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    This is an idea that's been stuck in my mind for a while now, so I figured I'd make this thread to get it out. Perhaps this will go somewhere, perhaps it will not, but at the very least I'll have given this idea space somewhere that isn't my brain.

    Transporting things around in Minecraft has, in my opinion (keyword being opinion, here!), always been either relatively boring, inconvenient, or limited.

    On the boring end of the spectrum are pipes and conveyor belts. These are, admittedly, great at transporting things from one place to another, but they're also… quite boring, in my opinion. They're not particularly pretty, definitely more utility-focused.

    The limited options, meanwhile, are things like vanilla minecarts or hoppers. They can get stuff done, sure, but the things they get done are either very simple or need to be incredibly complicated. And finally, the inconvenient options; mods like Traincraft, Immersive Railroading, and anything else that adds big, pretty transport systems. Sure, they look incredibly good, but their size makes it hard to use them in survival mode and across short distances.

    So here's my idea, designed solely around what I think looks good/sounds cool, and totally stolen from other games (Yes, this is basically OpenTTD in Minecraft. Yes, I think it would be cool); Trains (with room for other modes of transport later).

    Now, you may be thinking "But wait, you just said that big trains are inconvenient?". This is correct, but I'm not talking about big trains, I'm talking about tiny trains. Small enough to fit in gaps that are 1 or 2 blocks tall, on tracks that fit in 1 block wide gaps - perhaps even two tracks per block. So give me a chance to explain before thinking thoughts I think you'd be thinking, take the time to listen to my ideas that I totally have not stolen from other games.

    At the core of this concept, for now, is the miniature train. These are small things, running on equally small tracks, transporting cargos in carriages using the Rule of Cool™ to explain why such small things can carry such big loads. Detailed information in the spoiler below

    To start, you need tracks to run your trains on. Vanilla minecart tracks won't work; they're too wide to fit anything without it looking weirdly tall, so a special type of tracks is needed. Made at a special crafting station using iron (or, if provided by a mod, steel can be used to provide more track pieces for the same amount of ingots put in). These track pieces come in various shapes and sizes, from boring straight tiles to sloped tiles (going up half a block at a time sounds good to me), curved tiles, diagonal tiles, switches, etc.

    But just tracks alone isn't enough; you need three more things; stations to load and unload trains, signals to keep your trains from crashing into each other, and a depot to build your trains. Let's start with the depot.

    The depot is the core of your railway network, as this is where you buy your trains. That's right; buy, not build. Every player would have a 'wallet' that tracks how much money they have - this is not an item you can lose, but rather something that's just tracked as you play. There are three ways to obtain money: trading in gold/emeralds/diamonds/etc at a special Market, transporting cargo other players pay you to transport (more on that later) and transporting a special 'passengers' cargo from randomly-generating 'towns' (again, more on that later).

    Once you have money, you can go to a depot, and put together your train, spending money on locomotives and attaching wagons to them. Once you've put together your train, you use a special tool to give them a schedule. A schedule tells your train what to do, and you can either just mark two stations (one for loading, one for unloading) and let the train figure out the path to take on it's own, or you mark out the exact path you want it to take. Once you've created your schedule, you press a 'go' button, and your train will head on it's way! Or, at least, it will try to.

    The first thing a train will do is check if there is a path to it's destination, not accounting for obstacles on the way like other trains. It just wants to know if it can get to it's destination. If it cannot, it will throw an error and not even leave the depot. If it can, it will then try and find the shortest path to it's destination - again ignoring obstacles - before trying to reserve a path to it's destination, or to the first signal it finds on the shortest path to it's destination, before heading on it's way, re-reserving a path at each signal it comes across in case a faster route becomes available (like due to another train getting out of the way).

    This is why signals come in handy. If you have just one train on one railway, you never need to worry about it being able to reserve a path or not. If you have multiple trains, one will reserve a path, and the others will not be able to travel across it. Signals allow a train to reserve multiple, shorter paths instead of one long one, allowing a more densely-packed network.

    Next up, the stations. These are an equally important part of your network, and serve as an alternative to using hoppers and such. Stations can be built next to 'platform' track tiles. When a train arrives at a platform in it's schedule, it will stop there until it has either unloaded all it's cargo - if given an 'unload' order - or loaded all cargo it can carry of the type it's been configured to carry (can be as specific as 'gold ingots' or as generic as 'blocks') from station tiles or hoppers connected to the platform tiles. Station tiles, therefore, simply function as massive chests that multiple trains can access at once, but they also serve three special functions.

    One, they allow trains to 'flip' 180 degrees to head back the way they came.

    Two, other players are able to put in 'waybills' into a special 'trade hub' part of the station (trade hubs belong to the player who placed them, but can be inspected by anyone to see what kind of waybills there are). These are a collection of items, a destination, and a monetary sum. These can function in two ways (for these examples, A is the person creating the waybill, B is the person providing the transport).

