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    Grrr, Do you choose when you have a dream? No? Then there you go problem solved.
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    Quote from heliri »
    Quote from Ezraked »
    Sadly, I have tried that. Didn't work :sad.gif:

    Could it be because I am on a mac? I wouldn't think so, but you never know.

    No it can't be because of Mac OS because I have a Mac too. One of the most common problems is happening when making the texturepack to a zip Archive with rightclick. The Files have to Be in the Root Folder so you have to Select the Files not the folder when you make it to a zip archive.

    ( Sorry my English is Not the best )


    WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! I love you!! Thanks so much!!! It works now!!! :DDDDD XD



    Ezraked :smile.gif:
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