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    Quote from JRyno

    It came.

    Grand Theft Auto V came.

    And I'm just sitting here waiting for it to come out on PC
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    Quote from Collin1971

    Charity Event: 11 comments
    Latest Snapshot: 713 comments


    Maybe because this is newer and there's less to talk about than the snapshots? Just because there's less comments doesn't mean that no one cares about it.
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    While I'm waiting for the client to be ready, I might as well give some feedback on the last version.
    The skeletons could use a slight nerf in damage due to the fact that their damage can pack a devastating punch you even wearing full armor. This could annoy new players and will put them off. Skeletons have gone to a point where I've completely avoided them in anyway possible.
    Creepers are still extremely weak, they spawn less than the normal mobs and even with the increased blast radius, the explosion is a minor hindrance. It would be nicer if they had a speed boost or shorter fuse but you might already have this in plan.
    Zombies aren't too overpowered or under powered but are still bugged since the first hit does 1 damage, the next three hits do no damage. Their spawning rate could be increased and possibly make it that zombies could spawn in hordes.
    Spiders are fairly weak and might need a slight damage/health buff. Cave spiders are pretty balanced, they have large damage and low health.

    Although you most likely already know all this, I'll just post this in case.
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    Well this sucks, no Australians can enter... so bad.
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    Qwimpy = Ally
    Thisguyisnotme = Enemy
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    Quote from Ju34u2

    Reason for joining: Well, the main thread is very clean, I like roleplaying, and my favorite RP server was Ruined World RP.
    Are you mature?: Yes

    Character name: Julius
    Age: Mid Twenties to early thirties
    Backstory (One to two paragraphs, be thorough): [To me, the lore is rather vague. It mentions wilderness, but then it says space, but then it says gated communities... I'm just going to make some stuff up for the sake of application!]

    No one knows how, but somehow, Julius lived in a rather successful gated community. No one knew who his parents were, and no one cared. Most of the citizens had paid a fortune to live in the colony, but not Julius. For that, Julius was always shunned by others. To compensate for that fact, he was forced to be an errand boy that tended to others' needs. But, even so, Julius was teased and resented by everyone.

    Eventually, Julius was thrown out of the community, and ever since, Julius wandered. Julius always knew this day would happen. In preparation, he had read the torn snippets of survival guides that everyone else considered trash. Luckily for him, the area around the community was rather safe. He had lived happily alone for many years.

    Suddenly, a massive wave of monsters had found the community. Julius forsaken the colonists, and fled the area. He ran, and ran until he couldn't anymore. When he finally stopped, Julius looked around and found that he was lost.

    RP example:
    -Julius hears a slight rumbling noise-
    Julius: "What was that?"
    -The rumbling gets louder.-
    -faces the source of the sound-
    Julius: *Chuckles* I've heard of this before. This is called Karma.
    -The rumbling stops, but is replaced with screams of terror and pain.-
    -Julius runs, knowing that the beasts would soon find him.-
    Julius: Wait... where am I?
    Picture of skin: My current skin is one of an ivory skinned man who has evidence of radiation.

    The lore... it changed since we're currently playing on a temp server while we wait for space. (The lore is outdated)
    You need to expand your backstory a bit more. Why was he thrown out of the gated community? Why was he shunned by everyone? Was it because of his appearance or his talents? Where did he live when he got thrown out?
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    Animated Hair
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    Quote from xPro1molater

    Can somebody please make me a Gamer skin with a Hood & a Headset. It's for my YouTube channel.

    If somebody could do it I'll give 10 Reputation.

    Something Like This:


    But I would like it be my personal skin. If you do it for me Private Message me with a download link & I'll give you the Rep :)

    Making it right now, you don't mind if the hood is blue and the headset?
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    Quote from Basinox

    and if there are people you leave in à second

    Quite rarely, you just were unlucky because I had to go a minute later.
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    Quote from Bohlen3555


    ​There is only one thing wrong. You need to expand your backstory and you need to explain what had happened when he grew up. Did he encounter any close to death experiences or events? Where does he live? Is his mother still alive?

    Quote from irongiant113


    You need to expand your backstory a little bit more. Did they build shelter or find a community? Did you run into any close experiences with monsters while you where with Will?
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