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    posted a message on LAND OF LEGEND •Story, RP, War, 24/7•
    IGN: Faelenn
    Age: 17
    Why do you want to join? Well, it looks like a good server and I used to RP some time back but ended up stopping once the site I rp'ed on got less RP focused and more focused on off topic.
    How long have you played Minecraft? Not sure, started playing a few weeks before beta came out.
    What are you looking forward to? Pretty much everything, though the RP and the whole class/efficiency system seems interesting.
    What is allowed in the Wilderness? Pretty much everything, though there has to be a 20 block space between you and the town also, lava and tinder have been disabled.
    What do we use for currency? Slimeballs and Gold Ingots
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    posted a message on Elvish Kin (Closed, looking for new leader)
    Do you pledge to obey the word of the Elves? : Yes, and the word of the trees~! >:

    Do you pledge not to betray us? : I pledge to always be loyal and honest~! >:

    Will you honor the code of the Elves, and accept any punishment or trial? : Yes~! >:

    Any details about yourself? : Wouldn't know where to start, I guess I do use a lot of faces though... >:
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!

    Simply myself, though I forgot to make a mouth when working on it, not that it looks too bad without it really...
    Though I do suck at taking screens =p
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    posted a message on ██►The Kingdoms: New Dawn◄██ - Open to the public again!
    IGN: Faelenn
    Age: 17
    Character Description: A young lad who spends most of his time gathering materials, he prefers to be told what to do over telling others, though if something goes against his morals he'll wholeheartedly refuse. Not being a fighter he'd sooner run from and enemy than charge towards them.
    Faction: Le Royaume d'Igor

    I think I did everything I was supposed to, guess all that's left to do is hope and wait~.
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    posted a message on Build/RP Server! [Hey0][iConomy][Towny][NO LAG]
    I'm not much good at these things, but this server seems interesting enough to try and give it a shot.

    In game I tend to be a bit of a mixture between a Mole, and a Pack rat, so instead of building I'm usually collecting huge stacks of materials for myself and other who need it, though my preferred building style is a massive underground structures~.
    I'm 17 of age and not all too interested in an admin position since I don't have much of a backbone so I'd be pretty useless if I was one, that's about all I could come up with at the top of my head right now... also, my ign is Faelenn, I guess that should be about it...
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