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    Minecraft username:
    What is your age:
    What is your timezone:
    Australia, GTM +10
    What experience do you have in roleplaying?:
    I have played Minecraft for several years and have joined multiple roleplaying servers that varies from fantasy to fallout.
    Have you read, understood, and accepted the rules?:
    Of course.
    What is the rule you agree with the most?:
    My favorite rule, by far would be:
    "-Please be as realistic as possible when roleplaying. This includes roleplaying your character’s job correctly, any skill/ability your character may possess, and obtaining items. Players that are not roleplaying realistically may be banned."
    How did you find the server?:
    Through Minecraft Forums
    Why should you be whitelisted?:
    I believe I can provide a good roleplay experience to the community and mainly to enjoy myself.
    Define powergaming:
    Forcing an action without the other player's consent.
    Define metagaming:
    Having knowledge that your character does not possess.
    Who was the first king of Redania?:
    Kurgan D'Arco
    Why did the great dwarven kingdom collapse?:
    The king and the citizens were corrupted by the Orb which resulted in bloodbath.
    Who are the Jarr?:
    Nomadic dark elves that worshiped dragons and constructed cities from sandstone.


    Character Name:
    Harlion Cresent
    Character Age:
    27 years old
    Character Gender:
    Character Race, human/elf/dwarf:
    A human/elf mix
    Character Appearance:
    A tall, skinny and pale skinned build accompanied by dark brown hair with matching eyes. He wears finely made clothes and trimmed hair.
    Character Personality:
    He cares about his appearance and makes sure his hair is finely trimmed. He is generally nice and talkative. His temper is hard to agitate.
    Character Strengths/Weaknesses:
    Quick and flexible with fast reaction speed
    Not particularly strong

    Character Biography:
    Harlion was born in Redenia in the coastal fishing town of Wetrock, Harlion was raised by a half human and half elven family who were one of the first inhabitants of the town. His mothers side had an elven root while his fathers side was human. Harlion gained the traits of his mother's side, agility, but he wasn't very strong despite all the hard training his father insists. Meanwhile his brother gained his father's trait, strength and power thus gaining the favor of his father. His father worked as a fishermen, often gone for long periods of time on fishing trips and was one of the more successful fishermen, and his mother worked as a chef.

    When Harlion turned thirteen, he was required help the town with fishing and would often embark on fishing trips along with his brother. His brother would be assigned with physically demanding tasks and was competent in his work. Harlion had different ideas and hated the idea of fishing. He always dreamed of travelling the land not stuck on a boat in the middle of the sea. From his mother, he loved cooking and would practice as many times as he could. His father gradually started to hate him and favored his brother.

    After three years Harlion finally decides to quit working as a fisherman, a job he despised greatly. He was physically fit and agile but not strong or muscular. His father mocked him, saying he would never survive in the wilderness with strength. Harlion learnt to deal with his father's insult but he wanted his brother affliction, unfortunately his brother was distant and had neutral feelings for him. His mother was the most devastated and tried to persuade Harlion to stay but without avail. At a young age of seventeen, Harlion debarks onto the road, living the dream he had always wished.


    1. You are traveling along the roads of Redania when a bandit jumps out in front of you. He claims several of his fellows are hiding in the brush beside the road, and if you value your life, to drop all the valuables you possess.
    Harlion turns to examine the bandit.
    "I don't have time for this."
    "Shut up, I'm the one who doesn't have time. Just hurry up and give me your valuables!"
    "How about no?"
    The bandit rushes forward and attempts to stabs Harlion. He dodges it and sweeps the legs of the bandit, failing in the process. The bandit seizes the opportunity and cuts Harlion chest, drawing blood.
    "Ugh, I'm not as fit as I used to be."
    Harlion, clutching his wound, flees from the bandit and into the bushes in an attempt to escape. The bandit however is no match for his speed and loses him.

    2. You are inside a small inn enjoying a tankard of ale when an obviously intoxicated ( -drunk) man stumbles into you. He gestures at you rudely and tells you to watch where you’re going.
    "I believe you stumble into me first."
    "Quit your ramblings! You stumbled into me you *******!"
    "There's no need for unnecessary provocation."
    "You think you're such a gentlemen eh? I wonder how you fare in a fight!"
    "I didn't come here fancying a fight."
    The drunk tries to swing a punch at Harlion. He dodges the punch with ease. The drunk attempts to swing another punch and Harlion easily evades it. The drunk, angered, charges towards Harlion aiming for a tackle but misses and crashes into the table, knocking him onto the ground.
    "Feel free to clean up the mess"
    Harlion sits back down and continues on drinking.

