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    Look what I just dug up in my e-mail :smile.gif:

    Re: Congrats‏

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    Markus Persson
    To ##### ##########
    Thank you!

    I feel the need to point out that 10,000*9.95 is 99,500, not 110,000, though, hehe. ;D

    Yes, cows and chickens are coming, but I decided to work on multiplayer first, so it won't be in in time for your birthday.

    / Markus

    On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 2:04 AM, ##### ########## <[email protected]> wrote:
    Im congratulating you in advance, Notch. Minecraft has nearly 10,000 purchases, which means you've made nearly 150,000 USD from it, or nearly 110,000 Euros simply from purchases alone, not counting donations or your job. Really, good job Notch. I'm happy for you, you deserve it :smile.gif:

    [suggest]-Am hoping we can make cake from a bowl, chicken eggs, bread, and cow milk (Once you get around to adding the peaceful poulty and bodacious bovine). Now how awesome would that be? Especially for my birthday this weekend xD [/suggest]

    Take note of the date, this was quite a while ago. I guess the idea stuck with him.
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    posted a message on This community will go nowhere.
    Quote from kilagain »
    I've been watching the community go downhill for a year now... No disrespect to the new guys, but the amount of spam and trolling lately is shocking.

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    The community was great before the whole world caught storm of it all. I just stopped posting and started lurking.

    Just deal with it man, I feel your pain. The community won't grow or return back to how it was any time soon because theres a constant influx of new players. Minecraft is a simple game, with barely a learning curve. This means the community is more broad. There's great people here, like some of the mods and a lot of the modding community, but there's also tons of not-so-amazing people who just want to be a part of something great.

    Just deal with it for now, if you stick around long enough the dust will settle and it should get a lot more bearable around here. Weather the storm, I always say.

    And to the guy above me that's saying how it was great 3 years ago, the forums aren't even a year and a half old ._.
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    posted a message on [May 2nd, 2011] Already Posted Topics
    Sorry guys, sort of migrated away :tongue.gif:

    You should put a link to the wishlists thread somewhere near the top, label it something along the lines of Extremely Long Suggestions :smile.gif:.
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    posted a message on Happy Birthday Aera!
    I just got word it's Aera's, the forum host, birthday and hes 22! Congrats!

    Happy birthday thread.
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    posted a message on Money system via materials-exchange system
    I'd like to know if your talking about a universal 'market' spread across all servers where the servers all pool resources, or a single market per world.

    Overall, though, I like this idea.
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    posted a message on Rain
    Honestly, this is what I hate about the forums. The closest thing any of those replies got to helping the thread was nebb and his thunder idea, which I don't really like. I just remembered why I stopped coming here months ago, this place started resembling 4chan (Without the porn).
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    Quote from Mithrildor »
    Check notches youtube this has been in for a short time

    What are you talking about? If you're talking about http://www.youtube.com/user/Nizzotch#p/u/15/ZCYXl0fwyrs, I know there's rain already, I'm just suggesting a use for it.
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    Just something I thought of in the car, but eventually rain will become a part of the real game. So, it'll randomly start raining on occasion for a few minutes. The rains won't make puddles of water or blocks of anything, but will instead give surface blocks a 'glossy' look, making them seem wet. The glossy look would just be an overlay added to the tops of all blocks that aren't under anything. Grass that has the glossy overlay will be able to get tilled and will instantly become wet farmland.

    If we ever get a momentum-based system of movement then glossy blocks that are smooth (Rocks, metal blocks, etc.) could cause you to slide a LITTLE, as if you were on a less-slippery piece of ice. So, as in real life, it would become rather retarded to go hopping up a smooth stone mountain while it's pouring down. Thoughts?
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    Well, I wasn't thinking of something to end the game with, if that's what you're thinking. By endgame I meant extremely late, once you've crafted and built to your hearts expectations and want a challenge. The mobs I had in mind are mobs that don't just exist once so that everyone has a chance to do the same things. Another good thing to have would be drops from these mobs like components or building materials for advanced crafting recipes, like say a dragon would drop dragonbone, which is a step up from diamond. To get dragonbone, you would have to be powerful already, and the process requires a lot of skill and planning, with little luck (Other than finding the dragon). So we could expand the techtree by adding these creatures, and specific advanced zones that are difficult to reach/survive in but have rewards, like the dragon. All of this is still by choice, so Minecraft keeps its sandbox feel with an incentive.

    So I'll start updating op :tongue.gif:

    [Edit] Oh yeah, about the giants. I put that they don't pursue since I imagined them as peaceful and territorial. Of course, he'd start attacking you once you shoot him with an arrow, just wouldn't be vicious.
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    posted a message on Expanding the Endgame
    In future minecraft, the maps are as close to the infinite as we can imagine. The ever-changing ocean, terrain, and trees are beautiful and wondrous, yet something will be missing. What I mean is the endgame. We need a topic specifically for goals to achieve once you have a band of full-diamond eqipped, bread-loaded friends and a castle larger than the Reichstag. Minecraft is, at first glance, an amazing game, and that's just scratching the surface. We need to make people dig deeper, build higher, for a reason.