    Function one has A put in a destination, up to a small chest worth of items, and a sum of money, then put this bundle in a station. If Player B has a train set to 'waybill pickup' arriving at this station, with the waybill's destination set as 'unload', the train will load the contents of this waybill, then unload them as a 'delivery' at the 'trade hub' of the destination station. Only once the delivery is completed is money withdrawn from A's wallet and provided to B's wallet.

    Function two has A put in a sum of money and a list of items they want. If B has a train set to 'waybill delivery' arriving at this station, carrying the desired items, then the train will unload them as a 'delivery' at the 'trade hub' of this station, before the money is withdrawn from A's wallet and added to B's wallet.

    The third special function of the stations rely on special 'town' structures. If a 'town' block is next to a station, it will generate a special 'passengers' cargo, at a rate dependent on how many 'house' blocks there are nearby. Passengers will board the first train that is set to carry them that has room for them, and will disembark at the next station that also has a ' town' block connected to it, providing the player transporting them with money depending on how far they travelled (as the crow flies) and how quickly the journey was made.

    So yeah, that's my idea. It's complicated, and I'd need other people's help to make this an actual thing, but I managed to write out my ideas for other people to read, so I'm happy (If there are people interested in helping make this a reality who actually CAN help make this a reality for Forge, preferably 1.16.5, please let me know!).

    Tl;dr: use tiny trains instead of pipes or big trains to transport stuff from your mine to your base, or let other players pay you to transport their stuff, or just make a pretty railway network that fits within a reasonable amount of space.

    More detailed info for mod devs:

    Phase A:

    To start with, tracks. They'd either be made in a special workbench - the 'Track Forge', where you can select what 'shape' you want (switch, straight, curve, etc) and then spend resources to craft them, or you make a special tool that can change what shape you build on the fly, spending metal as you go (similiar to what Immersive Railroading) does. Ideally the tracks would be 3D models, which I'll make sure to provide, along with any other 3D models. Each block can only have one track on it, similar to regular MC tracks, so no need to worry about complicated 'two tracks per tile' things.

    Next up, trains. Trains are built from a special 'depot' track piece, where you can put together 'consists' by first buying a locomotive and then carriages. Ideally, the UI would be a little like OpenTTD's buymenu (but without a lot of the excess stuff we won't need), since it's reasonably simple, but if you have a better idea then go right ahead. The main important part is that you can custom-build your trains as you see fit.

    Trains and Wagons should be 3D Models, but they can be simple rectangles at first. I'll see about providing better 3D models later on.

    Locomotives and wagons have their own stats, ideally read from .json files so they can be easily customized through resource packs in the future, here's what I've been thinking they should get so far:

    Locomotive Stats:

    Cost (not used in Phase A): How much money this locomotive costs to buy. Should be a number
    Speed: How fast this train can go at maximum speed. Should be a number

    Capacity: How many item slots this locomotive has for carrying things. Should be a number

    Carrytype: What kind of things this locomotive can carry. Should be an array, and can accept either specific things (like minecraft:coal), forge oredict tags, or 'blocks'/'items'/'liquids'.

    Model: Name of the .obj file that holds the train's 3D Model

    Idle SFX: Name of the soundfile that gets played while the train is not moving.
    Whistle SFX: Name of the soundfile that gets played when the train 'whistles' - happens when leaving a station, or passes a 'whistle' signal/sign.
    Slow-Speed SFX: Name of the soundfile that gets played when the train is moving at less than 40% of it's maximum speed.

    Medium-Speed SFX: Name of the soundfile that gets played when the train is moving at less than 60% of it's maximum speed.

    High-Speed SFX: Name of the soundfile that gets played when the train is moving at 60% or more of it's maximum speed.

    Wagon Stats:

    Cost (not used in Phase A): How much money this wagon costs to buy. Should be a number
    Speed: How fast this wagon can go at maximum speed. Should be a number

    Capacity: How many item slots this wagon has for carrying things. Should be a number

    Carrytype: What kind of things this wagon can carry. Should be an array, and can accept either specific things (like minecraft:coal), forge oredict tags, or 'blocks'/'items'/'liquids'.

    Model: Name of the .obj file that holds the wagon's 3D Model

    Of course, with trains should come pathfinding and such, as mentioned in the thread.

    Signals come in two types, and are either crafted from another special workbench - the 'Trackside Workbench' or with another special tool, similar to tracks. These can also be used to make other trackside things, listed below:

    • Path Signal: When a train comes in contact with a Path Signal, they try to reserve a path to the next signal on their route, or to their destination itself, whichever comes first. If they can reserve a path that does not cross any reserved tiles or other trains, they 'lock' their reservation (so no other train can claim it) and begin driving. If not, they stop. Path Signals only apply if a train approaches from the side the signal is facing.
    • One-Way Path Signal: Similar to a regular Path Signal, but trains are not allowed to pass it from the rear.
    • Whistle Sign: A very simple trackside feature. If a train passes it from the direction it is facing, it will play the whistle sound effect.
    • Speed Sign: A special sign that can be interacted with to set a speed. If a train passes it from the direction it is facing, it will only be allowed to travel at the indicated speed or it's maximum speed, whichever is lower. If the set speed is 0, then the train is allowed to move at maximum speed again.

