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    posted a message on Play As A Mob.
    Quote from NastyBlasty »
    Why would anyone want to spend 11 :Diamond: to turn into a :Pig: or :SSSS: ?

    Especially when in essence, one is just a mutated form of the other.
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    posted a message on [SUGGESTION] XP Gaining - For the advanced gamer ;)
    Quote from widdy008 »
    Ok, we put in EXP when;
    A) The Fighting is less worse, yes less worse, deal with it.
    2) Their is a way to implement it without disadvantaging players that do not spend lots of time doing remidial tasks, sometimes I find remedial tasks fun, but Im not every Minecraft Players
    III) Notch deems it neccessary or fun or both or neither and just wants to **** people off.

    1; Nice grammar. My grammar's less worse than yours is, Mr. Not Every Minecraft Players.
    2;The only ways not to disadvantage anyone are A; skip them completely or B; Skip bonuses for levels, at which point it becomes a system to mark exactly how much you need to get outside.

    And as to the "New Vegas Hardcore Mode", that's an optional mode that can enrich replayability value -cough-NotUntilTheyMakeitMoreRealisticAndLessAnnoying-cough-
    Experience Levels w/ bonuses in Minecraft is just a way to push grinding to the top of the scale, making it something you do to succeed, not because those plans for that tower are really ****ing massive.
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    posted a message on Stop with the Minecraft for my xbox, ps3, dsi, iphone
    Quote from Spehss Mahreen »
    Quote from Arkazon »
    Quote from Spehss Mahreen »
    Was gonna make this thread, the guy with the name of the evil death bugs from New Vegas, but with none of their evil personality, (play on your name, Cazador) has beaten me to it.
    My hope in humanity is renewed.

    your human?

    Where is my human?
    And no, I'm not a human. I'm a DAEMON!

    What's with these ****in' mortals who can't tell a Daemon Prince of Slaughter from another run of the mill human?
    You're a Demonic being of great power. They're sacks of meat who's death pleases Khorne, and gives us more blood for our Khorne flakes.

    I'm gonna point out that most consoles probably lack Java capabilities.
    And Minecraft is in Java.

    If you put those two sentences together, you'll get this;
    Protip; An Xbox can't run Minecraft because of language barriers.
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    posted a message on bigger signs!
    Quote from widdy008 »
    Also Neon signs that use readstone power, that'd be pretty neat,
    I mean if your just walking along and you step on a pressure plate and suddenly in big letters it says LOL JUMP IN LAVA!
    It would be epic, Trust me, Im a docter.

    A doctor who can't spell doctor.

    I would agree that a chalkboard, or at the least, some sort of enlarged sign, would be nice
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    posted a message on [SUGGESTION] XP Gaining - For the advanced gamer ;)
    Oh bejesus...
    I smell a flame war soon.
    The problem with this topic is that people tend to feel either too strongly one way or another, or not strongly enough to reply, so Flame Wars seem to sprout up alot.

    Personally, I'd hate to see Minecraft have levelling, but I could mod it out for SP, and I'm sure the server I'm on most frequently would do the same.
    I'd still say don't add it lol. What can be modded out could just as well be modded in.

    As to "toggleable"
    This is a really bad idea for something that would quite possibly take as much work as I see a levelling system w/bonuses to take to make. For many people, this leaves nothing but wasted time coding said feature.
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    posted a message on Monster Upgrades
    I'll assume "Him" refers to Herobrine.
    Who was never at all implied to be violent.
    Seriously, look up the creepypasta. He was just meant to be creepy as ****.
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    posted a message on Savenges' (and others)ivention ideas
    Quote from Savenger »
    Quote from Eylk »
    I personally like the shirt creation part...if only that. I dunno, the bucket just seems...strange, I suppose, and the sewing machine leaves me perplexed. Still alright, I'd say, I suppose.

    The bucket was to keep the colored cloth in the game of minecraft and sewing machine is used to make clothing so yes it sounds strange but weirdly would make a sort of sense

    Well, yes, I understand what they're for, but it's more the recipe of the bucket that's odd, and the sewing machine is just...personally I'd probably end up editing it into a loom, methinks
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    posted a message on Savenges' (and others)ivention ideas
    Come now, Daemon Prince, no need to harass the poor Savenger, whatever said title may mean.

    I personally like the shirt creation part...if only that. I dunno, the bucket just seems...strange, I suppose, and the sewing machine leaves me perplexed. Still alright, I'd say, I suppose.
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    posted a message on Move to consoles: Revisited
    Quote from catattack998 »
    I say: don't let it die, but just wait.
    If it will be on a console it will get there eventually.
    You know how many games are released for one platform, and then add another when the game does well!
    If the game needs to go on a disk, that will most certainly have to wait until the game is finished.
    Notch might eventually finish, but also might just keep updating the game (don't give me any grief or "but he said" messages), which would make disk games harder (but not impossible!).
    Why don't we just push this to the back of our minds, and wait until the game is much farther along?

