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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    I just want to make some things clear. Please respond with yes or no to the following statements:
    1. With Vanilla and Vanilla, the two of you can connect.
    2. When you have Optifine installed, you do not have Forge installed.
    3. When you both have Optifine installed, neither of you can connect if the other one is hosting.
    4. You have tried to connect directly to the LAN IP : Port Number like I suggested. (JonnyBrando gave an easier way to find this IP in the attachment to his post.)

    Okay, my bad. It's not just optifine problems like I thought. For some stupid reason, it's even happening with both of us on regular 1.8.8!

    1. No

    2. Yes

    3. Yes

    4. No

    I'm going to try doing that direct connect thing, though I don't know what good it would do because she can see my game in the menu. EDIT: Well, that didn't help. She got the same error as before. EDIT 2: The nightmare is over, and we can connect now, even with optifine on. Turns out it was because of some windows firewall baloney. Thank you for your time folks, your help is probably the only reason I got this fixed.

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    Quote from puppyspirit36»

    Try moving the world to her computer and testing that. It doesn't matter if you both have the same settings.You could have your settings maxed out and she could have hers as fast as they can go and it wouldn't matter (you would probably just lag more).

    Also check your firewall bc it prevents me from hosting LAN worlds (Try going to your firewall inbound rules (I believe it's Firewall Advanced Settings or something like that) and enabling both "Java(TM) Platform SE Binary" sections for anything).

    Sorry for taking so dang long to reply, I posted this and then pretty much forgot about it. Kinda like that Ronco rotisserie oven thing ("set it and forget it").

    Anyway, we already tried entering a world on her computer and I couldn't join, so my theory is that it has something to do with the singleplayer only stuff, like fast math and lazy chunk loading, because we both had all of those things on.

    My guess is the whatever happened went something like this: Since I had to go into a singleplayer game to open my world to LAN, the singleplayer only performance options stayed on on my client because my Optifine thought it was still a singleplayer game, but my mom had to join the LAN game from the multiplayer menu, so her OptiFine thought that it was a multiplayer server, so it turned off the singleplayer only options on her client, thus causing a disconnect in the way her client and my client process the game, causing her to be unable to join.

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    *sigh* great now we have ANOTHER mod made SPECIFICLY to cheat on smp on our hands...
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    Quote from Neptune13

    Hello all Minecraft players!

    We have found that the Minecraft versions since 1.8, have only gone for the worse. From 1.8 the worlds have been more sinister and wrong, is added to all the world's trash, such as Enchantment Tables, potions, and all that. We do not want to play the newest versions, but we play the older versions. It involves tedious thing: we can no longer play on servers. We are very angry, because before the game was awesome, but it is spoiled with all the rubbish and the new biomes. We like to call it "Minecraft-spiral". This phenomenon occurs when you try too much and the result is miserable. Minecraft should remain a sandbox game, and not to be a poor role-playing game.

    PS: We are a Finnish people, so do not rub it in bad writing! We hope that you express your opinion.

    Well it's still KIND OF a sandbox game plus we now have creative, in both the new version and the old one. Pretty much the only thing i wish was never added is the Endermen. They scare the ever living daylights out of me!
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    Awsome, I'm downloading. Thanks!
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