    Next up are orders. To give a train orders, you right click on it to open a special menu. This shows you what the train is currently doing (stopped, waiting for signal, loading, unloading, travelling at X speed), and has a few buttons: Start/Stop, Show Inventory, and Configure Orders. Clicking the 'Configure Orders' button gives you a special item that allows you to set a train's orders. Right-clicking on a station allows you to tell the train to 'load', 'unload', or simply 'wait', and right-clicking on the track allows you to add specific locations the train needs to go to on it's way to it's destination. Once done, you right-click the train with the item to assign the orders to the train.

    Without orders, a train is not allowed to move. With orders, it will try to navigate to the next point in it's orders list. Once it reaches there, it either stops if there's nothing else in the order list, or moves on to the next order (after loading/unloading if it's a station).

    Stations, meanwhile, should function as mentioned in the thread. Platform tiles allow trains to stop and unload their cargo into connected station tiles, or load it from connected station tiles, which can then be manipulated via hoppers and such.

    Phase B and beyond:

    Once this all is made functional, Phase B and beyond can begin. From this point onwards, things are a little less fleshed-out, but I have several ideas for features that might be neat to include at some point, which I'll list below. We can decide once Phase A is done which features should go in B, which in C, which in a hypothetical D, and which are just not possible.

    Feature ideas, with the headers being in descending order of importance to me:

    Features I would really like to have:

    - Money. Can be initially gained from selling certain items at a 'market'. Players have a virtual wallet that keeps track of their money. Money can be converted into items in the form of coins, which can be converted back into money.

    - Waybills. Allow players to make orders for other players to fulfil in exchange for money.

    - Support for resource packs. Allow players to make their own resource packs to add trains like in Immersive Railroading.

    - Multipart Vehicles. Add three fields to a train's .json file: 'Next Part', 'Buyable' and 'Can connect'. 'Buyable' indicates whether or not this vehicle should show up on it's own. 'Can connect' indicates whether or not other locomotives/wagons are allowed to come behind this vehicle. 'Next Part' indicates that, once this locomotive/engine is bought, the player also automatically gets the locomotive/wagon named under 'Next Part' (and any vehicles it mentions). These cannot be decoupled, and allow things like steam locomotives with mandatory tenders.

    Features that would be nice to have:

    - Players being able to ride trains. Probably move their camera down and make their model invisible so they can ride through small tunnels.

    - A config option to allow trains to require fuel (defaults to off), which would add the following:

    The .json file for locomotives gets two added fields:

    Fuel: There are several options here. 'Wood' would allow anything forge counts as wood as fuel, 'Coal' would allow it to use anything forge counts as coal as fuel, 'Diesel' would allow it to use petrol and such as fuel. 'Power' would allow it to draw on a supply of Fe from Immersive Engineering and such as fuel.
    Burntime: How long a vehicle can last on one unit of it's fuel. If a vehicle runs out of fuel, it stops, and will have to be manually refuelled by a player.

    Locomotives can get their fuel by taking it from a special type of block that can be connected to stations, and is stored within a separate inventory, accessible from the right-click menu. If a train runs on fe, it instead drains power from the tracks directly. A player can place a 'powerstation' next to a station or tracks, and supply it with fe. All connected tracks then share that power supply and trains can drain from it as they go.

    Features that would be cool to have:
    - Players being able to 'control' trains by riding the front locomotive.
    - Trains being able to couple and uncouple wagons on the go in some way?
    - Different railtypes. Adds a field to the .json of locomotive and wagons that is an array of valid 'railtypes' (Standard Gauge, Narrow Gauge, Electrified, 3rd Rail, etc). Vehicles can only be built from depots connected to valid railtypes, and vehicles can never enter track tiles of an invalid railtype, to the point where they are prevented from pathing onto there.

    Features that would be neat to have:

    - Randomly generating 'cities' that can be connected with stations. They generate 'passengers' that generate money when delivered to other stations.
    - Maybe some way to give weights to cargo and pulling strength to locomotives? Might be too complicated.

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Vernon gives Boris a lengthy stare, like one mildly disturbed by the progress of a child's newly learned skill. He then turns a wry look to Silas, waiting for the old man to laugh and note his piece, before responding, “Your wait is soon over.”

    He then resumes interest with Jack, while behind Vernon, Annie steps into the hall. Her motions seem leery, toes first touching down with each step, an approach defied by the intensity of her glare, her eyes taking turns to bore into every person.

    “Speak your mind.” Vernon tells Jack, angling his head as if listening to distant sounds. “The void without the mansion is lowered. We can wait for the wolves to come, or we can take the fight to them.”

    Annie arrives beside her father, one hand is resting on the small bulge of her stomach, her eyes now fixed on Betty as she speaks in multiple voices, the tones of Silas, Boris, Ei and her own, all speaking in harmony; “Ours is a boy.” She then looks up to her father, like one lifting their eyes to the heavens and speaks in a voice all her own. “We should go outside, papa.”