    Or, if someone with time and skill wants to, they can make a port of their own :smile.gif:
    Please, don't yell at me for being "all TL;DR", because I read the posts and made a large, possible-conclusion statement that has repeated some of what other people have said, but in a more common-ground way. So again, please, don't rant about how I am being "such a p***y for compromising your opinion".

    Sounds like you were "All TL;DR".
    You failed to account for the fact that, whether it be Mojang or some other dev, it has to be recoded.
    Aside from that, if it's another dev selling it, that causes lawsuits.
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    posted a message on Add-ons
    Quote from abot727 »
    Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. I get it. No one wants to pay for these. So how about instead of money, you can buy them for... virtual money? Minecraft Bucks or something? You do not have to pay to get these, but instead you can do other things to get them. Things in the actual game. How about: Every unit of time spent playing or doing something IN THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF MINECRAFT (not modded minecraft) will get you x minecraftbucks. Add-ons would cost x amount of MBs. This would not only get rid of the money problem, but it also would insure that people are not just playing the modded versions of Minecraft, which would make Notch more happy.

    Right! So only the people who put all their time into playing the base game can manage to get the Add-ons!
    That makes so much sense it doesn't make any at all!
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    posted a message on Warriors of Chaos!!!
    Alas, Eureka! The Chaos Gods ARE present in Minecraft, I have confirmed it!
    The creepers, they try to warn you of Tzeentch, who made them as they are, but afore they die in a fiery explosion, all they manage to say is "Tzzzzzzz"! Beware the Lord of Change, friends!
    Zombies, oh Zombies! They are the minions of Nurgle, the lord of Decay and Physical Corruption! They envy our form!
    And Skeletons, friends, are minions of Khorne! Even in death, and past the point where Nurgle holds decay on them, even NOW they seek to slaughter! The spiders are their brothers in arms, though the sun's vile touch allows them to become what they once were...peaceful little vermin.

    As for us, the players, we are all, in our ways, of one of the great lords!
    All of us, yes, all, show signs of Khorne's influence, for if you are here, brothers and sisters, you are a raider!
    The Creators, those who spend hours perfecting homes, they are the children of Slaanesh, patron of excess and pleasure!
    The trappers among us, they are children of Tzeentch, in their endless plots!
    Some few of us can claim to be the creations of Tzeentch as well, such as myself, for I was once a man, but am now one of the pigmen!
    There are also some few amongst us who are influence by Nurgle, showing decay and disease on themselves.

    Indeed, brothers, sisters, we are watched over by our lords! They amuse themselves with us, the petty mortal tools they use to further their goals!
    Always remember the eye of the gods is on you, comrades, lest you be turned into one of the vile creatures who fight us!
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    posted a message on Guns
    This thread is a good example of why we have the "Search 'fore you post" rule. If he had searched, he would've found it was already suggested.
    And that generally it tends to lead to people just saying "No.", which then leads to flame wars.
    As well as that, he may have come across someone stating, as Mariomaner did, that Notch has, on a past occasion, said there will not be guns in Minecraft.
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    posted a message on New to MC and here are my ideas
    Quote from Tuqui »
    Ok, you knew and have the though the post well, but please there's a stickied post that says read before posting, do it, it says in red letters only one idea per thread.

    If you're going to try to make that rule apply everywhere, mate, you're fighting a losing battle >.>
    Look at just about every other thread.

    as to towards the original post, I personally think your ideas, while valid, would make the game a bit too complicated and yet more, as you phrased it, inaccessible, atleast to new players. The simplistic nature of Minecraft is what might appeal to many people before they really play enough to see the complexities of it, and having them discern exactly what a mineral is before they mine it, even before they try so they know if they can with their current tool, might turn some people away.
    Many of your recipe ideas have already been suggested many times, and as pertaining to the lamp helmet, at current Notch would apparently have to rewrite the entire lighting system to allow for entities that give off light, I.E. a player holding a torch/wearing a lamp helmet.
    Improved farming, as well as Hunger and Sleeping, have both also been suggested.

    Apart from that, I have no feedback for many of your ideas, mostly they're "Meh", meaning I neither dislike nor like them enough to feel my opinion will contribute much.
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    posted a message on Azrooh's Roleplaying [Vanilla! Absolute Freedom!]
    I'd say you should make a seperate topic, but, seeing as it makes sense to entertain our folk while we're outta service, whatevar xD
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    posted a message on Azrooh's Roleplaying [Vanilla! Absolute Freedom!]
    Why has this topic gone from Azrooh's Roleplaying to RShuttle's replacement server?
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