About Me
I'm a creative dude with an slight deficiency in understanding other people (I can't take a hint, literally.). I am usually happy and positive and on behavior I like to live right beside the rule line, so I sometimes cross it from time to time. Enough About Me in Real Life, how about in Minecraft?, or more specifically, in this forum?

I pride myself in having a few discontinued stories, failed attempts, per se. I have an in-progress story called The Mainframe. Also, I have a short story and poem I Awoke in a Dream.

My second most visited forum is the Suggestions Forum, where I have a few of my best suggestions:
These are posted here as examples of my writing and idea creation.

I am currently watching over the Fan Art section for Fan Fiction, due to them not being noticed much. I have collected not only several stories, but support and a team of helping hands. For more information see: Minefic

What do I do on Minefic? I make all the jobs. I give assignments to my team, I find stories, I organize my messages and conversations to them to keep in track easier and I simply keep it all spinning.

Also, if you got nothing to do go check out my website. It's just talk and talk and what else did I forget...? Oh yeah talk.
Interests The improvement of Minecraft, creating things in Minecraft and Fan Art.

Contact Methods

Skype james.miano1