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    Quote from Coladash »

    Quote from shawnachu »
    and all three kinds of ore.
    Lol, theres four

    Actually, there's three. He just forgot to mention coal. Gold, diamond, and iron are all ores. Coal is a fuel :tongue.gif:
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    Sorry guys, been really sick. Haven't been posting in the forums a lot cus of that, have a REALLY bad headache right now. I'll get around to updating once I start feeling better, k?
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    Hmm, I'm on Vista. When I try to run it as an administrater it will crash when I try to generate a new level. It does the same thing when compatability for Windows XP SP2 is on. Anyone here can help?
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    posted a message on Fields of Tall Grass.
    I sent Notch an e-mail about this about a month ago. He said he liked the idea :smile.gif:

    Also, in my Wetlands re-skin I have tall grass and the likes.
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    posted a message on Palm trees!
    In my opinion we need taller, skinnier trees so that thicker forests would be more possible, say a forested mode. I'm talking big and skinny. Like, 15 blocks tall and and a radius of two blocks.
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    posted a message on Punk-o-matic 2
    It's a really fun game, you can try it out here at Kongregate.

    Post your songs!

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    posted a message on Crafting Tech Tree

    Much like how I was thinking of it. Love how you typed it out, too.

    Mind if I post some possible crafting suggestions for the new workplaces? They'll be a bit different, as in using different materials than you'd suggested though :tongue.gif:

    [ ][ ][ ]
    [S][S][ ] = 1 Campfire
    [S][T][ ]

    Campfires would be made by assorting Sticks and placing a Torch into it to ignite it.

    [ ][ ][ ]
    [S][H][S] = 1 Masonry

    Masonries would consist of raw Stone blocks and a single flat Half-block as a working area. The half-block is created the same way they are now, except with raw stone instead of cobblestone.

    [ ][S][ ]
    [S][C][S] = 1 Furnace

    Furnace would be made using cobblStone, Coal, and a block of Wood. Contrary to your idea though, they'd need a workbench to craft. From this you'd be able to refine metals needed to make a forge.
    [S][ ][S]
    [S][I][S] = 1 Forge 

    Forges would use cobblStone and two pieces of refined Iron bars. I'm thinking for forges to take on more of the appearance of an anvil than a crucible, though.

    [V][ ][V]
    [V][H][V] = 1 Apothecary

    The apothecary would be made using glass Vials crafted at a furnace with two glass slags, two glass slags=4x vial. The rest of it would be a Wooden desk and a Half-block workplace. Potions and such would be craftable here, and to throw in my own idea, if we ever get coral or other such underwater flora then they would be harvestable, and craftable with vials to form water-breathing potions, at an apothecary of course, said Eztuzt has he just used way too many commas. Mushrooms or any new future crops would be mixable with vials here to create health potions or the like.

    [S][s][S] = 1 Loom

    The loom would be made from a frame of six Sticks and with three strung strings.

    So, there you go. Feel free to change them how you see fit, although I like them :tongue.gif:

    It would be insanely awesome if Notch made actual 'constructions' that were more than the size a simple block. The possibilities that would lead to...
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    posted a message on The Wetlands
    This is going to be my first public reskin, and it's not all too impressive. It's was made mainly for indev but I made a creative/survival skin too. Here goes!
    The Wetlands

    Constructed by Eztuzt to give you a more wilder feel to the game, a bit of changed can make a large difference.

    So, in a nutshell, this mod contains a re-skinned TNT, rougher rocks, sandier sand, mossier stone, more luscious plants, bars, and thicker rain (Optional :tongue.gif:).

    The ores also blend seamlessly into the new rock skin, and if you plan on using it for multiplayer, adminium has a neat new reskin and bricks have been replaced by bars. The leaves were made thicker and fuller to feel blockier and more stable, felt a bit weird when i walked on the vanilla ones. And the grass! You'll just have to see how much more lively it is.

    I also had a plan for fish in it but couldn't find the skin that goes over the player screen while underwater. Pooh.

    Anyway, screenshots. The best part.

    Here you can see the extra-mossiness next to my starting houses wall. Theres also a little, minor re-skin of the torch here. See how the moss looks awesome in the light? Yeah, I know! You'll be able to experience that soon, too! Moving on...

    Heres the new rougher rock. It may not seem like much from up close, but once you try it out you'll see the new texture detail it adds. See the sand around it? Much, much brighter/sandier and looks quite pretty next to water. And next we have...

