: 50
    Copper Ore: 50
    RS Iron Ore: 55
    Iron Ore: 60
    Mithril Ore: 65
    Adament Ore: 70
    Gold Ore: 70
    Diamond Ore: 100
    Redstone Ore/lit Redstone Ore: 70
    Runite Ore: 120
    Shard Cluster: 300
    Stone Bricks(all 4): 70
    Nether Bricks: 70
    Obsidian: 100

    Woodcutting Cape: Chopped 13m xp. Woodcutting increases speed every 10 levels.
    XP System:
    Wooden Planks: 25
    Logs: 50
    Magic Logs: 200

    Combat Cape: Dealt 13m xp worth of Damage.
    You get 50 xp per damage(heart) you deal on a enemy, so if you hit 10 hearts, u get 500 xp.

    Agility Cape: 13m xp.
    XP System:
    Every square you fall, you get 25 xp, so if you fall 10 feet and live, you get 250 xp.
    Every Km you run, you gain 400xp.
    Every Km you walk, you gain 100xp.

    Crafting Cape: 13m xp.
    XP System?

    When crafting, you get XP from a certian item that is with the crafted item. Example, Making a Enchanting Table: 1 Book, 2 Diamond, 4 Obsidian. Gain 30 Xp from the book, 200 Xp From Diamond, 200 From obsidian. 30+(200x2)+(200x4)= 1230 Xp From Crafting a Enchanting Table. Example 2: Diamond Sword. Requires 2 Diamonds and a Stick. That's 200+200+30= 430 Xp.

    - Wood Items(blocks, sticks, ect): 30 Xp
    - Stone/CobbleStone Items: 50 Xp
    - Redstone Items: 100 Xp
    - Iron Items: 150 Xp
    - Diamond Items: 200 Xp
    - Gold Items: 180 Xp.
    - Paper, Book, Wheat, Snow, Clay: 30xp
    - Coal: 40 Xp
    - Leather: 50 Xp
    - Glass Items: 60 Xp
    - Sand/Sandstone: 60 Xp
    - Bronze: 50 Xp
    - Grey Iron: 60 Xp
    - Fire (fore making Chainmail): 100 Xp
    - Steel: 70 Xp
    - Mithril: 90 Xp
    - Adament: 120 Xp
    - Runite: 250 Xp
    - Dragon Shards: 500 Xp
    - Godwars Keys: 1000 Xp
    - Herblore/Brewing Ingrediants: 100Xp

    Herblore Cape: 13m Xp.
    XP System: *when you make pots*

    - Potion of Fire Resistance 3min: 200 Xp
    - Potion of Fire Resistance 8min: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Swiftness 3min: 100 Xp
    - Potion of Swiftness 8min: 200 Xp
    - Potion of Swiftness 1min30sec: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Healing I: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Healing II: 450 Xp
    - Potion of Harming I: 450 Xp
    - Potion of Harming II: 480 Xp
    - Potion of Poisoning I: 45sec: 200 Xp
    - Potion of Poisoning I: 2min: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Poisoning II: 400 Xp
    - Potion of Regeneration I 45sec: 200 Xp
    - Potion of Regeneration I 2min: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Regeneration II: 350 Xp
    - Potion of Weakness 1min30sec: 250 Xp
    - Potion of Weakness 4min: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Strenght I 3min: 200 Xp
    - Potion of Strenght I 8min: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Strenght II: 350 Xp
    - Awkward Potion: 50 Xp
    - Thick/Mundane: 25 Xp
    - Guthix Potion: 500 Xp
    - Saradomin Potion: 500 Xp
    - Zamora Potion: 500 Xp
    - Balanced Potion: 250 Xp
    - Unholy Potion: 250 Xp
    - Holy Potion: 250 Xp
    - Potion of Defense I 3min: 200 Xp
    - Potion of Defense I 8min: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Defense II: 350 Xp
    - Potion of Ranging I 3min: 200 Xp
    - Potion of Ranging I 8min: 300 Xp
    - Potion of Ranging II: 350 Xp