    Vernon agrees with Annie; a firm nod to proclaim his appeal for the idea. He looks to Jack as he starts walking down the hallway in direction of the foyer. “Talk to me as we walk, Jack.” He then calls out to all others present; “Come if you’re coming. A battle awaits us.”

    As they pass by the doorway to the dining room, Annie pauses to look in at Ei. “Come with me.” She says, and continues to follow Vernon, maintaining a short distance behind.

    Ei sighs. In truth, she still didn't really want to fight this fight. After all, the Order's offer was good enough for Ei to accept it. Yet, it seemed that Annie was stubborn enough to fight this fight no matter what Ei said, so she had no choice. If the agreement was going to be broken anyway, Ei might as well be there to break it together with Annie.

    As Annie asks for Ei to come with her, Ei simply nods. Waiting until Annie has turned around to drop a small object on the floor before running after her, swiftly catching up with her.

    "So then, what now?" Ei asks, putting her hands behind her head as if she's leaning on them. "Do we have a plan?"

    As the group leaves the building, the object Ei dropped on the ground sprouts eight, spiderlike legs, and crawls out of sight under the floorboards.

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    While Ei contemplated the matters at hand, Annie gives her a kiss on the cheek then walks to the entrance of the hall, one eye revealed as she peeks around the door-frame to watch her father speak.

    Ei sighs at the current... predicament. On one hand, she wanted to fight the Order, if only to make Annie happy and get rid of potential future annoyances.

    On the other hand, the Order's offer was tempting, and easy to comply with. Ignoring the Order (whom's existence is something Ei would gladly forget as long as they didn't get in her way anyway) is easy, and in return they'd leave her be.
    As Annie goes to peek at her father discussing the current situation with the others, Ei decides to lift the void around the Mansion, allowing those inside to freely leave. She'd decide later on whether or not to help them, for now she could sit back and simply observe the upcoming fight.

    After all, every possible outcome would be beneficial to her.

    As Aella went about the town, she smelled a strong sense of farm animals, various types of farms animal to be exact though there was also some other animal smell...she couldn't pin point it out exactly though she had a pretty clear guess as to what it was: Wolves, judging by the sounds of howling from across the town. She then commences searching for more of these wolves and farm animals, perhaps to gauge where they are coming from.

    After a short while of wandering, Aella encounters the animal horde.

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    Quote from Nucleep»

    Finding nothing of note in the room, 'Silas' simply and wordlessly searches around for a door. If Silas finds one, he walks out. If not, he goes back down the ladder, disgruntled.
    Because this goshdarn game master forgot to mention if there's another exit to this place. Silly fairy. Do I have to do all the work myself?

    After searching for a bit, Silas finds a door. He walks out of it and up the staircase, only to arrive back in the hallway with Jack and the others.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Vernon excuses his manners and focus's his attention on Annie for the moment, demeanor calm and soothing.

    “It’s apparent that you have identified me by scent, Annie. You’re correct, I am a member of the Order, or so I should have been. Like yourself I was born in Waise and made to follow in the footsteps of my parents before me. I however did not succumb to their will. At a young age I rebelled against their teachings. In turn, the Order turned the townspeople against me by way of mind manipulation. I escaped this town by killing many of the townsfolk that perused me. For many years I managed to elude the Order and lived much as nomad travelling many lands. Eventually, however, I returned to Waise on account of an irresistible urge to procreate with a member of my own kind. I met a woman of the Order here. We loved each other… for a time. She swore to keep my existence a secret. Eventually, the powers in the child we bore alerted the Order of my presence. I was forced into hiding again, but this time I didn’t leave town. Instead, I changed my physical appearance and hid within the towns itself, taking up the role of the local Blacksmith. I didn’t flee because… I felt the need to keep a watchful eye on my daughter…. Annie, I was the first in a long line descendants to defy the Order. They have long since given up on me.” Vernon winks at her. “It is good to see my own daughter has followed in my footsteps.”

    Annie takes a pace back, a deep breath denoting the impact of what she was hearing. She covers her nakedness by buttoning up the coat in the way it was meant to be worn. In turn, Vernon gives her a nod of approval.

    “Your mother no doubt told you I had perished, or perhaps that I had left when you were young. …She lied to you.”

    Annie does not speak, her face scrunches up in immense deliberation, eyes fixated on Vernon

    Vernon now turns his attention to Ei.

    “My daughters… pregnancy aside, I am grateful for the protection and kinship you have provided. I will endeavor to assist you in any way I am able in your purpose. There is a, uh… little problem, though. You may have heard the wolves outside. No doubt you did. They are not actual wolves, only the representation of them. They’re an extension of the Order, referred to as the Sanction. Members of the Sanction are represented in a way that proves safe in manner of murder without concern for the Order being further identified. Anyone in town who has been witness to the Order will perish at the hand of them today. Ei, before commencing on your personal pursuit, I suggest we take care of this problem. These people don’t deserve to die like this.”