    Grass! By the gods, we've been blessed! This is probably the prettiest re-skin I have. You MUST try it out, it adds a whole new view to minecraft as grass gets its own 3-d like texture. It looks astounding on terraced hills and such, but since this was on a plains map unlike the others it simply makes it look rough. Pretty from a distance, too. And finally...

    TNT! Re-skinned to be more of a box-contained exxplosive rather than the vanilla stick dynamite. Also, the box was made to seem weathered and such, since its a wet place and all. You'll notice grass and wood look significantly damper, too.
    Good golly, Eztuzt this is awesome! How can I use it?
    Simple, my friend! First you need WinRar, and then following Zuriki's guide all you have to do is open run.exe (Search for it on your computer if you don't know where it is!) and type in %temp%\www.minecraft.net . Or copy+paste it into there. Finally, open up which minecraft you want to try this out as. Minecraft is simply the creative and multiplayer sandbox mode. Minecraft_creeper_test is the survival mode test. Minecraft_sneakpeek is indev. If you're using a hack client then you'll have to find the minecraft.jar through the place you downloaded the hacks.

    Once there, open up your minecraft.jar, and place these two images in place of the old, vanilla ones:
    This is for indev:
    And for creative/survival:
    And the rain:
    The rain is mostly experimently, and it looks a bit thicker and more furious than the vanilla rains.

    Please tell me what you think, and if you want to you can use any of these skins for your own public re-skins, as long as I get credit whee it's due. Thanks for reading/using!

    [Edit]Oh yes, and I used 7 images in the post (As I recall max was 6). Considering it's the OP and three of them were quite tiny, I'd be happy if the mods let it slide :tongue.gif:.
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    posted a message on Canoes!
    Rock canoes=no.

    As a very last resort for traveling over lava we could make canoes out of iron, since there are some german canoes made out of aluminum, and iron would be closest even though it's probably too heavy in real life.

    I'd be up for it even more if we had a good control scheme suggestion.
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    posted a message on Best/Worst Survival Games you've played
    Heh, I was once playing on island hell mode, just walking around. Then, of course a spider comes when I'm next to a cliff. So I jump off the cliff as he lunges at me, missing by a hair and falls into a pit of lava. I felt so awesome, that I forgot lava would kill me, and slipped into it myself.
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    posted a message on All medeival themed games need Ale
    Eventually I'm thinking we'll either get buckets or pumps to transport water. I'm guessing we'd either be getting buckets or barrels. Regarding ale, if they're a barrel, we can say that:
    [W][W][ ]
    [W][W][ ] = 1 Barrel
    [W][W][ ]

    Would give us such a barrel.

    Now adding ale would be easy. Ale, using barrels would be crafted from a barrel, mushrooms, and possibly our (Miscellaneous? It's probably wheat, but lets leave it generic for now) crops.
    [C][R][C] = 1 Barrel of Ale
    [ ][B][ ]

    C=Crop, R=Red Mushroom, B=Barrel

    A barrel of ale would heal 3-4 hearts, you know, because it's a ****ING BARREL OF ALE. That's A LOT of ale.

    Alternatively, if buckets are thought of as smaller, then I'd suggest this:
    [ ][ ][ ]
    [S][ ][S] = 4x Bucket
    [ ][W][ ]

    W=Wood, S=Stick

    Now since buckets are much smaller than barrels the amount of resources needed to fill them would be much smaller. I take it:
    [ ][C][ ]
    [ ][R][ ]
    [ ][B][ ]

    C=Crop, R=Red Mushroom, B=Bucket.

    Obviously, being a bucket of ale and not a FREAKEN BARREL, this wouldn't heal as much as a barrel. I'd say around the area of 1/2 - 1, maybe even 1 1/2 hearts.

    This give drinks a great choice for the person who loves to do a bit of everything, since mushrooms are more accessible to the adventurous and crops to the industrious. I'd say they would take a great place near the mid-point.

    Also: We need sammiches with our ale.
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    posted a message on New tool - Shepherd's Crook (part of farming)
    Quote from Menen »
    Please use the new Block emotes. They make things easier to read.

    [iron] [gold] :wood:

    Or code.
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    posted a message on There was a old farmer who lived on a rock
    Their feet in the water, their hands on their
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    Quote from Talmanaze »
    to the point where light passes through it at a Massively slow pace

    That's how you do it :smile.gif:
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