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    Quote from GoodBoyAlexa»

    i checked on 1.12.2 so you could use 1.8? is that what your saying?

    Yes, you can use all the old releases, even though they aren't supported anymore (hence the warning on the launcher). Including 1.8.

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    That actually (at least for now) only applies for Bedrock edition, and not Java, as far, as I have understood it. So no, it shouldn't apply to servers like 2b2t.

    Hence, the next part of that article:

    Players that have been found to be in violation of our Community Standards
    will find the message above when they attempt to sign in to Minecraft
    on any platform (non-Java edition). In this state, players will not be
    allowed to play on servers, join Realms, host or join multiplayer games,
    or use the marketplace. They will also not be allowed to access
    Minecraft Earth. Additionally, Xbox players will not have access to
    their worlds.

    Meaning: It doesn't apply for Java (for now, of course), might (or might not) change after they have migrated everyone under Microsoft account.

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    posted a message on The newest 3 installations of Minecraft should not be what they are.
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Netherite armor is actually worse than diamond armor was before 1.9 - back then there was no "armor penetration" for general damage sources (only poison, drowning, falling, etc, which completely ignore armor) so it always reduced damage by 80%, now you lose one armor point for every 4 points of damage taken in full diamond and 5 damage in full netherite (calculation is (toughness / 4 + 2), full diamond has a total of 8 toughness and full netherite has 12 toughness) - against a point-blank creeper explosion on Normal (49 damage) you effectively have only 10.2 armor points in full netherite - worse than gold (11 points) prior to 1.9 and a guaranteed death (10.2 armor points reduces damage by 40.8%; 59.2% of 49 is 29). The only real advantage is knockback resistance.

    Also, the tools are barely better than diamond, and certainly not enough to instantly break most blocks that already couldn't be broken instantly with diamond, even with Efficiency; in fact, in most cases there is little or no difference at all (the time needed to mine a block is its hardness times 1.5; for stone this is 1.5 * 1.5 = 2.25 seconds; the mining speed of diamond is 8 and netherite is 9, which respectively give 0.3 and 0.25 seconds (rounded up to the next multiple of 0.05 seconds), plus another 0.25 seconds between consecutive blocks, totaling 0.55 and 0.5 seconds - so netherite is only 10% faster. If you add Efficiency V, which adds (level * level + 1), this increases the mining speeds to 34 and 35 respectively for a mining time of 0.1 seconds in both cases. In fact, even wood with Efficiency V mines stone in 0.1 seconds, as does gold).

    As for the rest, there have always been complaints that updates feel modded; in fact, some features were intentionally taken from mods, like horses, ender chests, and pistons, all of which were added years ago. That said, stalagmite/stalactites should take on the texture of the block they are on so they blend in (I haven't actually even seen them, much less any videos, and a few images of 1.17, which shows how disinterested I am in vanilla updates, even a "cave update"), which is how I've implemented them myself (there are 7 main variants, each with small and large sizes, with stone all being a single variant which defaults to the stone texture, using granite/diorite/andesite on those blocks; hardened clay is also a single variant which defaults to unstained hardened clay and takes on the color of the clay it is on. Whether they render as a stalagmite or stalactite depends on the block above them. In all, there are 104 variants, including netherrack (not shown) of a single block. As you may guess, my version is not exclusive to specific caves, they generate everywhere, with "underground biomes" (based on the surface biome) using blocks like sandstone in place of stone).

    Plus there's the thing known as "You don't need to use Netherite, if you don't want to", in the end, it's just slight durability upgrade over diamond, and it's totally optional. Like said, if you don't like it, don't use it. Simple, as that.

    And what goes to the snapshot textures of the new stuff: OP, you know, that they did say, that most of the textures seen in announcement and on snapshots are just placeholders, as in developer textures, and they are likely to be changed. How much they will change, no one knows yet. But they will change. The thing is, that there really isn't anything, that Mojang could add to the game anymore, that wouldn't feel modded. As let's face it: some modder probably have already added (modded) the stuff in the game already.

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    posted a message on Searching for 1.16.3+ seed, that has all biomes withing say 3000 block radius.

    Ah. Thanks! This is perfect seed.

    Even though I usually don't play survival island seeds (I have decided to stay at spawn on this seed), but this is just perfect!

    And @BigAlanM, thanks for the tip! I'll take a note and will use the program from now on.

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    posted a message on Searching for 1.16.3+ seed, that has all biomes withing say 3000 block radius.

    Didn't know where to post this, but hope it is on correct area. Like the title says, I am searching for nice seed, that has all biomes within 3000 block radius from the spawn.

    I don't want to see any maps or descriptions about the seed, as I want to explore the world myself (because I'm explorer/adventurer by heart).

    Or if you're gonna post a map, please disable all other markers from it, than spawn point marker.

    Just want nice seed to play for now, before 1.17 comes out.

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    Quote from Badprenup»

    Snapshots are works in progress and are not final. I haven't played the snapshot yet but it sounds like most of the cave related generation stuff is not in this version.

    So yes, ore generation will change with future Snapshots based on that message. Whether or not it's "optimal" is a different question, the changes in a future snapshot may make copper ore more ore less common, we aren't sure about final levels yet.

    Amethyst Geodes are in the game, because I'm watching one at the moment, but the caves are same old, which was expected.

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    posted a message on So what do you guys think about the new 1.14 textures?

    Used to tolerate them, but I've decided that I dislike most of them. Too smooth that I have trouble making the blocks out and I've resorted to Programmer Art plus a resource pack to backport textures for new blocks and items. Why did Mojang have to decide to change textures that were there for up to over 8 years?

