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    posted a message on [Position Filled] Small SMP server looking a Co-Owner

    Discord Full Name: FairInHeight#3271
    Minecraft name: FairInHeight
    Experience with Minecraft server/communities: 8 years, currently a network owner.
    How much time will you have to be active: A few hours a week on MInecraft, more on discord.
    IRL or In Game situations that may keep you from being active: Just work. Monday to Friday morning to afternoon EST.
    Age or age range: 25
    Do you enjoy Vanilla Minecraft?: Yes

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    Hello Minecraft Forum. I am the owner of a decent size Minecraft server network that has died down in activity over the years and I would like to rebuild the staff team with members who care about the network and are interested in making the place their own. I am funding the entire project I just don't have a team who are proud to call the place theirs yet. I am active and a few other members of staff are as well but we have very much declined lately. The positions we have available and their requirements are listed below:

    -Moderator: Watch chat and keep an eye on players. Make sure everyone is following the rules and being friendly.
    -Senior Mod: Supervise other moderators and helpers and make sure the moderation team is doing their job correctly and train lower staff.
    -Supervisor: Everything senior mods do as well as monitoring senior mods. Requires extensive discord knowledge as well.
    -Manager: Supervise the staff team and make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to as well as hiring new staff and managing events and train lower staff.
    -Builder: Build for the servers and our other projects.
    -Developer: Make plugins for spigot servers and if interested mods, data packs and resource packs.
    -GFX Designer: Create custom models and textures for our content and create icons and logos for us.

    Everyone who contributes will receive credit for their work and be valued for the effort they put in and in exchange you will be welcomed into a friendly community that you can take pride in and a team who is just as willing to put out amazing content as you are. If you are interested, please join our server and contact me on discord.


    Thank you very much for your time.
    -Owner, FairInHeight

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    posted a message on I Can Make A Mod For You

    New combat mechanics in 1.8.9 if not just the offhand slot and a shield

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    posted a message on Off-hand mod for 1.8.9

    Simple, just an offhand slot for 1.8 and maybe add a shield as part of the proof of concept.

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    posted a message on give me mod ideas and ill make Them

    Off-hand mod for 1.8.9

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    posted a message on Requesting A Mod ? I Can Help You

    I would like to hire you for a simple 1.8 mod, multiple mods if you are down for it. I'm willing to pay in exchange for ownership of all the mods you will receive credit wherever I use them. All I need to start out is a simple off hand mod for 1.8 and add the vanilla shield. If you can get that to work I will buy more. Please message me.

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    Celsius Network MC is looking for staff for it's grand re-opening.

    We are currently very limited staff wise so we are putting our faith in the community and hoping to build a new team eager for a challenge and ready to get their work in the eye of the public. We are recruiting for the following positions.

    -Moderator: Monitors playerbase and helps make sure the rules are being followed and the server is a fun and friendly place for everyone.

    -Developer: Java plugin devs capable of making custom Minecraft plugins

    -Builder: Artist who are able to build great looking builds of many shapes and sizes

    -Helper: General helpers to staff and early feature testers

    -Partner: Individuals who are willing to make a deal with celsius either another server owner looking for an alliance, or an investor to the server, partners are those who contribute and hold high rank that are not a part of the in game staff team.

    If you are interested or have any questions please reach out here or join our discord.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/N2ZD6XN

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    posted a message on Fast Growing MC Server Network in Need of Help!

    Hello everyone! I am the owner of Celsius Network MC; a Minecraft server network full of fun and exciting game modes and features. We are currently in the process of looking for new staff and partnerships to help us grow and become a better community. We are community oriented with a discord server to reflect it and a hand made professional website. We are taking new members from all walks of life with any or no kind of experience. Come to build your resume/portfolio, come to be a part of something bigger, or just kill time and have fun. We are currently looking for the following types of players:

    Helper - Introduction to staff team with ability to become a moderator. Must fill out application!
    Developer - Programmer for plugins, discord bots, or websites. Must know java, python, or HTML and CSS and you must fill out an application.
    Builder - The people who make the pretty builds and help decide what the server looks like. Must fill out an application.
    Supporter - Anyone who supports what we are doing and would like to help fund the server. This comes with cool perks and no obligations beyond funding.
    Partner - Other server owners/admins who may be able to exchange ad for ad on discord or help for help in MC.
    Member - Anyone who can play on the server and be active around the community

    Please refer to the following links based on what you are interested in. If you wish to become staff, supporter or partner please shoot me a message in discord or post a comment in our discord server somewhere.