    3. You are at the market when you come upon a stall selling some particularly interesting wares. You decide to buy one, and the owner of the stall names a rather outrageous price.
    "You expect me to pay that much?"
    "Take it or leave it! I'm not going any lower than that"
    "We all know that the price you're demanding is ridiculous."
    "You won't get this good quality anywhere else, I guarantee it."
    "Lower it or else I'm leaving."
    "That is the base price, nothing lower."
    Harlion turns and leaves the store, grunting and muttering to himself.
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    posted a message on War of Hante[Survival][Unique World][Controlled-PVP][Custom drops][Modified Mobs][Tons, tons more!]
    Quote from SabbyKat

    War of Hante is no more. The eternal struggle forgotten in the echoes of time. Instead, a new realm. A new existence will soon be born, echoing from the times of old, at the time of the Epoch... :D

    (Let's see who gets wtf I'm trying to say all cryptic like ;p)

    No contest. (Unless there's like some sort of super secret message) Anyway, looking forward to see what you have planned for us.

    War of Hante had witnessed the fall and rise of empires, delayed, rebuilt and suffered through desperate times. It is time to cut the bonds, let the old rest and leave the past behind. War of Hante will soon be lost within the frayed, stained pages of time, shifting like the sands. Its last will is not forgotten, igniting a spark once more. A new successor will rise, built upon its foundations and learnt from the past, an idea to withstand the test of time. Only time will tell, when the time is right it will reveal itself into the light...
    War of Hante, a distant memory, shall it rest in peace.
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    posted a message on War of Hante[Survival][Unique World][Controlled-PVP][Custom drops][Modified Mobs][Tons, tons more!]
    I can't believe this project is still alive and running, kudos to you Sabby and your team. The new progress sounds great, can't wait to see the finished product and with all these new features it might as well become a Minecraft expansion pack.

    On another note, Starbound is amazing.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Changing The World: Update and Play Now!
    The impact animations from falling is awesome, there's a few bugs but I'm fairly happy.
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    posted a message on Rite of Passage ~ Upcoming Rp Server ~ Hiring



    Position applying for:

    Reason you want this position?:
    I consider myself a decent builder and is very flexible with what I build. I haven't been building for a long time and I have decided to start back up and to flex my imagination. Roleplaying servers are one of my favorite Minecraft server and I look forward to building the foundations of success.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
    Since Alpha 1.12

    Experience (Please detail this):
    Multiple servers with a large variety of themes including: medieval, post-apocalypse and futuristic builds. Most of my previous servers which I have built on have long shut down. Some of them are: Lands of Paroria and Last of the Living.

    Building style(s):
    I have numerous building styles but I mainly prefer interior/decorating along with ruins and dungeons.

    Examples of builds (Please provide pictures if available):
    Unfortunately I have lost many of my previous works. All of these are done by hand without using worldedit.

    Currently WIP

    These are the only images I have currently.

    What are your strengths and weaknesses in building?:
    My strengths lie in detail and small to moderate builds.
    However, my weaknesses are creating large scale builds and terraforming.

    What will you be able to bring to the server, how will you make it better?:
    I can dedicate high quality builds and a general friendly atmosphere.

    How much time will you be able to dedicate?:
    Several hours in the weekend and a couple hours in the weekdays. It mainly depends on how much free time I have.

    Country/time zone:Skype username (if available) or other contact information:
    Skype: fallen_comrades
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    posted a message on [1.6.2.][Dedicated][30 Slots] Zombies of Mass Destruction: A Minecraft Zombie Survival Server
    Awesome server with friendly admins
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    posted a message on FTB Presents: Childs Play Livestream Charity Event!
    Quote from Collin1971

    Charity Event: 11 comments
    Latest Snapshot: 713 comments


    Maybe because this is newer and there's less to talk about than the snapshots? Just because there's less comments doesn't mean that no one cares about it.
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    posted a message on War of Hante[Survival][Unique World][Controlled-PVP][Custom drops][Modified Mobs][Tons, tons more!]
    I prefer Minecraft since it still has the potential, Starbound looks great but I don't think I'd prefer it over Minecraft for some parts. The 3D aspect of Minecraft is great for RPGs, Starbound isn't bad due to the randomly generated planets but I still prefer 3D for RPG than 2D. If there are other games you have in plan, I will gladly give you my opinions. However, I don't really mind if we switch from Minecraft and I'm looking forward to the resurrection of WOH.
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    posted a message on Winds of Winter: Game of Thrones RPG
    Good server with friendly staff, I have to say it is fairly hard to start off.
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    posted a message on War of Hante[Survival][Unique World][Controlled-PVP][Custom drops][Modified Mobs][Tons, tons more!]
    Quote from SabbyKat

    First off, wanted to clarify - we're not dead. I'm still quite around, and busting my ass with others of the team working on the mod. Main issue being as is normal for most indies - money. People need to work to survive, meaning 10x less work for the mod, which is an issue I'm trying to remedy now to speed up this process a good bit. Either way, it's a gigantic undertaking so yes. Can't really wiggle my nose and make it finished in a month either, even with 10 million dollars. (well, maybe :P ).

