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    posted a message on ZOMGsamurai texture pack
    Oh nice, I remember seeing a preview of this pack a looooong time ago without a download. Good to see its not completely dead.
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    posted a message on ZOMGsamurai texture pack
    Oh nice, I remember seeing a preview of this pack a looooong time ago without a download. Good to see its not completely dead.
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    posted a message on ZOMGsamurai texture pack
    Oh nice, i remember see a preview of this pack a looooong time ago. Good to see its not dead.
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    posted a message on Community Poll: Which player are YOU?
    Poll lacks the ability of a multi-track mindedness
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    posted a message on Terraforming
    People complain about x biome because of y reason.
    Swamp biome is ugly and brown.
    I don't like snowy biomes because it breaks stuff.
    I don't like snowy biomes because it freezes all my water.
    Swamp biome is brown and ugly
    Why is the swamp biome purple?
    Please remove swamps.
    Petition to change swamp visuals.

    From playing the game its obvious that each biome has specific characteristics which make it that biome. Duh.
    So why is it that if we 'build' that biomeA into the characteristics of a different biomeB, the biomeA doesn't just change?

    I don't like this swamp biome here. Obviously swamps are trees with lots of vines, submerged land and an overabundance of water. What I will do is remove all vines, raise the land above sea level, maybe even cut down all the trees. Now the area is low rolling grass hills. The area is effectively now a savanna/grass plain. Why is the 'purple swamp overlay' still here?

    Keep the world/biome generator as is. Implement a biome changing algorithm based on characteristics of a biome.

    Example (keeping with the swamp example above):
    0. Original Biome: 200vines, 5000 dirt blocks, 0 grass blocks, 300 water blocks, 50 lily pads, 20 trees -> algorithm keeps it as swamp
    1. Player comes by, doesn't like the swamp. piles 4 layers of dirt effectively creating grass layer 1 block above water, removes all lily pads and vines but replants all trees
    2. It is sunset. Player goes to bed.
    3. [Time turns to midnight] algorithm starts up:
    a.Scans biome: 0 vines, 4000 dirt, 1000 grass blocks, 50 water blocks, 0 lily pads, 20 trees -> algorithm no longer sees it as swamp
    b. Biome code changed to...savanaish-forestish; no more purple overlay, grass is more green, leaves more green.
    4. Player wakes up. No more brown foliage and browngreen water.

    Obviously the algorithms will need to be more complex than counting block types to find the 50% mark, but that's the jist of it.

    Non-gamebreaking, non-intrusive way to changing biomes; It gives players more control over their minecraft environment, gameplay style. No longer will you have to 'break the fourth wall' and have a program edit biome data.

    This possibly even creates the 'need' to balance environmental factors when gathering resources:
    -remove too many trees without replanting -> next night all trees are gone because forest biome turned into savanna
    -converted too much of a river into buildable dirt -> biome changes into a desert
    but more positively:
    -in a large desert biome, plant a number saplings, create small pond -> part of desert biome converts to forest, suddenly awesome oasis
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    posted a message on [BUILD] Gundam
    Looks awesome.

    My only suggestion would be to give it a pose rather than just standing up straight.
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    posted a message on I don't get Mine Craft
    Quote from TheUnbeholden

    I don't really get Mine Craft and why its so popular.

    But then you answer yourself in the next paragraph?
    Quote from TheUnbeholden
    It goes back to the age old thing of having a huge world to explore, that is completely randomly generated every time so it can have that charm of being unique every time you play, & while almost every game has been about destroying, Mine Craft tailors to the rarely tried idea of creation which while its easy to destroy its much more difficult to create and therefore more satisfying when you get it done, and theres bragging rights that comes with making something great :smile.gif: so thats the social aspect to... it tailors to the crowds of the Sims, Civilization 1-5, Populous.
    Its like virtual Lego, except all you need is to buy the game and you have access to everything. And its not just Lego people, monsters, animals, items, houses, but terrain as well (which you don't get with Lego) and so a whole world to boot.

    Quote from TheUnbeholden
    The reason being is I collected Lego for the sake of collecting it. People say you need an imagination like those with Lego because its about experimenting, coming up with ideas and coming up with a project and seeing it through. I have a strong imagination but have no desire to build stuff. I prefer to go through a virtual world that already teeming with life and have some unique experiences.
    Mine craft can't offer much in this regard, because the world doesn't have believable people, the newest version has villages of AI but its pretty lame in terms of interaction with them. And exploration wise its all about admiring unique landscape geometry (which I don't care about), crafting and building (meh), collecting stuff (which can be fun but I think I would collect most stuff pretty quickly), and keeping monsters at bay (which is only fun at first until you find easy ways to keep them at bay with home defenses, good armor, lots of food and bow/arrows).
    The only real lasting appeal I see is seeing what other people have done and exploring it... perhaps doing missions for real people... and sabotaging their work. =-D

    You like Legos to collect not to create. You like to play finished worlds, not create. Sounds like you're looking to play some finished RPG game and not Minecraft. Which is fine and all.
    It leads me to a question; What was the point of this post which answers itself and complains that Minecraft isn't of a different genre type?
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] FiniteLiquid v5.93
    So no more natural waterfalls then?
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