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    Depends on what edition you're have. If it is Java edition, then go to Official Minecraft site, where you can download it.

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    posted a message on Minecraft has lost it's direction badly
    Quote from misuka_twnext

    What features exactly are so important?

    A game that started out as basically fit for everyone, that then
    changed to being catered to children is not a good thing in any way. A
    user base consisting of children, is also not a good thing. The
    statement what I made, no matter if naive, is still true. A game that
    has sold already millions and millions of copies, before it was changed
    to be more for children, does not need to cater to children. The game
    sold really well too before it changed.

    This here is EXACTLY, what's wrong in your logic. If someone, who is not you likes 1.15 content so much, that they deem it important for them, means, that that content is important to them. The game is not catered to children, than it originally was. With your logic, the game has always been catered to children.
    This here, is what you CLEARLY don't get: Every individual person has their OWN individual opinion, that might differ from YOUR opinion.
    What that means is: You CANNOT force your opinion down on other peoples throats as their opinion, as they ALREADY has their own opinion. And that's what you need to get through of your skull.

    Quote from misuka_tw»

    As I assumed, people don't understand my point.

    Minecraft used to have a specific style, and the content was made to suit that style. Later, that style was changed. It would be really stupid to come here to argue with opinions, thus I'm not arguing with opinions.

    And you don't think that the game is a bunch of random ideas thrown together?

    Hmm. Let me see. One-eyed laserfish.. Chicken Jockeys?.. Dancing parrots.. Villager raids, and whatever those 4-legged villager-looking "elephants" are. Yup, definitely ideas that were planned thoroughly, part of a development plan.

    Beta-versions of the game functioned well in many ways. Game mechanics made sense, the game was difficult, etc.

    It's a bit weird to even comment here if all you had in mind was to defend modern MC with really no arguments, when you haven't given older versions a proper try.

    PS., Mojang has made it difficult to play older versions with mods, and they have also messed up the audio for Beta and Alpha. It's not too hard to get sounds for Beta, but it seems to be impossible to get audio for Alpha. So there's that legacy-support.

    People does understand your point. Your point just happens to be extremelly flawed and naive in many ways, that you clearly don't even understand! It's rather vice versa, you don't understand other peoples points, and try to counter still using your flawed logic to force your opinion down on their throats. You can have your own opinion, but that doesn't mean, that your opinion is the only opinion to be considered to be the one and only valid opinion! Like Toadrunner already stated: "Your opinion is just as valid as mine is". And that's the point you don't get.

    Random ideas thrown together? For crying out loud everything, that has been added to the game has been added, because majority of player base has asked for more content. Players wanted more life to the oceans, Mojang gave Ocean Monument and GUARDIANS (yes, not one eyed laserfish, MIND YOU), that GUARD that monument (albeit, I give you this: Those things are tad bit annoying, when you just want to explore). Well, no one asked for Chicken Jokeys, but who cares? I certainly don't (that shouldn't of been surprise to you). Parrots only dance, if you play music disc next to them, but indeed, it's quite bit useless addition to parrots.
    Villager raids? Man. They're pillagers. And Pillagers pillage. And guess what? Yes, again, they were added, because players wanted more content.
    Those "elephants" aren't "elephants", they're Ravagers.

    You see, even if you don't want new content, there's still quite a lot of more players, who want new content. Like me, and quite a bit other people, that has replied to this thread.

    On the contrary, what much beta nostalgia players claim, that the game is "dying", the game would of already (what a shocker!) died, if Mojang wouldn't of brought even half of the stuff they have added lately.
    You can't claim, that the game is mostly catered to childs, when there are people on their 60's and even 70's playing it! And who knows even older?

    Like I already said, be glad, that Mojang still let's you play the version you want to play, and doesn't make you play on newest versions (still, of course, if you play Java edition)! As newsflash: They don't have to let you play the old buggy mess versions of the game. They just chose to let you play them.