    As for the server now, we're going to be at least 1-2 months off before we properly reopen and go public. 1.6 is a mess, and yet again, has broken many of the mods and the typical FUN involved with updates. I'd rather not waste hundreds of hours yet again, struggling to start up the server in 1.6, losing multiple worlds as we fix and change mods, and all that fun jazz.

    In the mean time, when Terraria's big 1.2 update comes out - we'll be hosting a server for the community (no team rules, none of that - that was a disaster thanks to shadowblade), so we can play on that - which should be out any week now.

    As well, assuming starbound releases into beta in the next month or two (way they're going, not sure if it's likely...) - we'll as well, be hosting a community server for it, AND running some fun contests and events to let folk gain free copies of starbound to come play ;)

    Though, i begin to doubt Minecraft truthfully. The path it's walking seems just... pointless. Every update, is a minor change. Horses, yay! oh... we have a mod that does that, and 100x more that takes 10 seconds to install. and 1.6 is all about this, which took months to do... I'm beginning to doubt minecraft's actual goal or ambition - if it even has one to begin with, and that's really killing my thirst to play and expand with it. There's quite a few unique alternatives of minecraft coming out in the next 8 months as well...

    As well, i've begun to write out a serious project guideline for Adventurecraft. Not for our programmers, but for the users. We now have two major concept artists on board, doing some fascinating things for it, from the horrorifying visages of darkness, to the bubbly fun of mr.bubble bottoms, the noble snob. (That was done in a few minutes, and as more so a joke :P ). We intend by the end of phase 3 of the mod, to launch a kickstarter to help begin launching the foundations of Adventurecraft independent of other financial sources, for both income to help the programmers, and to as well, give a central focus point for the project and those interested in it.

    We're still a good league away from phase 3, so no panick about me 'getting too far ahead of myself!' - merely planning ahead. Those without dreams in the stars, will never reach for that impossible horizon, nor achieve it.

    I like the over-all design and architect of it, but one complaint I have for most people - the over use of vanilla blocks like stone, stonebrick, cobble, and such. Makes it look so generic and hideous... I know many people are used to it, but that's what really in my book, defines someone who is good as a builder vs someone who is amazing, the ability to use multiple palettes and themes.

    I was going to add different blocks later on, still trying to test out different blocks but I can't quite find the one that best fits.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]★►IronPvP◄★||HardcorePvP||Factions||McMMO||MobArena||24/7||Economy||Professional||Forums
    Amazing server, I would recommend it to others.
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    posted a message on Moderator Application
    Just a tip, place in the original post an app worthy of acceptance so players can see what the standard is. Also, include some server information so that players actually know what they are applying for.
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    posted a message on New Minecraft Server | Searching for Admins, Moderators and Plugin Coders($)!
    Username / Alias:
    Fallen_Comrades (Fallen for short)

    Skype Username(Will only be used to contact you once):

    What role are you applying for?:

    Have you been this role in other servers previously?:
    Yes I have, in multiple servers but they have unfortunately shut down. Some notable examples include, Last of the Living (as a roleplay/event manger/admin) and Lands of Paroria (Builder/Moderator).

    Age?(Optional in Post):

    How can your part in Blockie help us?:
    During my time as moderator/admin I can use a variety of commands including all of the basic and some advanced. I can settle disputes as fair as possible without any bias. With permission, I can create fun or random events for players as well as contributing excellent builds for the server or an event.

    How long have you played Minecraft for?:
    I have been playing Minecraft since early Alpha 1.1

    Anything else we need to know?(Optional):
    My current timezone is GTM +10, Australia. I will be able to moderate in irregular times due to my timezone. I may not be able to get on occasionally due to exams and school.
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    posted a message on War of Hante[Survival][Unique World][Controlled-PVP][Custom drops][Modified Mobs][Tons, tons more!]
    I might as well show some pictures of my build. The exterior is pretty much finished and I just need to complete the interior.

    Feedback/criticism is appreciated.
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    posted a message on War of Hante[Survival][Unique World][Controlled-PVP][Custom drops][Modified Mobs][Tons, tons more!]
    Argh, I need creative again to finish off that build and I just finished it when it disappeared *glares at fail*

    Also... I'm stuck in a hole at spawn
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