    "Well, I hadn't expected to meet your father, but judging by your expression you didn't either." Ei says, looking at Annie as she finally puts the clothes on as intended. When Vernon resumes talking, Ei resumes paying attention.

    "Speaking of the Order, I had the... Pleasure of speaking with them, though not by my own will. Long story short they declared that they would take no action against us if we do not take action against them. While I do not consider the Order to be an ally, I do believe it is a good idea to leave them be, mostly because I do not feel like it's worth the effort to fight them. Theirs is a doomed endeavour anyway."
    "As for stopping them from killing the witnesses, that is something that would not only cause direct conflict, it is also something I don't think of as being worth the effort. I personally feel that Humans deserve to die, no matter how. This group is no different, and they also have the added benefit of being replaceable."

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    Abandoned is doing surprisingly well if I may say so myself, it nearly died at least trice but managed to recover every time. Sure, progress is very, very slow but it's still alive and going.

    Anyway, I think that there are just too few people still around here. MCF's latest changes haven't made it more popular, and I don't think there's more than 30 people who still want to RP here. I think that's also a reason why no new RPs are being made; potential GMs either know that there are very few people still here or think there are and are thus unlikely to create an RP because they fear that they won't get many participants and then move to another forum instead or just give up on RP'ing or something.

    I too plan on moving to another forum in the near future (after Abandoned is finished) in the hopes of finding more potential players to RP with. It has been fun on here but there are just too few people around

    Today is my 7th anniversary on MCF, but I think I won't be doing stuff here for much longer.

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    Quote from Nucleep»

    'Silas' gratefully takes the ladder and climbs up it into the unknown above.
    "Well, at least that's something."

    Climbing up the ladder, Silas eventually arrives in some sort of basement room. The floor seems to be a bit damaged by fire, but is otherwise empty.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Annie's interest is still captured by Vernon, watching his every move with deep interest. Not one of those affected by his spellbinding words, she is nevertheless willing to follow him.

    She gives Ei a glance, stating; "He smells like me." and starts her short trek down the hallway. Passing Jack along the way, she provides him a flirtatious wink while biting her lip. She then enters the dining room to face Vernon, checks over her shoulder to ensure Ei has followed.

    Vernon has his arms nonchalantly folded, back rested against the far wall of the room. He wears an emotionless face.

    Ei, as promised, follows Annie into the dining room, glaring at Jack as she passes him. "Smells like you?" Ei asks Annie, slightly confused. "How do you know that? Besides, why would he smell like you in the first place?"
    As Ei enters the dining room after Annie does, she pulls the door closed behind them to ensure those outside don't get to hear the conversation going on. "So, you wanted to speak to us, Vernon?"

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Vernon throws a glance down the hallway at Ki, then regards Ei with a look of obvious assurance.

    "Call me Vernon. Should I be feeling pleased to see you again at this point?" He was obviously referring to the fact that his mission was not yet complete, but he now looks to Boris who has made no small measure of bringing attention to his presence as he stomps heavily to a close in front of the young and frightened dragon. He waits for Boris to declare his intentions to Chisille before responding.

    "Careful there, lad. Try not to spook those you aim to protect." He looks back past Betty, and raises his hand at Chisille in a calming gesture. "Don't worry, he's no threat to you, Darl'n." His voice is smooth and mildly sedative. If Chisille was provoked by Boris' outburst, she would have no doubt been strangely set at ease by Vernon's voice.

    While Annie continues to stare at Vernon as though he were a fascinating painting on a wall, Vernon speaks once again with Ei. His tone of voice is now... peculiarly seductive. ...Bewitching. Ei would most likely find his suggestion near impossible to refuse:

    "Speaking of chats, I would like to have a private one with you...." His eyes turn to Annie; "...and Anne of the Redferne. Follow me."

    As he walks down the hallway toward the entrance to dining room, he raises his voice in an unnaturally spellbinding, persuasive manner to all others present in the hallway. "The rest of you remain here."

    Vernon enters the empty dining room and awaits Ei and Annie to join him.

    Ei sighs. "You haven't finished what I had you do yet, but Ki still lives so all is fine I suppose." She says, glancing at Ki while Vernon attempts to calm Boris.
    Then Vernon speaks again, suggesting Ei and Annie follow him. Ei looks at Annie to see how she responds.
    "I think it's best we follow him, see what he has to say. After all, if he is a threat to us he can be dealt with, no?" Ei says, waiting for Annie to head to the Dining Room to follow her.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    "Damnit!" 'Silas' yells. "The barrier was stronger than I thought... it managed to scramble the connection!" Wasting no time, he starts trugding through the sewage, trying to locate a way out. "Fortunately the host can disable its olfactory glands..."

    After a long while of trugding through the sewage, Silas arrives at a ladder leading up, but to where does it lead?

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    Quote from Nucleep»

    "Finally!" 'Silas' exclaims out of nowhere. "It is done..."

    He puts a hand on the wall, directly in the middle the multiple complex series of runes, and the runes start glowing a sickly indigo.