    Website: celsiusnetwork.xyz
    Staff Application: celsiusnetwork.xyz/forum/topic/10-application-requirements/
    Discord: discord.gg/N2ZD6XN
    MC IP: celsiusnetwork.xyz

    My Discord: 𝓕𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓘𝓷𝓗𝓮𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽#0924

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    posted a message on Recruiting for Celsius Network

    Hello everyone! I am the owner of a new Minecraft server network and I am currently looking for staff to help me run the network. We own 7 servers and are expanding regularly and we need people like you to help us keep the dream alive! If you have any experience with staffing please get a hold of us on discord and put in your staff application. We are looking for a variety of positions and you are welcomed to apply for any. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on discord. My name on discord is FairInHeight. We hope you can come join us.

    ChatMod - Monitor chat and keep players following the rules
    Moderator - Handle rule breaks and help manage chat moderators
    Builder - Join a team and help us with our builds
    Partner - Want to add your server to the network or start a partnership with us? We got you covered.
    Developer - Help programming plugins, bots, and web development.
    Helper - Help the player base settle in and get used to the network.

    Staff App:

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    posted a message on Recruiting staff for professional MC server

    Hello everyone. We are a pretty new server that is starting to get attention and grow and we are currently looking for more staff to help us out. We only have a few positions available at the moment, but we have a great community and there is always opportunity for promotion. If you would like to apply for any of the listed ranks, please join our discord and get a hold of me. Positions available:

    Partner (must be a server owner)

    If you are interested in any of these roles please join us. All are welcome an our community is fun, active and respectful.
    Those who join from this ad can enter the promo code !endisnear in the promotions channel on discord to get a limited time exclusive role.

    Server IP: mccivsim.mcpro.io
    Discord: https://discord.gg/UNDWBp4
    Website: https://mccivsim.enjin.com/

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    posted a message on Recruiting staff.

    Hello! I am the owner of MC Civ Sim. We are currently looking for good staff who can be active on our website and discord. Staff applications must be filled out by all who are interested. You may contact us on the server or discord first, but we do require all staff to fill out apps. We are looking for builder, chatmod, and mod roles. We currently have a handful of positions open and they are first come first served. If you think you qualify and would like to be a part of our team, please get a hold of us. We have many opportunities to expand your resume as a Minecraft server staffer!

    Website | Discord | Staff Application | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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    posted a message on MC CIv Sim

    Hello everyone! We are a new Minecraft server with loads of cool features! In MC Civ Sim, you can get server money, buy houses, own business, and get rick! There is also survival, creative, and factions modes! If you want to try a new server and have loads of fun, hop on and bring your friends! We also have a website and discord channels with plenty of information and tools to help you out! What are you waiting for? Join MC Civ Sim!

    Server IP: mccivsim.mcpro.io

    <a href="https://mccivsim.enjin.com/">Website Link</a>
    <a href="https://discord.gg/UNDWBp4">Discord Invite</a>
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    posted a message on Recruiting plugin and scripting specialists

    Us folks over at MC Civ Sim are looking for dedicated staff that have experience with plugins and java scripting who are willing to be a part of our humble little family. We are an economy based civilization simulator server and we aim to give players a fun and wholesome experience. If you are interested please contact me here or join the server and get ahold of our wonderful staff. Thank you for your time and/or interest and have a wonderful day!

    IP: mccivsim.mcpro.io

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    posted a message on Come join MC Civ Sim

    We at MC Civ Sim proudly open our gates to the minecraft forum community. Come join our civilization simulator. Play survival, get a job, make money, buy property, become rich and more! What are you waiting for? Join MC Civ Sim today!

    Join at mccivsim.mcpro.io

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