    Slayer Cape: 13m Xp.
    Xp System: Killing a NCP.*Slayer was the 1 Slow skill in Runescape, so will this be on this mod too. >:3*
    - Killing Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Chickens, Ocelots give 20 xp
    - Killing Skeletons ranger/mager/meleer give 150 xp
    - Killing Creepers give 250 xp
    - Killing Zombies give 100 xp
    - Killing Endermen gives 500 xp
    - Killing Wolfs (all 3) gives 50 xp
    - Killing Slimes gives, Big = 250 xp, Medium = 150 xp, Small = 10 xp. From a Big Slime, u can get a total of 250+(150 x 4)+ (10 x 8) = 930 xp.
    - Killing Magma Cubes gives, Big = 350 xp, Medium = 200 xp, Small = 20 xp. Total xp combines, like slimes.
    - Killing Zombie Pigmen gives 150 xp
    - Killing Blazes give 350 xp
    - Killing Enderdragons gives 5,000 xp.
    - Killing Villagers gives 25 xp.
    - Killing Ghasts gives 300 xp.
    - Killing SilverFish gives 100 xp.
    - Killing Godwars bosses (not including Nex) gives 3k xp
    - Killing Nex gives 10k xp.
    - Killing Red Dragons give 600 xp
    - Killing Green Dragons give 300 xp
    - Killing White/Black Knights give 50 xp
    - Killing Goblin gives 30 xp
    - Killing Lesser Demon gives 400 xp
    - Killing Greater Demon gives 450 xp
    - Killing Black Demon gives 600 xp
    - Killing Moss/Ice/Fire Giants gives 450 xp
    - Killing Mud/Ice Warriors give 50 xp
    - Killing Hill Giant gives 150 xp
    - Killing Cyclops gives 450 xp
    - Killing Hellhound gives 500 xp
    - Killing Floating Pickaxe/Shovel gives 100 xp
    - Killing Dark Beasts give 650 xp
    - Killing Abbysal Demons give 500 xp
    - Killing Imp gives 10 xp
    - Killing any Revenant gives 200 xp
    - Killing Fungus Creatures gives 150 xp
    - Killing Vyrewatches give 300 xp
    - Killing Ninja Monkey's give 200 xp
    - Killing Any of these: Jmod, Pkers, Monkey, Highman, Testificate, WILL NOT give xp.

    Pic's and Videos:



    - All ores, and Terrian Textures. Weapons, Bows, Ingots, Keys, Pouches(summoning), armor, new fish added! I will add a picture of the comparison of the Durability soon!

    Ores and Bars are obvious. Has swords, bows, staffs, godswords, and dragon items, Dragon shard below Runite Bar. and below that is Ghost Amulet, the keys are teh Godwars Keys.

    ^ Above are the Durabilities for the Armor, and Strenght, the Defense points that are +X, are invisibly added on, but they have a extra % damage bonus. Diamond at being 80%, Runite being 82% Dragon 88%, Bandos being 90%, and Torva being 95%.

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    posted a message on 1.3.1 Lagging, server type lag on Singleplayer.. What?!
    Yeah, screw that not wasting 400 bucks just to run minecraft. I'll just stick with 1.2.5 for a while till Jeb fixes this.
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    posted a message on (ADV) {1.2.5} ~= The Diamond Hero's Legacy Adventure Map =~ Now with New Version using Custom NPC Mod! 4k+ Downloads!

    [size=small]The Adventure Map that pretty much takes you through your normal day by day biomes, adventuring, dangerous challenges, and combat activities plus more, just no crafting. Up to 2 Players can play!.. anymore, then you will need to spawn yourself some beds for save points! Over 20 Amazing Levels!!!!!!!!!!!! 8+ Hours of Gameplay! Rage Quitting Fun. Just Remeber, STAY ON TRACK! This Custom Adventure Map is Long, and may get repetitive, but you get very good with combat after doing this custom map! Expect things like: Piston Puzzles, Combat, Bosses, Find the Key(s), Parkour, Mazes, Forests, Jungles, Abandon Mines, Strongholds, Dungeons, Watery levels, and much much more! There are 2, I REPEAT! TWO! Versions of the Map, 1 where it's normal, no Special Mods needed besides SPC (recommended), and that is multiplayer! Then, the 2nd version uses Custom NPC Mod's, bringing in Unique Bosses, and Traders, so you can actually do somthing with your monster drops![/size]


    [size=medium]2 Different Routes/Story Lines, leading up to a final Ending!!!![/size]
    - Route 1: Combat based.
    - Route 2: Puzzle Based.
    - Grand Route: Harder then Routes 1 and 2, with combat and puzzles.

    Playthrough of The Diamond Hero's Legacy, Part 1. Watch the rest on Youtube!

    Playthrough of the Route 2 for The Diamond Hero's Legacy, Part 1. Watch the rest on Youtube!

