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Welcome. I can't believe you bothered to look here!

On Null/Vally Posting:

Image result for type null NULLPOST and VALLY POSTSilvally

Nullpost: Post meant to be ignored. Spiced up with a sprite of the Pokemon Type:Null.

Vallypost: No idea what it's for. Just use when you feel like it.


On the fabastic image:


This image of Pokemon Sun and Moon's Faba as a shiny Meowstic (Faba + Meowstic = Fabastic) is mainly used for trolling purposes. Truly FABA-ulous, right? He wants to become a meme, so somebody spread the image beyond this forum!


I like Minecraft, Pokemon, Splatoon, Dragon Cave, VGM remixes, fantasy creatures, clean furry/scaly art, and memes.

Location On my way to the moon

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Minecraft Faiyamon Nintendo 3325-7490-9195