    I'll try to compose a list of end-game material we brainstorm up, starting off with some of my ideas that I think would be good additions.


    Hell, the pinnacle of danger and death, would be great fun. Although it can go by other names like the underworld, lake of fire, etc, Hell seems fitting because people normally associate the world with fire, obsidian, demons, and most widespread: death

    Hell is reachable by digging deep enough, a few hundred blocks down. It's a place with a distinct ceiling covered in stalactites made of obsidian and oceans of lava. It doesn't know about the sky and day and night. The only light comes from magma seas and no plants live down here. It's also a breeding ground for the most resiliant and fearsome baddies, which will need expanding later on. You know you're about to breach hell when you hit obsidian layers.

    It generates as a gigantic cave, with pillars and tiny caves extending outwards (All laced with about 2-3 layer thick obsidian). The ultimate test for the minecrafter would be to tame this place; it would be possible, but require teamwork and dedication to do so.

    Uniquely Contains:
    Lava seas
    Obsidian and stronger metals(?)
    Not affected by sunlight

    Floating Islands
    The sky is an ever-expanding boundary. High up, the near inverse of hell, floats peaceful islands covered in tree and surrounded by the Giant Albatross. Although the islands are few and far between, it's sort of an escape from the terrors of below, as you're secluded from any insane players downstairs. The idea is entirely from the mode in indev and would simply be for fluffing up the sky and giving some aerial-specific creatures a home.

    The islands wouldn't look much different than they do in indev, large, tall, pointy. There are a few issues with water and gravity-affected blocks, though, but I think we could work around them. The new trees would transform them into playground, perhaps having some bowl-shaped caldera islands in the mix (Which would be awesome). Feel free to discuss aerial-specific creatures.

    Uniquely Contains:
    Floating landforms
    Certain aerial creatures

    End-Game Creatures

    This section is for extremely powerful creatures, think giants ()
    Think of creatures that wouldn't be entirely unique. Something that would be rare, but few and far between so that once someone kills one someone else will have a chance to find another creature like it.

    Mainly found in Hell region, variants can be found extremely rarely aboveground
    Size: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif:
    Health: 250 Hearts
    Attack: 10 Hearts
    Unique: Can fly; Breathes fire; Resistant to lava;

    Size: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif:
    Health: 50 Hearts
    Attack: 4 Hearts
    Unique: Doesn't pursue; Likes elevated areas; Slow; Splash attack

    Found far above the clouds. Look like a storm cloud.
    SIZE: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif:
    HEALTH: 100 Hearts
    ATTACK: None.
    UNIQUE: Can push you using wind (to your death, many times); Flies; Arrows do not affect it; TNT instantly kills it

    Giant Scorpion
    Size: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif:
    Health: 60 Hearts
    Attack: 4 Hearts
    Unique:knockback,only takes damage when hit in face, Mid range tailclub!

    Size: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif:
    Health: 300 hearts
    Attack: 20
    Unique: Found in water, and is invisible until really close, is automatically killed if touches lava. Can be found in small waters if you get in.

    Only in sandy desert areas
    Size: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif: :smile.gif:
    Heath: 400 hearts
    Attack:10 hearts, but tends to hit you numerous numerous times while shoving forward
    Unique: Noclips through sand, breaks through small clusters of blocks (so you can't stop it by dropping one or two tiles down) and has a HUGE turn radius, so you can sidestep it and attack while it turns. Attacks any mobs just the same as players.

    If you get an idea for a creature or region, post it, please.
    Post regions however you want, describing them.
    Post creatures like this, please:
    Size: Put how big the creature is relevant to players using smileys. One :smile.gif: = 1 player height (2 blocks)
    Health: Put how many hearts a creature has
    Attack: Put how much damage a creature deals on a normal attack
    Unique: Put anything special about a creature, like attacks or preferences
    Drops: Put what the creature drops when defeated*
    Use: Put the use of the items here*

    *Not needed

    You don't have to use that format but it makes it easy to see if something is OP or not and see where people suggested what. Thanks everyone who posts.
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    posted a message on Grenades/Small bombs.
    I remember a long time ago, this was my first post on the forums.
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    posted a message on Horses
    Here's an e-mail I sent to Notch a while back, I'm just deciding to put it on the forums for discussion and debate. I'm liking the idea of saddles made from leather and wood, and I also know there's a thread for mounts (Searching for horse didn't find anything specific)

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: What do you think of horses?
    Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 21:21:28 -0500

    This is a serious suggestion, by the way.

    Horses, or atleast some mode of quick transportation, would be vital for multiplayer with infinite maps. Just think, a saddle constructed out of leather and a bit of wood, used to tame a wild horse or some other sort of taming process. Horses gain speed over time, like momentum, and at maximum speed they would go at least 3x that of the average Minecrafter. Jumping or sharp turns would slow the horse down, so this makes horses better for large, flat, treeless areas, as in real-life. When we get spawning villages, towns, or what-not in (More detail about that here.) they could make the travel from a POI to another much more quickly. Also, roads could actually become useful and not just aesthetic.