    [size=x-small]Playthrough of the Grand Route for The Diamond Hero's Legacy, Part 1. Watch the rest on Youtube![/size]

    [size=x-small]Other Player Playthroughs:[/size]
    by HighProGaming
    by TheCrew

    Original Map: http://www.mediafire...zgshac4isc9k5xt (Single and Multiplayer version)[/size]

    [size=x-small]Original Map w/ Custom NPC Mod: (requires Custom NPC Mod) http://www.mediafire...0bjao3tbdahxqu5 (Single Player only)[/size]
    [size=x-small]Custom NPC Mod Forum: http://www.minecraft...npcs-01110-wip/[/size]

    [size=x-small][size=large]Creators Comments:[/size][/size]
    [size=x-small][size=large][size=x-small]READ: Hello, I am Fatacemcafee, i am the only person who created this map. During the time I worked on this, while adding onto it, i have been able to completely beat this with only dieing once or twice. It's fairly fun to those who love combat. After watching several people make playthroughs on Youtube, i have noticed one thing. MOST of you are really bad at what you need to look for! I havn't seen 1 video that someone did not get stuck on 1-2, figuring out if your able to go into the hole or not. I mean come on! I said to stay in the fence, THE HOLE INSIDE THE FENCE! It's pretty damn obvious that your ment to go there. If you want to play this map, you need to THINK SMART! LOOK AROUND! Also, to those who are going to to a Youtube playthrough, Playthrough all of it, dont randomly stop, I need feedback on Grand Route![/size][/size][/size]

    [size=x-small][size=large]Story:[/size] When you were playing on your Minecraft Map of yours, with or without your buddy... You find yourself knocked out. Upon Opening your eyes, you see your self in the air, falling, you close your eyes again, and you land hard, into the ground. You were brought here to destroy the Ender Dragon! or Stop them from creating the EnderPortal! If you wish to return back to your world, you must adventure, through all the things you have learned, and fight your way to get back to your World! Upon fighting through Route 1 or 2, you learn that there is a great evil about, and you must destroy who's really behind it all! The Grand route will show who the realy enemy is!

    [size=large]Object:[/size] This map time is basiclly somthing like Mario, or Sonic. Dealing with "1-1" "1-2" type stages, as you progress, things will get harder, so at the begining, it will be easy, but, it will get harder. Want to test your knowledge about this game? Know how to Jump good? Know whats best to kill everything? Want Boss rooms? Want to Go through Awsome Caves/Nether and even the Enderrealm? Want somthing Not to hard, but still challenging? This Costum Map is for YOU![/size]

    [size=x-small][size=large]Custom NPC Mod Version: [size=x-small]There is a difference in this version than that map without this mod. Custom NPC Version gives Traders, bosses, and mini bosses. Bosses are fairly fun/challenging, unless your going in with no armor, then you may have problems. Traders are scattered around in houses and such for people who are looking for to get rid of there string/bones/ect. you can trade them for gold coins which in return, will let you buy items from them such as potions, food, and even a wolf, just be sure to have bones. Not all the bosses were changed, mainly spider based bosses and such were not changed, but don't expect it to be easy, i added mini bosses, fairly easy though![/size][/size]

    [size=medium]Rules:[/size] (There is alot of Rules)
    1. NO CHEATING! No Mods!(unless SPC...See Rule 9)
    2. Play on Easy, Medium, or Hard, DON'T BE A CHICKEN WHO PLAYS ON PEACEFUL!
    3. This map is a level to level based map, Stay on track! Stay within Map Area!
    4. Do NOT Break any Blocks.. Unless Creeper Ruins somthing/Redstone Wiring.
    5. Do NOT Place any Blocks.. Unless Creeper Ruins somthing/Redstone Wiring. OR!~~~ You are told too.
    6. Expect: Puzzles, Jumping, and Combat!
    7. The Map is easy at first, but it will get hard later on.
    8. Do NOT Craft anything! Unless your are told too.
    9. SINGLE PLAYER COMMAND MOD USERS: As this is allowed, you may use ONLY the "keepitems" Command, and the "Creeper explosion disable" Commands, the creeper explosion disable command is only if you can't handle creepers and you are to worried of creepers blowing things up.
    10. Do no take torches, You may only place and take your own torches!
    11. There is a Pick Axe, if you find it, you may ONLY use it to destroy Spawners.
    12. Look for Special Chests! They contain Helpful things for later on!
    13. It is advised to not use any other mods that adds NPC's to the game, otherwise it may ruin somthing! You may choose to though, i am not stopping you.
    14. This map is does not have a Texture Pack to be needed, you may use any if you wish!
    15. Webs and Vines can be cut.

    [size=x-large]Route 1:[/size]
    1 - Grass Lands
    2 - Heart of the Desert
    3 - Into the Caves
    4 - The Skies Above
    5 - Mystic Stronghold
    6 - Deep Chase Caverns
    7 - Hell's Inferno
    8 - Ender the Dragon
    9 - Escape to Freedom

    Alternate Route is Located In The Heart of the Desert. Can be seen Very Easily!

