About Me
Just a average Minecrafter!

My stats on Combat? (just to show u how good i am at things, rated 1 through 10)

Parkour: 7
Combat: 10
Farming: 2
Building: 6.5
Dungeons raided: I wouldn't have a clue
Strongholds Legitly Found: 5
Mushroom Biomes legitly Found: None :c, friends found 1 on our server when i was gone :c
Nether Strongholds legitly found: 6
Best thing I've done: Manage to get 9 Disc. from Skeleton shooting creepers, in 1 Night!
Fastest Time to Diamond(random world): 32 minutes.
Fastest Time to Enderrealm(random world): 5 hours 30ish Minutes

About me on Minecraft:

I am a non-greifer, I can take a "joke" on server like, if someone puts something near my house as a joke that can be easily cleaned up its funny, but after liek 10 times it gets annoying lol. I don't use server hacks or cheats or anything. Normally when i start off i go off on my own, then make a small fortress. I do make Mincraft videos, just youtube "Fatacemcafee", There are Runescape videos too, but this is Minecraft Forums and your more interested in Minecraft! Derp! I have done Playthroughs of The Diamond Hero's Legacy, Route 1, Route 2, and Grand Route. Along with other random glitches/videos Ive done.
Interests Minecraft obviously! Building Making Custom Maps Making skins related to friends and such :D.

Profile Information

Minecraft iFatace Xbox Fatacemcafee