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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Universal Electricity - An Electricity System Modding API
    Quote from Calclavia

    BC is now integrated in all UE mods that requires it. You no longer need to download it anymore.

    But it's not, The battery box isn't included in ANY current UE mod from what i can find, neither is the coal generator.

    EDIT: So After uninstalling and reinstalling several times trying to figure things out, i can now spawn a coal generator and bat box in singleplayer mode, however, i can't interact with either of them, and when on a server with the same mods installed (by me), NEI gives me the error, No Such item.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1/1.5.2] PowerCrystals' mods - The updates never stop
    Power Crystals, could Sulfer ore be added to the Nether ores mod? I love using the Nether ores mod since it's a great work around to still get custom ores when doing a sky dimension with Bettwer World Gen and mods with custom ores like Forestry or Railcraft or one of the Universal electrivity mods, but the only ore i can't get from mining like normal is sulfer.

    And I mean, come on, not finding sulfer in a Hell like place? :D
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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Love the mod, i've been missing floating islands for a long long time.

    I do have a question though. I've been thumbing through some of this thread and the FAQ section, and i'd just like to know, Do custom ores form other mods, like copper or uranium spawn when using BWG4?

    Edit: So I did some experimenting and It looks like custom ores seem to spawn in the sky dimension at least, and indev floating islands, no idea if they all spawned though, but i'm guessing they did, or at least most did, interesting thing about the sky dimension nether, when using Nether ores (I had installed it in case custom ores couldn't be found in the sky dimension) in the sky dimension, only nether quarts seems to spawn. none of the other ores do, works fine in the indev float so i guess i'll stick with that for a while or go around and hunt for each ore in the regular sky dimension for a while. thanks fir all your awnsers, and help guys
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    posted a message on Being able To Save Five Server Ip's
    Like i saw someone else say.

    Why Only 5? It shouldn't be hard to have more thank 5 server IPs now that we can have more than 5 worlds.
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    posted a message on Grave News
    I still don't understand why he has to force it so that gaps don't work.

    I used them for shafts and easy lighting. Never though they looked bad. Hell, it makes sense that it works since every block in MC is 1m^3 and it's not hard to climb a 1 m gap.

    Oh well, looks like those who whined and complained got what they wanted.

    (then again, I have been using water elevators anyway recently, since they're better)
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    posted a message on Compasses need updating
    The compass is fine as it is for now.

    Instead of pointing towards your spawn it points to 0, 0, 0. which acts like magnetic north here on earth.

    Use landmarks and such. with proper awareness or where you are and a compass, just like a good old compass and map here, you can find your way around.
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    posted a message on Should the Piston Mod stay... A Mod? (Opinion)
    The argument against pistons looks like the old argument against Redstone.
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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    In game Name: FFShadow
    Country/Timezone: Easter Standard Time (USA)
    Why do you want to play here?: Looking for a nice server that isn't just PvP At spawn/right outside spawn and a place where i can have fun with my brother and friends.
    What do you expect of this server?: Hopefully something different and new, and well moderated.
    How did you hear about us?: Just browsing the forum
    We value community here. Will you be active on our forums?: I will try, I'm a college engineering student struggling with some classes, so only time will tell, but i will try, especially if my brother gets active as well.
    Do we allow griefing?: Yes
    Do you understand this server is 100% funded by players (like you)?: Yes
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    posted a message on the sun and the moon
    Quote from minecraftfuzbal »

    about what you said about the sun. 1 if you read the artical with grimwood then you would understand. also if the nether was really supposed to be "hell" then it would be hotter than the sun.

    I'm sorry sir, but I must point out a flaw with that statement. Nowhere in the bible, or any other religious texts, does it state that hell is filled with fire and brimstone and is hotter than the sun

    "the only part you'll find in the Bible is the fact that Hell sucks and that there is fire (from passages like Matthew 13:42: "And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.")

    And ... that's as specific as it gets."

    The idea of a fire filled hell was popularized by Dante's inferno and dutch artist Bosch.

    The moon is a little interesting, but other than that, i just can't find myself behind this idea.
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    posted a message on MC Scenario [PvP] [24/7] [No Whitelist] [Mob Towers]
    Quote from shakaone »
    If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.

    I noticed fire spreading was turned off. I guess i understand since the server is just starting out, but it's not really anything goes now is it?

    I would hope in the future that fire spreading is turned on. If someone runs away from me and hides in a tree, i would much rather set it on fire and smoke them out then have to chase them while they have the high ground.

    (not to mention attack the enemies forests if i ever join a clan, etc)
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    posted a message on New idea for a basic block: Water purifier..
    Yes, i would say bacteria would be a threat in real life.

    However i still argue that a lot of water should not be contaminated. If it was contaminated then we wouldn't have such healthy pigs, sheep, and cows; since they would become sick as well from many forms of bacteria that would get into the water with what you're talking about.