    Because they were a mess of textures made by several different people, and they were trying to streamline them to be done by one person only.

    The old Netherrack, for example, is now horrible mess to me. So horrible, actually, that I can't stand it anymore.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.17 Update Opinion Thread

    I like a lot of what I saw, even if some of it is stuff I don't care for either way.

    Mostly, good riddance to 1.7 era caves, hopefully.

    I recently started a new world and I'm finding one thing in particular a little frustrating. My prior world was largely rooted in terrain generated prior to 1.7, so even though 1.7 is many years old now, I'm still newly taken aback by how lacking caves are since I'm still used to the 1.6.4 and earlier ones.

    When I need coal, iron, or diamonds, I like to go exploring caves for it. I like to adventure and build, mostly. I feel like I'm having to spend way more time looking around for caves time and again (and traveling between my village and the various ones I find), only to come out with fewer resources for the time investment. If I want a lot of coal fast, it's sadly better to seek a mountain biome and just take it from the surfaces than it is to explore caves for it.

    Yeah. About that. They did state during the Minecraft Live, that the old style caves are not going anywhere. As in: they are going still be a there.

    That being said. Even though I haven't really played that much Minecraft versions pre 1.8, I really can't claim, that what we have now would be any better, than pre 1.7 caves. even though the little I have tested those versions, I only got lost in those caves. Always have to dig my way out from them.

    But that's just me.

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    posted a message on When Did Minecraft Go Bad?

    It is hard to find ships with diamonds in them, mining to get them is faster. And I don't understand how changing a few textures would be a big deal to someone, and if you hate them that much, you can easily use the old textures instead. And 1.8 combat was honestly terrible, it was spam clicking, nothing else, just spam click while looking at the mob or person you want to attack. And there is no such thing as a useless mob. If a mob doesn't have any drops or doesn't attack you, it doesn't necessarily mean its useless, it adds ambiance.

    Besides, everyone can still use the old textures. Just haul ya butt to "Resource packs" under options tab, and choose "Programmer Art".

    Boom. You have the old textures. It is not THAT hard. People just need to use their brain. SMH.

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    posted a message on MineCon 2020 (in-person event + live stream?!)

    Well, the Minecraft festival was held by 3rd party, if I have understood it correctly, and it haven't had anything to do with Mojang or Minecon. But, indeed, it's a shame they had to cancel it (while totally understandable).

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    posted a message on Annoying aliasing on edges of blocks.

    I had the same problem, and I got it fixed by checking the box "Let the 3D application decide" in Nvidia Control Panel (this isn't screenshot from my Control Panel, but I just show you what it looks like):

    If that doesn't help, then I am not able to help you any further.

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    posted a message on Anvil cannot Rename items in Snapshot 20w10a.

    I learnt today, that you need to push your Tab key to get into the name field in the Anvil screen.

    It's weird, but that seems to work. At least it works for me...

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    posted a message on Anvil cannot Rename items in Snapshot 20w10a.

    It's a bug.

    And there is no fix to it yet.

    Maybe using commands work, but don't quote me on that.

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    I did dumb, and destroyed perfect template for cave spider grinder...
    2 spawners within 5 blocks from each other.

    See the screenshot (the 2nd spawner was where the dark oak plank is placed):


    And yes. I am salty. Me did dumb.

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    Quote from ironboy2022»

    Ok I am going to start this by saying, I am a veteran of this game; I just have a few annoyances with the newest updates.

    1. I have a problem with rare resources being so common in buried treasure and ship wrecks.

    2. I don't like how there is so many different crafting tables now. With the fletching table, the cartographers table, and smithing table; now you have to have three new tables instead of one. The three tables takes up space, and I really don't want to have more than one table.

    3. The loading time is so slow.

    4. I don't like the character customisation. Now they are asking you to spend on the in game money, to make your character look cool.

    5. I know this is cliche, however CAN WE PLEASE GET A CAVE UPDATE.

    6. Can the piglings, please, STAY, zombie pigman!

    7. I have a bit of an annoyance now with microsoft owning mojang; they are the ones who bought in the semi bad updates

    8. Can the developer please stop doing so many different types of walls, steps, stairs etc.

    * Side note: not all parts of the new updates are bad, just some of them.

    Hope you don't mind my rant, however better to get it off my chest; you never know, some others may feel the same way.


    1. I give this to you. Indeed there's way too much rare resources on those chests.
    2. I don't mind them. I usually build them to be part of my base walls, ceilings or floors anyways, so like I said, they don't bother me.
    3. If you would have SSD, then the loading time wouldn't be slow. But I guess you don't have SSD then? You're using console version of Bedrock, aren't you?
    4. You're talking about bedrock edition stuff here. This is Java Edition area. So, this is wrong area to whine about that (but indeed, whole character customizer thing is stupid idea).
    5. Hold your horses. We don't even know what we're getting after 1.16 for sure, it's completely possible, that we're going to get cave update.
    6. For gazillionth time: Zombie Pigmen aren't going to be replaced with Piglins. They're 2 different mobs. Zombie Pigmen will still be there, even though they're going to be renamed as "zombified piglin", but they're still same mob.
    7. Nah. Microsoft STILL doesn't add anything to the game. It's still Mojang, that's handling what's coming to the game. Microsoft is only paying the developers salaries now.
    8. Ah. Nope. Players actually wanted more walls and stairs from pretty much every single block there is. And Mojang delivered.
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