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    You may want to post your GAMER TAG. Good luck, and feel free to add Funkyluck if you're on the Xbox one.

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    Xb1 Issues I've Encountered.

    1. Glitching into walls/ground while running.

    2. Invisible fire. Seems to be worse with certain TP.

    3. Invisible blocks preventing movement randomly.

    4. (My most hated) Maps in item frames do not work.

    5. Mobs freezing momentarily (1-3 secs) after initial blow from.

    6. Mob cap is so small it's useless to build useful contraptions. So basically I count this as broke due to the fact that I'm having to hack and slash and run around constantly to keep stock on meat.

    7. Disappearing animals that are fenced. I have to use a name tag to ensure they don't go "poof."

    8. Biome sizes. My issue with this is the swamp sizes. It's insane trying to get slime to spawn even when the moon is right.

    9. Armour stand cap is 16... Are you guys kidding me. My investment: I have mine craft for pc, pe, x360, and mcxone But all I get on mcxone is 16 stands.

    ?is there still an option to keep your gui 100% visible but if not using it, then it disappears instead of fading?

    That's it for now...

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