    "Now, it's been nice knowing you... oh who am I kidding, of course it wasn't!" 'Silas' explains to the others in the room, emphasizing the 'of course'. "Anyway, I've got places to go and people to see, and I can't do that while stuck in this den of a dwelling!" Near the end of his sentence, it becomes a bit clearer that there are two voices speaking.

    He begins to waver and fade away as the magic does its work. "Sayanora, mother-!" His last few syllables weren't heard by the others as he completely disappears from where he stood, and the runes become dust, blown away by a gust of wind that shouldn't be there.

    As 'Silas' vanishes, he soon appears elsewhere. Though, not where he was hoping to end up. Judging by the water that reaches to his knees and the disgusting smell, he's ended up in the sewers beneath Waise.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    "Very well then. I suppose in that case the proper thing to do would be to say that it's nice to meet you, and tell you my own name," he starts, lifting a hand to his chin as if in thought as he looks down at her, "Though something about you gives me the feeling you wouldn't really care."

    As Ei talks to Annie, Jack looks down at Buttons, claws stuck in the ankle of his boot. "Come now, Buttons. Bob's waiting for you," he states as he kneels down, removing the kitten from his footwear and giving a brief glance at Ei and Annie before returning to Bob. "Well, I've retrieved your cat, Bob," he states, looking towards Silas and Herman as the former finishes his work.

    Jack watches as Silas fades away, the runes disappearing with him. "Wonder where that old man's gone off to..." He considers the possibility of crossing paths with him once more during his investigation of Waise, though given the little speech the old man had given as he left Jack figured it more likely that he had sent himself somewhere far out of the quarantine zone.

    His attention shifted to Herman, in particular the energy that had begun coiling around her... his hand. Jack recalled that Trixie had used magic earlier, but she had used a wand to channel her spells; this was something distinct, most likely some form of magic that the old man now inhabiting her body had known beforehand. Which meant that its effects would be unpredictable, though given the malicious look he was giving Annie Jack concluded whatever the spell was, it would be some form of combat magic.

    As for why he would decide to attack Annie, Jack had no idea.

    Ei simply smiles at Jack. "Don't worry, I already know your name, Jack. Anyway, that cat." Ei points at Buttons. "How much for it?"

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    ...................................................................The Day of the Wolf

    ...Annie seems disappointed in Ei's request. She screws her mouth to one side, thinking on the matter while watching Jack leave with buttons in arm. As she watches Bob and Buttons reunite, the distinctive sound of wolves howling can be heard from outside the mansion. The sound penetrates the walls of the mansion like a haunting melody as Annie turns her attention back to Ei.

    "They spoke to you, didn't they? They made you feel safe.... They told you what you wanted to hear... didn't they?" She extends her arm and gently runs her finger down Ei's nose. "The dogs have come, Ei. The cleansing has begun. No one who has seen them will survive. I want to speak with the-"

    Annie's mouth claps shut as her eyes turn to look past Ei at Vernon, as he enters the hall alongside Chisille and Betty.

    Vernon stops his walk when he arrives behind Ei in the hallway, his eyes immediately meeting with his daughters glare. Though Annie may have recognized his face as a familiar resident of Waise, possibly even a member of the Order, she couldn't have yet known she was looking at her own father.

    "Don't be getting pessimistic on me, Annie," Vernon speaks in a firm yet gentle tone. "It isn't over till the fat lady sings." He lowers his eyes to her stomach and nods. "Congratulations.... Now put some clothes on."

    Ei turns her attention back to Annie. If Jack and such were willing to sell Buttons, they'd mention the price even when Ei's attention was elsewhere. If not, she'd just take Buttons in a not-so-peaceful manner.
    "Well, sort-of. I wanted to speak with you about what they said, and how it matters to us." Ei says, unaware that Annie's attention is currently vested on Vernon. Only when Vernon speaks does she actually notice he's there. "And I see that you are still alive, so you've succeeded at protecting Ki so far. Though, I never did get your name, did I?" Ei asks, grinning towards Vernon. Before turning her attention back towards Annie "But yes, Annie, you really should wear something less... revealing."

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    Quote from Nucleep»

    Marion sighs. Should I go with the stranger who I can't understand, or should I forge my own path once again? After a moment of recollection, she eventually decides to go with Leon, walking in front of him and opening the door at the very end of the room.

    The door leads to a small room with a closet. There is one other door, it's open and seemingly leads outside. However, judging by the sounds of footsteps, someone else is already outside near the door...

    (Marion & Leon now share a map)

    Beth stands up, adjusting the wooden box in his grip so it doesn't fall. He turns to look out the window again.

    Beth can see a person walking around in front of the door below.

    Hannah begins taking apart the bed, mainly going after the legs of it though. Upon removing the legs, she tries to stab the legs through the wall, before going further with her plan.

    Unfortunately, the walls are too tough to be stabbed through. As she pulls one of the legs back to stop stabbing however, a hand reaches out through the wall and grabs it, and Hannah pulls some sort of creature into the room.

