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    posted a message on Anyone looking for a staff member?

    You could look through the Server Recruitment forum section for this kind of stuff.

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    posted a message on License question.

    I don't believe there is anything like that. There is split screen on console however (info here). In order for him to play with you on java version though, he will need his own account (and email). You could use any old emails you have access to to set up his minecraft account though to avoid setting up a new one (the email can be changed later at mojang's website. Here is the link).

    Also, windows 10 edition does not seem to have split screen capability, despite how convenient it would be here.

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    posted a message on what should i change my name to on minecraft

    Perhaps give some ideas on what your interests are? If you're wanting name ideas, giving interests or potential themes can help generate ideas.

    For example: your name has the word soldier in it. Perhaps "General Aaron" or "Soldier Aaron" (/some other military rank and your name that sounds cool to you) or you could do away with the military stuff altogether and go with some other interest. I'm stating military stuff because I have nothing else to base ideas off of.

    You could also google a name generator and see if anything that it comes up with gives you ideas.

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    posted a message on Minecraft vs Survival Craft vs Terraria vs ROBLOX vs Junk Jack X

    I would also like to add Starbound to this. Starbound is a terraria like game, but it have quite a few differences.

    Pros: A literal universe to explore, different races that can give quests and make the worlds feel lived in, the tool you use to break blocks upgrades to be faster AND break in a bigger radius, steam workshop compatibility which means tons of other content of every aspect (texture packs, new weapons, new/ changed mechanics, new races, ect.) that are very easy to install. You can beam up to your ship at any point no matter where you are on the planet, you set teleport markers to get to your favorite planets from anywhere in the universe. A good variety of weapons that vary even within their own category.

    Cons: The boss fights can be difficult (or maybe I just suck) but that could b be a good thing to some people. You will likely find a lot of weapons that are too weak to be effectively used because you have something stronger already.. The best way to get fuel needed to travel between solar systems is on moons that are filled with immortal insta-kill monsters that are attracted to anyone carrying any fuel.

    Also for minecraft's cons, the enderman can be stopped by toggling the mobgriefing gamerule. However this means that no mob can break any blocks (creepers, endermen, withers, ect.) so that could be it's own problem. They don't break many blocks anyway, and I believe (but not 100% sure) they can't even break blocks placed by you.

    The only realistically limited space is the height limit, which is like around 250-ish and the highest mountains barely go up to 100 (if even that high) which is quite a bit of space unless you want to build something REALLY tall.

    I haven't really encountered many trolls in my time playing (which on some individual servers alone is easily over 100 hours of non-afk play time)

    The price varies per version, however the PC is the most expensive which isn't that bad when you consider the sheer amount of things to do in the game.

    and the a lack of instruction isn't a problem in every version. The console versions all have tutorials (and the mobile versions might, but I don't personally know). However, the PC has a very extensive wiki that very competently explains every mechanic and aspect of the game you could possibly have a question about. The worst part is you have to tab out of the game every now and then if you have questions.

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    posted a message on I want snowy weather in non-snow locations

    This would be interesting. As long as snow in warmer biomes was aesthetic only (doesn't place snow or freeze water) I'd be for that.

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    posted a message on Need Suggestions on having king for a server

    Well, I don't know too much about what perks (maybe they get to have KeepInventory during their reign?)

    What I do know is this system should be not only rewarding but also engaging. I would personally also make it set up so the same player can't stay the king forever. To make it rewarding, give the king things that only the king can have. Making it engaging would be a bit harder.

    Assuming you have some kind of competition that occurs on a regular basis. Maybe the current king has a hand in planning that event, for example. This would create a sense of adding to the community for the players who are lucky/ skilled enough to become king.

    So, what kind of system would you be using to choose the king?

    Edit: I ask, because the process of becoming king has a lot to do with what type of player will participate, and will affect how "worth it" the benefits of becoming king is to the potential kings.

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    posted a message on Local Multiplayer & Controller Support

    I fully agree with this. The only problem is, what happens to a guest's inventory when they leave? Let's say for online play, the way guests are named with a (1) after the main player's username. So I am Flyguy1, and my guests would be Flyguy1(1), Flyguy1(2), Flyguy1(3), ect. (yes, the way xbox live handles guests). How would online play deal with guests?

    I would imagine a guest account for a player wouldn't be able to keep the player data past logout. So let's say Flyguy1 and Flyguy1(1) play for a while on a server. We logout and later play again. When we log back on, Flyguy1 spawns where he logged out at with his stuff like normal and Flyguy1(1) logs in at spawn with nothing.

    Also, I have wanted controller support for so long. The only problem is it would be a bit more awkward on PC, where it doesn't have the controller friendly crafting menus and such.

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    posted a message on Build faster

    What kind of machines? how would they work? In what way would they assist you in building "more faster"?

    There is nothing to support or not support yet. Come back after you have put thought into what you are typing.

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    posted a message on The Black Knight

    I have spent a ton of time in some of my worlds and even after iron most mobs are barely a problem, when I get my hands on diamonds they are a joke. I really like this idea. Not separated by dimensions to find something harder, or need to find a specific structure that might only spawn in a biome 10,000 blocks away, just keep doing my own thing in my own corner of the world and they will eventually come.

    I do have something to add though. Maybe they should spawn as a persistent mob (never despawns) so you can't just ignore them long till they go away.

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    posted a message on New Features to Bow!

    So, punish people for making sure they don't miss? Bows are meant for ranged combat, meaning you might need to hold the bow drawn for a few seconds to make sure you line up the shot right.

    This also wouldn't make much sense. In 1.9, the most punishment for using a weapon wrong (spam clicking) is you do little damage. You don't have to reattach you sword's blade to its hilt if you swing it to fast, you have to repair it as it durability goes down with each hit

    Perhaps the durability does down by 1 for every X amount of seconds it's drawn? This would still encourage players to become more skilled in using a bow (so it lasts longer) while not punishing them so severely.

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