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Hi there! I'm Fangride* (sometimes known as Maridiem or Amascut), a Sectional Moderator for Mapping and Modding, and a big Minecraft fan!

*Pronounced "Fang - Ride"

I devote a lot of my time working on Complete the Monument maps, reviewing and checking out Adventure maps, and building adventure maps/sets for Youtube videos, and writing content for with a great team people known as the Noxcrew. We're the creators of the Paladin's Quest Adventure Map series, the Noxcrew Gameshow, Fable Hunters, and many more videos and pieces of content.

My content includes: Pantheon (A collaborative CTM map, for which I build a zone, wrote the story, and work as the balance lead), Vigilis Oculos (A 5-objective CTM Map), Septum Immoriel (A 21-Objective CTM Map due out soonTM), the upcoming Titan's Revolt (A sequel to Pantheon, another collaborative map!), and Discordancy, a CTM built as a team on a server.

I also do a lot of my own writing. I enjoy writing poetry, fiction, and realistic fiction, usually in the first person variety. Scripts are also very enjoyable, thanks to my Noxcrew work.

Outside of Minecraft, I deeply enjoy playing RuneScape (As the leader The Scrying Pool clan, and a proud Quest Cape owner, under the name Amascut and on an alternate account as Seren), League of Legends (My account is Fannygirdle, I'm in Silver II on NA!), and Guild Wars 2 (Fangride.6109). Feel free to add me and chat with me if you play any of those games!

If you have any questions about the forum, or anything else I do really, feel free to send me a PM!


Reading, Writing, Playing Video Games, Making Music

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