    [size=x-large]Route 2:[/size]
    3 - Infiltration
    4 - The Kings Mines
    5 - The Legend of the Ice Temple
    6 - Secrets to be Found
    7 - Secrets in the Sky
    8 - The Final Light of Darkness
    9 - Snowed In (small level)[/size]

    [size=x-small][size=x-large]Grand Route:[/size][/size]
    [size=x-small]10 - Stronghold of Israbell[/size]
    [size=x-small]11 - Sacred Ruins[/size]
    [size=x-small]12 - Darkness to Light[/size]
    [size=x-small]13 - Skytrinity Village[/size]
    [size=x-small]14 - Evil Within[/size]
    [size=x-small]15 - Vigoroo Jungle[/size]
    [size=x-small]16 - The Villages Last Hope[/size]
    [size=x-small]17 - The Secret Rebels[/size]
    [size=x-small]18 - Eradication of Evil[/size]
    [size=x-small]19 - The War[/size]
    [size=x-small]20 - The Final Showdown

    Along with This map, there are scattered "Easter Eggs", some may even contain somthing funny, or somthing useless. Have fun Finding them!

    SPECIAL ITEMS: *new* [/size]
    [size=x-small] In the Custom Map you will find a Weapon, or Armor containing enchantments that are not normally found on a every day map. Weapons will have names above them, just not armor.

    List of Weapons:
    - The Axe of Fire
    - HexHunter Bow*
    - The Spider Crusher
    - Slashing Bow
    - The Queens Shears*
    - The Flesh Eater
    - Staff of Fire
    - Spirit Bow
    - Golden Axe
    - Pig Hero Blade V1*
    - Pig Hero Blade V2*
    - The villages Secret
    - Ancient Sword
    - The Diamond Blazor
    - Zombies Staff
    - Power Bow
    - Shock Wave*
    - Bow of Death
    - The Grim Reaper
    - Theif's Axe
    - Thunder Staff* (SPC Item, you are allowed to bind "weather lightning" to a key, and use it when weilding this staff) Let's you use Lightning![/size]
    [size=x-small] - The Dominator[/size]
    [size=x-small] - The Poisonate[/size]
    [size=x-small] - The Sword of O.P.*[/size]
    [size=x-small] - Fire Bow[/size]
    [size=x-small] - Super Wood[/size]
    [size=x-small] - The Testificate Sword[/size]
    [size=x-small] - Shears of the King*[/size]
    [size=x-small] - Robin Hood's Bow[/size]
    [size=x-small] - Poke* (Weapon and Spawner Destroyer in 1!)[/size]
    [size=x-small] - The Cookie Cutter[/size]
    [size=x-small] - Spitfire[/size]
    [size=x-small] - The Everlasting Flamesword*[/size]
    [size=x-small] - RA's Light[/size]
    [size=x-small] - Dragon's Sword*

    *Unique Weapons

    NOTE: If you happen to come across a problem, leave a post below, so i can change it and to save any future players!

    [size=x-small]v1.8 Fixes all around, Added Custom NPC Mod Version, with new bosses![/size]
    [size=x-small]v1.7 Fixes in Grand Route, Added more to Easter Eggs[/size]
    [size=x-small]v1.6 Grand Route! 11 MORE NEW FUN HARD LEVELS! WITH EPIC BOSS ROOMS! Added more easter eggs, with 1 extra "Special" Room.
    v1.5 Added Names to Weapon Chests, added Level 9 to the Route 2, Small Level though.
    v1.4 Added a Alternate Route, Located in the Heart of the Desert, This Route Has more Puzzles to it. Fixes. More Easter Eggs.
    v1.3 More Fixes, added another "secret" room.
    v1.2 Fixed 4-2, and made it a bit easier for jumpers, Just remember, I am only changing this area, not 8-2! Also, added blocks in 3-2 for anyone who accidently goes the wrong way towards the lava.
    v1.1 - Added Hardcore and Extreme Mode Maps.
    v1.0 - The Diamond Hero's Legacy is Completely Finished, and Played Through, searched for any mistakes.

    FUTURE UPDATES:[/size]
    [size=x-small]- Update the Behind the Scene's Easter Egg Room[/size]

    [size=x-small]Hope you enjoy the Adventure Map! Hope you tried both routes and Finished the whole map![/size]


    Adventure through the dangerous tombs of Saggitare!

    Climb the amazing Mt. Athena, covered with hillmonsters!

    Wonder through the Ghost town in search for a escape!

    Travel up going through puzzle through puzzle to escape!

    Jump over lava that can leave you dead in a heart beat!

    Knowing how to jump isn't just a basic skill on Minecraft, you can't survive without it!

    Fight your way through boss rooms after leaving you in shock after what you just went through!

    Amzing Stories to these Routes, not knowing who's really behind it all...
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