    And the reason I haven't given them older versions "proper try", as you say, is because they bore me to death.
    I don't need to give them more of my time, when they're snorefests, when compared to what modern Minecraft is!

    I am mainly an explorer on my playstyle. Explorer, who strives to see new stuff, not boring empty wilderness, as far, as your render distance goes (and even beyond the render distance!).

    I don't have no arguments? Well, newsflash: Neither do you.

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    posted a message on Beta Vs Official Release 1.0 - 1.7.10 Vs The latest Versions

    Good thing, that you added the "in my opinion" line there. Obviously my favorite version is always the newest version.

    As I'm one of those, who always wait to get new stuff to play with, and can't really go to play older versions without getting bored and annoyed by lacking content. For me it's not fun at all. Beta terrain generation aren't that "WOW" either. It's actually quite "MEH".
    Now what we have now isn't that much better, but I still prefer the modern terrain generation.

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    posted a message on Minecraft has lost it's direction badly
    Quote from misuka_tw»

    I understand that there are unfixed bugs in the older versions, but the game content itself is good. Nothing in these versions stands out as bad or unfitting, everything fit together. Nowadays the game is sadly a bunch of random ideas thrown together.

    The first bolded section here again, is your opinion. I find older versions lacking and somewhat boring. And for me, the beta styled terrain generation isn't anything special.

    Second bolded section, that's again, your opinion. And here is what you simply don't seem to comprehend: These are purely your (and, yes, some other people's) opinion. We all have our own opinions and preferences. You prefer beta versions, I prefer modern full release versions.
    Now believe me, I have tried olders (like beta 1.7.3, for example) few times, and I just beelined back to newest version after 3 to 5 minutes of playing, as I got bored with it. You see, that if one thing suits one person, it probably won't suit the other person. And that's what is wrong with your "I suppose my intent in this post is to try to make people realize this." sentence.

    You should be happy, that Mojang still let's you play whatever version of the game you want to play (in Java edition, that is)! As they certainly don't need to let you play whatever version you want to, as all you do is, that you own the account(s), that you use to play the game. Or licence to play the game, in other words.

    Quote from Toadrunner»

    I started playing Minecraft with version 1.12 and it is getting better and better. I love it. When I load up an earlier version out of curiosity, I keep missing features that are important to me, so I go straight back to the current version.

    By the way, if the game appeals to kids, that is a good thing. It keeps the user base growing. The statement that the game has lost its direction and now is only supposed to make a profit is a bit naive. Games are not philanthropic enterprises - developers have to make a profit.

    I'm sorry that you are dismayed by recent developments, but you can always go back and play the previous version you like - at least if you use the Java edition.

    Not only developers, but also publishers, if the developer doesn't publish their games themselves. EA being one of the biggest perps in this sector, as they have axed so many studios, that has fallen under their ownership and later dropped the ball, because EA wanted them to rush out the games they had been making (thus the games ending up being released unfinished *COUGH*Battlefield 4*COUGH* broken mess). Which has affected the sales numbers negatively, thus leading EA to blame the development studio about it (not seeing their own greedy antics about getting the game out as fast, as possible) and shutting it down. Westwood, Origin Studios, Maxis (the original one, not their sister studios around the world), Black Box studios, and so many others have fallen to this.

    Quote from FuzzyCatBus»

    As other people have said, the idea that Minecraft has lost it's direction is your opinion. I also started playing in 1.12 and the only money I've spent on the game is the price of the two accounts I own. For the amount of enjoyment I get out of the game, it's a better deal than almost any other game out there. The other game I play, if I don't want to be free-to-play, can cost upwards of $200 a year to keep up with it.

    I don't play BE but I can't imagine that those cosmetic improvements actually affect gameplay in any way. The micro-transaction style of the BE character creator is the modern game model. There are a lot of games out there that are "free to play" but allow users to purchase upgrades or cosmetic improvements to enhance their own enjoyment of the game. They are just there for people who want to pay for them. I don't really know how it works with the BE, but the skin customization in Java is very easy. Anyone with an image editor can make their own skin or download a free one from a website.