    Human in appearance, the creature is partially transparent, resembling a woman, she has long streaming hair and wears a grey cloak over a green dress, and her eyes are red. The creature looks at both Hannah and Beth for a while, before letting out an ear-splitting shriek, deafening Hannah and Beth while being clearly audible for everyone else.

    Quote from Tetronym»

    "Well we can't stay here, that's for sure." Piper considers propping the stool against the door, but then thinks it's probably best if they didn't realize they were in here in the first place. She looks out the window for any immediate threats, and exists the building before anyone can find them. Now that she's outside, she looks around for any more lights she could follow.

    Besides the light coming from the building, there is one other light in the distance to the north. Before they can start moving however, they hear something nearby. "Footsteps..." Sune whispers as she looks around. "Perhaps that axe-wielding maniac?"

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    Well, we have no mouth, so talking is not an option. So let's just wave at the monitor instead. That'd work, right?
    And if that doesn't work, we should shake our heads. Then again though if waving doesn't work, why would shaking our heads work?

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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack continues to avoid looking at Annie as she speaks to him. "...there's been quite a bit of... excitement as of late, though I'm not sure 'fun' is the word I'd use to describe it," he states somewhat reluctantly as he kneels to pick up Buttons; as he feels the now-known to him sensation of being licked, he grimaces, remembering the false Boris from before. Almost instinctively- and against his better judgement- he glances at Annie's face, stumbling backwards slightly as he manages to stand back up rather than fall backwards to the floor again as he realizes Annie hadn't moved at all from her position a few feet away, not to mention the grin on her face and the change in the color of her eyes. He blinks as he hears the voice of the child, uncertain what it is saying- or how it is saying it.

    As the voice subsides, he rubs his face with his free hand in an attempt to wipe Annie's saliva off of it, and as his hand brushes against his nose he realizes that the sharp pain in it has disappeared completely; he presses his nose with his finger, confirming that it has healed. Looking at Annie, evidently confused, he asks, "You... fixed my nose?", uncertain what could have motivated her to do such a thing.

    Jack backs off as Ei glares, something about her presence making him particularly inclined not to incur her wrath. Given her behavior with Annie, he can only assume she's both the lover that she had mentioned before, and the one that Maras had referred to as Lady Ei. He takes a breath, building up his composure before stating, "I take it you are the one that Maras and Lyudmila serve... Lady Ei?"

    Ei's glare gives way to a slight smile as Ei simply nods. "Indeed. I see those two have yet to learn a thing or two about keeping such information secret."

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Amusement could be described as Annie's demeanor while watching Jack's response, yet at the posing of his question as to why she might be inclined to heal his nose, she simply tilts her, oddly curious, replying;


    Ei now arrives.

    Annie spins about about, like a child turning after a long awaited surprises to face Ei. Her expression the purest picture of delectation.

    "Ei!" The name is spoken as though Ei had been the water found after days lost in the desert. She springs from her place, ignoring the cloak for now, practically lunging as she wraps her arms around her lover, immediate locking their mouths for a lengthy and passionate kiss. Once the moment has ended, Annie does not question Ei's absence. Before pulling away, she brings her mouth to Ei's ear, and whispers softly these words:

    "I want that cat."

    Now standing back to allow Ei room to answer Jack's question, but first stating for all to hear "I will stay and talk with these people", she takes the cloak from Ei's hand and puts it on while Ei and Jack converse.

    Annie, however, does not wear the cloak as a cloak was intended to be worn, but rather like that of a cape. Securing the top button, the cloak is draped over her shoulders, her arms not sleeved, her frontal region still uncovered.

    It was soon after this, while Annie is admiring her new attire, that the crack from the adjacent kitchen sounds. Yet she does not flinch. She noes not seem surprised at all. She simply raises her face, shifting her eyes down the hall to meet those of Herman's. Once Herman returns her look to Annie, Herman receives a voice in his mind. Herman may have been too far away for the others to hear his words, but apparently that was not the case for Annie....

    "Not if you die first, Herman."

    Ei happily returns the kiss, not caring about being in plain sight. After all, all those who'd witness it are doomed anyway, no reason to care about the thoughts of a dead man.
    "That one huh? I'll figure out a way." Ei whispers, looking at Buttons while she does so. "But first, can I talk to you in private? It's a bit important, but you can talk with these people afterwards, okay?"
    As Annie seems to either not figure out or not care about the purpose of the cloak, Ei sighs. She considers correcting Annie, but that can wait

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    Well, seeing as how we lack a mouth we can't tell it to wake up. Seeing as how we don't have a nose we can't poke it with our noses. We need to check if we have fingers. And if we do, we should repeatedly poke the screen! Either that or be amazed at the fact that we actually have fingers, that'd work too.
    If we don't, then we should either freak out or tap the screen with our... hand I guess?

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    "We are not so unalike." The entity draws ever closer to Ei, as yet displaying no hostility. "I, The Order, understands a sense of vengeance. But Vengeance must be tempered.