    But as you said, there can be limitations. however notch does the thirst maybe pure water fill up the meter you have more or just makes it so that you don't have to drink as often.

    Also, the fact that we do have biomes comes to my mind just now. Perhaps certain biomes wouldn't have safe drinking water, such as the swamp biome (which is in there). Since one would generally shy away from drinking swamp water, and that water would be filled with things like bacteria. If that happens then it could be easier to tell where the swamp biome is, as well as adding more immersion and aesthetics (if swamp water was colored differently). In this case a water purifier would be needed so that one can safely drink swamp water.

    If things such as disease and illness are implemented the water purifier could prevent one from getting sick when drinking swamp water.

    I still believe that this should be higher up on the crafting table though, so that crafting one gives a sense of accomplishment, a goal to work toward, and make things like exploration and settling in new unique/exotic areas more interesting.
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    posted a message on New idea for a basic block: Water purifier..
    Quote from KingWyatt »

    I don't know about you, but I just don't like the idea of drinking water infested with Creeper poop. :/

    It's just a fun crafting idea I had. Something to add to the game a little - give it a little extra 'umph', so to speak.

    If there's anyone who's good at pixel art, I'd love to see something made up!

    That's like saying free range cattle contaminate their water supply or the river that run through the land and into town. It simply doesn't happen like that.

    I don't think this really adds 'extra umph'. You want this to be a low tier item, something that is easily craft-able. By wanting all water to be contaminated and unable to be drank without this item all you're doing is causing people to add something to their beginning list.

    Ex: 1. get wood,
    2. build crafting table
    3. get tools
    4. build a 7x7x4 house.
    5. get water purifier

    After that it's like nothing changed. The item here only adds something small and is relatively useless. You said that you need to fuel it with coal or wood, just like a furnace. In this sense we could just use a furnace and a bucket of water, like what chaos said. Also,and this is just a small note, you were measuring water in oz when everything in Minecraft has gone by the metric system so far (everything is in meters) so liters would be a better measurement.

    If you go by what i suggested and make it a higher tier item, and have water inland already be consumable and ocean water not consumable the player would be encouraged to work toward the water purifier to expand and feel like they accomplished something, instead of just "Just started the game time to make a water purifier because i can't do anything without it." and have them ask questions like "Why can't I just drink water from this lake? Notch must be a lazy coder because People can drink from rivers and lakes in real life and be fine."

    the reason for your suggestion was IF the hard core survival mode came around that this should be used so someone could drink water. I would argue that with your idea it's not truly like survival, because if i went to live in the mountains, regardless of the deer, and fish and bears, i'd be able to drink from that clean mountain stream. By suggesting all water to be contaminated you are going away from realistic survival and making the game less realistic.

    That's my view on why i don't think this suggestion is very good. Now if you can give me a good reason on why all water should be contaminated other than 'creeper poo' then i might agree with you.Because to me, 'creeper poo' would be like deer or bear poo. And i doubt they poop where they drink.
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    posted a message on New idea for a basic block: Water purifier..
    I really don't think this should be implemented.

    A water purifier is completely unnecessary. Water purifiers are not required for survival, if they were we would have died out a long time ago.

    Remember wells? Those didn't have water purifiers and people used those. In fact people who drink well water usually don't have a water purifier. At most they have a water softener.

    For a world like minecraft i doubt a water purifier would be needed, even in a hard core survival mode. Now if notch ever does something like make water and salt water, two types of water, then i could see this as a tool to purify salt water into fresh water.

    However, overall, i think this is a bad idea. Unless, as i stated above, notch makes fresh water and salt water and this is used as a tool to make salt water into fresh water, then it would be a good idea, especially if this is made into a higher tier item. That way people can live off 'lake' water or make wells or something while they work toward getting a purifier.
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    posted a message on GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!
    Quote from RandomGuy42 »
    Quote from Skillkills »
    No, actually... He did luck out. He built the portal in a spot where it was actually safe in the nether. So it didn't have to move the portal to find a safe area. Therefor, when he teleported back it didn't make a new portal to accommodate the safe area in the nether.

    Not true. This has since been fixed with the mentioned update.

    It has not been fixed. I have built three portals in the same world, they all link to the same portal in the nether and i only go out into the first portal I made.

    Just because you don't have problems doesn't mean that it's working perfectly

    Hence why i posted on page 4 of this thread viewtopic.php?f=1016&t=71970&start=90

    Granted, no new unbuilt portals spawn now from what i have seen, but there are still problems with portals and the Nether.
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    Quote from coolmoo »
    not sure about this but notch said .. on his twitter a way around this is to include the www. at the start
    try http://www.minecraft.net
    as i noticed both screenshots its minecraft.net
    secondly if you go to each of those .. one says 50% off alpha the other dose not have it i belive? may be a glitch for me

    I was about to say, have you tried www.minecraft.net ? believe it or not, that www in the front actually is different from not using www.
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