    I see people get so worked up over these micro-transaction issues that I think it's silly. you are playing a game that has a minimal initial cost and getting hours of enjoyment out of it. If you don't want to play, don't play. If you don't want to spend the money, then don't.

    As for shift clicking items, with the introduction of the recipe book in 1.12, you can shift click the item you want to craft and it will automatically place all the resources necessary into the crafting interface (2x2 or 3x3) and allow you to make as many as you can with the resources in your inventory.

    Featurewise, I have enjoyed the updates. Since I didn't play before 1.12, I don't really have an opinion about the terrain generation. When they updated from 1.12 to 1.13 I used a chunk pruner to get access to the new aquatic features. I like the way they changed villagers, I find them much more interesting now. Sure, I had to redo my villager breeder and a couple of my farms no longer work, but that's to be expected as the game progresses. I actually really like my new villager breeder setup more than the old one I had.

    I can't really speak to any features that I don't like, but I think the game is headed in a good direction. The upcoming Nether Update looks great for more things to do in the nether. But that's all just my opinion.

    Precisely. We pay once from the game. Well from the licence to play the game, and after that we are free to play whatever version we want (if the version is Java, of course). I started in about 1.8 (might of still been few last weeks of 1.7.10, before 1.8 was released. Don't really remember), but don't really feel any kind of nostalgia towards it, as it's highly lacking on so many ways, that I actually don't even want to go back to play it again.

    Yes, the game could be quite a bit more polished, than what it is, but in generally. I do enjoy it a lot, when I play it.

    Yes, cave systems used to be better, before 1.7 came out, like TheMasterCaver has stated, but in other ways, there's just one thing, that I don't really like on modern versions: The Woodlands Mansion. It's just way too bulky (albeit, somewhat useful structure) on what it is. But after they removed customised world option, I just learned to accept it, even though I still don't like it.

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    posted a message on Minecraft looks bad, graphics and grainy.

    Does the game itself look, like that, or is it only the launcher, btw?

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    posted a message on Minecraft has lost it's direction badly
    Quote from misuka_tw»


    Minecraft through the years felt worse and worse for me through updates that didn't fit the game at all. I knew that the game had lost it's style, and instead the updates were completely random "brainstorms" by the developers.

    But now, it seems that the game has just lost it completely. I now realize that they have catered the game towards children, chasing higher profit, instead of sensibly developing the game and catering to it's original playerbase.

    I see this in effect through the marketplace on BE version. Especially on the character customization...

    You'd think, that when they added character customization, that you'd get some sensible stuff, right? You know, fitting stuff. Leather clothes, backpacks, other equipment etc. Instead, we have prosthetic arms with hooks! Robotic helmets! Fairy wings, wind up keys!

    This goes to show that the game seriously lost it's direction, and is now just supposed to make profit, not a good game, catered to children for maximum money. (Just look at the ridiculous prices they have on the store, for clothing for example. 0,95€ for one clothing item. Full character with bought items probably costs like 15€...)

    I suppose my intent in this post is to try to make people realize this. Through the years I have seen people here trying to make people understand this, but instead Minecraft players refuse to understand this, and always pull the "nostalgia" card, where old Minecraft was better only due to nostalgia. Which is very untrue, as I enjoy b1.7.3 far more than modern Minecraft, even though I started with 1.0 FR, and never played b1.7.3 before..

    We all like or used to like the game, and if you truly like the game, then you should support it in the proper way. You shouldn't support them adding trivial, random things to the game over and over again, and in essence ruining what the game once was.

    (Of course it could be that the people still supporting this game on the forums are children, but many have seemed like adults.)

