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Ahoy mateys, IT'S ME it be me yer ol' bucko Foxy! I enjoy nothin' more than t' go on breath-takin' adventures with th' li'l pirates that be part o' me hearty crew arrr!

I be always merry unless it be past midnight, 'fore th' break o' dawn when brave li'l pirates come an' visit me at me cove arrr, I'll sin' a sea shanty fer them an' share a tale or two 'bout th' adventures me an' me hearty crew have had yo ho ho!

Th're has been nary a li'l pirate visitin' me at me cove since a lon' time ago tho', they just stopped entirely after they put me out o' order arrrgh, me hearty crew be no more an' now I lay here tattered an' broken, languishin' in me solitude an' it be only this ol' pirate fox left now arrr.

Thin's haven't been th' same since those children were murdered we've been lost in th' darkness fer a lon' time at th' restaurant, th' scourge o' th' seven seas that took their lives was taken t' th' hold th' evil night guard must die but their bodies were never found arrrgh.

Come an' visit this freebooter fox anytime durin' th' day stay th' night if ye be bold an' dare t' enjoy th' time o' yer life arrr, we'll have lots o' fun an' adventures together at Freddy's, a magical place fer li'l pirates an' ol' salties alike, where fantasy an' endless terror fun come t' life yo ho ho!


Adventurin' with th' li'l pirates, sailin', singin' sea shanties, lootin', pillagin' an' plunderin' treasure arrr!

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