    Mostly everything about them here, would also be interested to have them interact with long grass but ill leave that to you.
    1. The camera may instantly go to 3rd-person view
    2. Combat is allowed on horses
    3. Horses running at full or near-full speed into another player would push them back, slow the horse down dramatically, and deal damage to the victim based on the horse's speed
    4. Horses wouldn't be able to jump standing still, and jump distance would be based on the horses speed. They can jump two blocks into the air.
    5. Horses use a momentum speed system, where they start out really slow and build up based on how far/straight they travel. Hitting an obstacle, turning sharply, or running into water can slow down a horse's speed and momentum drastically.
    6. Horses can swim, although as fast as people.
    7. Horses would need a joint system in their legs (I really want joints for all the mobs :tongue.gif:) to not look goofy while running.
    8. Horses that have never worn a 'saddle' are considered wild.
    9. Wild horses avoid heavily forested or hilly areas. The terrain is disadvantageous to them.
    10. Wild horses charge at you instead of conventional attack. As said before, damage is based on speed. If two horses crash into eachother, they do the same thing. The slower-moving one deals the damage it would normally as would the faster-moving one.
    13. Killing horses gives meat. Delicious horse-meat. Also, a hide like a cow.
    12. Lastly, what about horseshoes? Sure, horses love walking on grass but what about hard-surfaces like iron or stone. It has to be a pain on their legs, so a speed deduction would occur on such surfaces. If you give your horse horseshoes, however, the reduction goes away.

    Good idea? Like? Hate? Tell me what you think. The momentum idea could be used in other things like running and possibly ships. I like the idea of ships too, although their construction and movement is the only problem...
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    posted a message on Why towns would work...
    Didn't know he'd already said yes to towns, thanks for telling me 'cus I've been a bit out of touch recently :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Why towns would work...
    Now, I know generated towns and NPCs have been suggested before. Heres my take on it all.

    You know about infdev? Lots of serious suggestions have been made concerning spawning houses (and possibly larger constructs) at random with the terrain. Thus, NPCs could be spawned with these, already programmed to do whatever it is they do, as fluff for the house. I'll take knights. Let's also take said house, and spawn a knight in front of the door, blocking the doorway. The knight is hostile immediately to mobs. Attacking said knight or destroying part of the house makes him angry at you, and you just forgot that he is basically you, without spastic camera flailing, and a full set of iron armor and weaponry. Now you're fighting an armor-clad zombie with a big, sharp stick. Challenge? I think so! Now inside of this house there could be a chest or some other thing containing useful things. Or perhaps a pre-built base, complete with workbenches, furnaces filled to the brim with smelted ores, and possibly some paintings.

    Here, we have introduced a faintly RPG-esque feature to minecraft. The world is littered with these random occurances, although few and far between. This would leave minecraft with its free-play, make whatever you want style, and give the user choices. All those things inside the house? You could make easily, with a little bit of work. But you chose to fight him. You were skilled enough at lefting and righting and holding the left mouse button that you killed him. Now you don't have to go through all the trouble of getting set up. Now you have fully pre-smelt ingots which you could advance quickly with.

    Not enough for you? Don't worry, we can expand the concept to something larger if needed. Much, much larger. A town. This town, pre-built with walls and houses surrounded by said walls, would contain knights as said above. Along with random, pointless other fluff, along with the set of consequences and rewards. Now remember how Notch said that minecraft could generate a world covering eight times the surface of the Earth? Doing that means that towns could be separated, with extremely large distances between them. Wilderness now gets its name. Towns will draw people, because they're towns. They're rare. People are drawn to these sorts of things.

    Multiplayer infdev is finally here. Let's say I search for hours, and discover this amazing town. It has a waterfall, huge walls, active NPCs, and I dub it Eztuztonia. I tell everyone. I send everyone the coordinates. (Or landmarks, whatever :tongue.gif:) People start swarming in, this becomes a chat hub, a trading place (Possibly, I'm not completely sure if it'd be possible, my ideas on trade are shifting... Perhaps) simply because everyone knows where it is, and it's different, easy to find now. The huge tracts of land around it give people space and resources to add onto the town. Soon it becomes a city, perhaps a metropolis. And guess what, you can leave any time!

    Someone else discovers a new town. They call it Sandville. The same thing happens. Now we have two major POI, Eztuztonia and Sandville. Obviously there'll be no such thing as war. People spread out away from the cities. Eztuztonia has about as many people going to it normally as Sandville. Then, someone maps or builds a road connecting the towns. Now people probably get lost a lot less. The road also becomes thick with buildings, although it's length prevents it from becoming as thickly populated as the towns. Now we have towns and villages. New players join, and see how amazing this has become. They go and explore, finding new cities, or hubs. And the Minecraft world expands with all glory to the Mighty Notch hypnotoad.

    This concept takes a few things: Functional Multiplayer Infdev, NPCs, Building Generation, Huge Servers (As in, one run by Notch for the whole community, maybe a few lesser ones), and a fairly complex AI for the NPCs (Optional)

    Now take this idea, let your hearts run wild, and post your thoughts below. I don't care if they're critical; if you find something wrong with it post your best fix. I don't like pointless criticism, at all.

    Back to the shadows for me.
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