    While I agree with you on the stupid character builder on Bedrock Edition side, whole of the rest of your message is just your opinion. No matter how much you think, that someone saying, that "it's just nostalgia" being "very untrue", as it is nostalgia thing. You enjoy buggy mess of beta version over more stable modern version? Go ahead.

    You see, what other people, that has replied to these messages has tried to tell people like you is: Different people has different opinions. And we're all entitled to have our own opinions. I enjoy modern versions of the game more, because they're so much more stable, and there's more stuff to do, than old buggy mess versions.

    For me (and so many other people too) the game is not ruined. As we STILL enjoy the game!

    And that's exactly why these kind of threads are buried, and forgotten. Because you can't make other people agree with you, if they have their own opinions about things, that just doesn't match YOUR opinion!

    Yes, you can feel, that game is ruined, because "the new stuff doesn't fit into the game", but I however, feel, that the new stuff fits to the game!
    You are allowed to go back to play the beta 1.7.3 and enjoy the boringness, but please do not try to force your opinion down other peoples throats.

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    posted a message on Suggestion for Ps4 Bedrock(not sure in right place)

    Well, yes. This is wrong area, as there are own suggestions section for Bedrock edition.

    Good news is, that if you want to move this to the correct area, just click "Report" and choose either "Wrong forum" or Move/delete my post" (and ask to move it to correct area).

    And, btw, even though I don't play Bedrock (I find it clunky), these are quite good ideas.

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    posted a message on What to do ? (MCleaks)

    Tough luck, if you really were that broke to buy a game from MCleaks and lost control of an account, that wasn't yours to begin with.

    Next time buy the game from where it's supposed to be bought.

    https://www.minecraft.net/, which is the only legit way to buy the bloody game.

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    posted a message on Help! Survival mode Diseases?

    There's no diseases on Minecraft. You killed Pillager patrol, and got Bad Omen effect. Don't go to any Villages, if you don't want to get the villagers mauled to death. You can get rid of the effect by drinking bucket of milk.

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    posted a message on Snapshot 19w40a

    I'm not playing Snapshot versions as of now, but that doesn't surprise me. As they're snapshots and Mojang actually do warn you about possible issues with them (as they are kind of beta versions, and beta versions usually aren't the most stable stuff there is).

    Snapshots are what they are. When you start snapshot, you should actually be expecting to come across some issues.

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    posted a message on Do you think ps4 will come to bedrock?

    Highly propable, but at the same time hard to say. The PlayStation big bosses have lately started to come to their senses under the pressure, as there's already some games, that are supporting cross play with other platforms.

    That's being said, this is the Java edition discussions area, Bedrock edition (and PS4 as Legacy Console edition as of now) has their own further down the forums.

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    posted a message on BitBoxed ■ 99% 1.15.1 Vanilla Survival ■ Whitelisted ■ 15+

    Username: FINTonza
    Age: 30
    Why would you like to join: Previous server I played on was closed down, due to owner's heath problems, and now I am searching for new place to play multiplayer in.
    What's your strong point in Minecraft: Exploring. That's my bubbles in the game.
    A fond Minecraft memory: Yours truly renaming bread into a "baguette" and killing (it was his idea, btw) friend with it just to see reaction of other players on the server.
    Anything else you want to say: Not really. I guess Optifine is ok to use in this server (I can't give up that neat zoom function)?

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    posted a message on I want to buy minecraft for mac
    Quote from Correloco»

    If I pay the 27 dollars of the game I get the game and do not have to pay anything more after that?

    please answer me :C

    Quote from LoRaM100»

    That is how the java windows Minecraft works. I purchased it long ago (8+ years) and have not needed to make any additional payments.

    I see no reason java Mac or Ubuntu would differ.

    I have friend, who plays Minecraft on Mac, and it works just fine. No need to worry about anything. It works on Mac, just as it works on PC.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Built end portal room. Even, though I am not yet ready to hop to the end, it's still good to get that thing "out of the way", so to speak.The whole build isn't ready yet, as I will be building small FOB next to the end portal room soon.

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