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    That usually happens when edge-pixels are neither 0% nor 100% transparent. Go into your image editor and make sure that all sword-pixels have 100% Alpha (or an Alpha-value of 255, depending on how it's displayed) and all pixels that are supposed to be invisible have an Alpha of 0.

    Edit: It looks like you enlarged a smaller texture and the borders between pixels are blurred due to interpolation. Next time you enlarge a texture for minecraft choose interpolation type "Closest Neighbor".

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    Thanks a lot for the warm words! It always helps to stay motivated.

    Quote from Alvoria»

    I'm rather intrigued by the way you render your textures. I don't think I've ever seen a pack built using 3d rendering before. It's very unique and extremely cool. And while unorthodox, there's no arguing with the results! Gorgeous designs!

    I'm kinda bad at drawing but I have been messing with 3D programs for over 10 years, so that's basically why I made this choice.

    Quote from OzzyKP»

    Any chance your textures/models would be open license for other (*ahemthisoneahem*) packs?

    I've added License Terms to the (completely rewritten) main post. You're free to use any of my old textures from the 2015 pack.

    Hope you find somehting that fits your style.

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    Hey there, haven't been active for quite a while now, but decided to peek in once more before the forum closes.

    Quote from theozove»

    It's great, I hope you continue this time.

    Thank you. Yes, I'm still working on it, not as much or regularly as I'd like to, but still making progress. Fittingly I racked up enough for another update, so here we go:

    Added Quartz and Shulker Boxes as well as a lot of icons, buttons and other interface elements. Also I added GUIs for Survival and Creative inventory, Chests and Shulker Boxes (same as chests though).

    Quote from Story»

    With which program do you do these textures? I like the bright colors^^

    I'm using Blender to model my "textures" in 3D, then render them with and without AA and mix them at roughly 40:60 ratio.

    I try to go for a semi-realistic and very pristine, almost noble look, that feels warm and friendly. Saturated colors generaly help with this.

    Glad you like my choice. :)

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    "Art Déco" is a term that describes a detailed and luxurious style in architecture, interior design and various crafts. Art Déco first originated at the beginning of the 20th century in western Europe and found its peak in Paris in 1925, where the "Exposition internationale des Arts Décoratifs et industriels modernes" took place.

    In the 1930s Art Déco has spread widely across the world but found a quick ending with the beginning of the second world war, where more functional styles were preferred. However, the Style of Art Déco was somewhat kept alive in the United States where it still had some influence in the '50s.

    It wasn't until the '60s that Art Déco got its actual name, based on the Paris exhibition, and efforts were made to preserve buildings of its era, that were still present. Despite its short prime Art Déco has never truly died and even in the 21st century new buildings are constructed in a "Neo Art Déco" movement, mimicking what is widely considered the first international art style.

    "Falkers' Art Deco" is my personal interpretation of this art style. I take a lot of reference from real world architecture and design, and try to bring it in a form that fits into the game. I also take some reference from fictional designs, especially the Bioshock series, and sometimes develop my own ideas based on these references.

    Thank you for checking out my pack. Feel free to comment and give your opinion on this work in progress.

    This pack heavily relies on CTM and other non-vanilla features, therefore Optifine is highly recommended.

    This Resource Pack may be used to alter the look and feel of Minecraft (that's what RPs are for ;) )

    Screenshots, Videos, Streams and other forms of recording with this pack active are allowed and said recordings may be published on any platform.

    Assets of this pack may be customised and repurposed for personal use only.

    This pack or assets of this pack, edited or not, may not be published anywhere, unless I give my personal consent.

    Legacy versions of this pack are handled under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License instead.

    Legacy versions are marked as Alpha on Curseforge.

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    Java Edition is the "default" version, which Minecraft development began with and that most PC-players are using.

    Bedrock Edition, the one you probably purchased, was added as an alternative approach after Mojang was sold to Microsoft.

    It is also available for PC (Win 10 only), but unlike Java it is also officially supportet on X-Box, Switch and various Mobile OS.

    With that being said, Java and Bedrock Editions sadly are not compatible with each other. They are not even developed after the same schedule. For instance, Bedrock 1.8 already has some features that have not yet been added to Java 1.13 (Both being the latest full releases).

    You can try your luck and refund your Bedrock Edition, but Java Edition has to be bought separately. Sorry for the bad news.

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    Few textures done and already looking great! Now I'm really curious how this is going to turn out in the future.

    Are you planing to add ctm to certain textures? Personally I like to use them a lot to add a certain variance to many textures, increasing the overall grade of detail.

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    Here it is

    Took a while since I tried CurseForge first, but that is having a problem with the old project still somehow existing.

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    Guess I decided to come back at the right time :D

    The original thread here on this forum was lost after the forum's transfer to Fandom, but may return later. The pack itself was never continued after its last release, but I have started working on a successor a few month ago. I'll upload the latest version of the old pack now and post a link here, when it's done.

    Also, I never uploaded anything to Planetminecraft, so I guess I should thank you for indirectly notifying me of this thievery <_<

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    There's an alternative approach to this, if you have Optifine:

    1) make a new folder and put it in your resource pack folder. Name it whatever you want.
    2) add a pack.mcmeta-file to it with the following text:

    "pack": {
    "pack_format": 4,
    "description": "I want to cheat"

    3) add the following folders: assets -> minecraft -> optifine -> lightmap
    4) inside the lightmap folder put a 32x32 png-image named "world0" which is completely white.
    5) repeat above step with "world1" and "world-1", if you want the effect for nether and end.
    6) GG

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