    The entity does pause for a moment, before reverting to the topic of Annie:

    "We have every right to call Anne our child, for that is what she is. Do not think of her as human, for she is not. She is our child. As much as a princess is daughter to a King, a Prince a son to a Queen, Anne is of direct royal bloodline to our species. This fact can not be denied, especially by ignorance such as yours. You have no idea who she is or what you are dealing with. This is why we have found it in ours and your own best interest to terminate her existence... However!"

    The entity takes a further moment to allow the information settle with Ei, then continues:

    "We have found you to be neither born of the light or born of the darkness. You are... what we call... Rogue. We therefore would have no interest in you had you not shown interest in our daughter. This has never happened before. An outside relationship of intimacy with one of our royal members is unprecedented. But an unprecedented event must be treated accordingly. We have therefore come to a decision that treads upon new ground for us. You may consider our decision a test of your virtue....

    ...I, the Order, hereby grant you pass. I assign Anne of the Redferne to your keep. Consider her your... companion from this day forth. But rest assure, Ei, if our test in your virtue fails us; If Anne's existence outside the Order creates problematic instability to the universe, and we are almost certain it will, then we will hold you solely responsible. If that happens... we will return and terminate both of you without mercy. Believe me... we have ways to terminate even those who can return from that fickle thing called death.

    Furthermore, we will continue to eliminate from Waise all witnesses to our cause, with you and Anne as the only exceptions. Ei, as your own gesture of good faith in return for what we have granted you this day, we expect you will keep word about the Order silent. You will speak of us to no one, and you will not stand in the way of our task to eliminate any remaining witnesses from Waise. I hope I have made myself clear....

    SO GO!" The entity waves one arm in Ei's direction, creating a tornado-type wind that encompasses her person. "Return to your lover! But take heed to what I have said this day. We will be watching. Do not fail her. Do not fail us. Do not fail the balance of life.... Or we will return with our own vengeance."

    Upon the closing of the entities speech, Ei finds herself standing in the attic of the mansion, her feet planted in precisely the same place she had been taken from.

    Ei curiously listens to The Order's information, their promises and their threats until she finds herself back in the attic again. She looks around the room, cautious about the potential risk of another illusion. After she concludes that there is no other illusion, she looks around the room. It takes her all of three seconds to realise Annie is gone and that it's daytime, but she soon figures out that Annie probably woke up and is in another part of the building. Deciding that it's probably a good idea to go and find her, Ei fades into a thin, black smoke, leaving the attic empty.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Buttons lands beside Annie. Annie rises to her feet, caressing her rounding belly. Her lack of concern denotes the explosions ineffectiveness in harming her unborn child. She stares down at the cat, partially smiling as it speaks to her in its native tongue.

    "You're a cute little thing." She replies to the kitten in a gentle whisper. "I would hope for a pet like you...."

    Jack approaches cautiously from down the hall. Annie is aware of his intentions. She watches intently. When Jack is near to her, she speaks in a soft and... undeniably seductive tone:

    "Hello Jack. Having... fun?"

    Jack crouches down to pick up the kitten, as he does so he feels something wet probing his cheek, it moves swiftly to his nose, then whips about to tickle his ear. It is Annie's tongue. Though she did not move from her position, she had extended its length the few feet it took to make contact with Jack. If he were to look up at Annie in this instant, her tongue will snap back into her now grinning mouth. One of her eyes are purple, the other red. Another voice can also be heard. This voice is unmistakably coming from within Annie's belly. The voice of the child within her womb, though its words are unknown, perhaps heard by Jack as nothing more than playful gibberish.

    As the voice within her grows quiet, Annie remains perfectly still, watching Jack with only the movement of her eyes. She is allowing him to take the cat. What may then come as a surprise to Jack, is the pain in his nose... it is no longer present. His broken nose has been healed.

    "You want a kitten? We could get a kitten if you want one." Ei says, her voice coming from behind Annie as the black smoke gathers and Ei emerges from it, holding a large cloak which she gives to Annie to wear until they find actual clothes. "Sorry for not being present earlier Annie, I had some business that needed finishing but I'm here now." She says, smiling. "Shall we go, or do you want to chat with these... people some more first?" Ei says, glaring at the other people in the hallway.

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    Sunset departs this house, as she left this house she notices that it is morning outside, she takes a deep breathe and looks side to side for a second, before she goes off to search another house. Taking her time as she does so.

    The next house doesn't provide anything new either. It too is basically empty. Either looters have long since taken everything, or the owners of the house took everything with them as they fled.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    It responds: "We are aware of your infatuation for our child, Anne of the Redferne. Is she also one you seek to avenge?"

    Ei will continue to be under the aforementioned influence. Lies are not an option or even to be considered.

    "I do not believe you have the right to call Annie your 'child'. I believe slave would be a more accurate term. As for if she is the one I seek to avenge? No, for she still lives. Those I seek to avenge have long since ceased being among the living."

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    Break the box it came in, tear it into tiny strips and arrange those to write a name!
    Maybe another thought in our head can come up with a swanky name, because I sure can't.

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