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    People love exploring Minecraft. Discovering amazing mountains, caves, and valleys procedurally generated by the infinite world generator.

    What if there was another world, also procedurally generated, but with randomly created buildings, corridors, streets, bridges, towers, stairways, and canals? A world of man made structures rather than natural terrain. But one where the random generator can create all kinds of mind boggling things that no human would have the time to create.

    Original suggestion here:

    Mazeworld, a largely popular suggestion in the suggestion forum, is now being worked on as a mod. It is an infinite dimension of structures and dungeons, representing both chaos and order. The dimension is divided into various districts (analogous to biomes in the overworld).

    At the moment this thread has become more of a discussion on how to better accomplish the structure generation, not only to introduce more variety but also so we have some open source code that can be used for other mods involving structure generation.

    I'll try to update the OP for major changes.

    Some suggested features include:

    Garden District: An overgrown, lush district full of life. While garden districts represent nature in Mazeword, they should still be very orderly in some sense.

    Temple District: A district of ornate buildings resembling places of worship. I'm picturing it as having a somewhat ancient Greek style, with columns everywhere, as well as perhaps having some repeated symbols etched into the architecture (for example, the symbol on the banner in my signature).

    Foundry District: A fiery district representing industry. The foundry district should contain lava flows, minecart tracks, furnaces and anvils. Most of the structures should have kind of a burnt-earth color to them.

    Venice/Atlantis District: A district that has been flooded with water. The surface should have plenty of canals and bridges (creating a Venice-like feel). Below, flooded hallways and hidden grottoes make exploration a challenge.

    Tower District: A district that's basically a maze of towers and walkways going everywhere. Navigation in this dense city center should be difficult.

    Libraries: One popular feature that has been suggested quite a bit is giant libraries. I'm not sure if an entire district could be designed around libraries, so I'm hesitant to describe this as a district in of itself, but libraries should definitely play a part somewhere.

    Towers: Mazeworld's skyline should be broken up by crazy, twisting towers everywhere you look. Walkways should connect these towers in a very irregular and random fashion. These towers could have very different looks stylistically, though I think European castle styled towers should be fairly common.

    Aqueduct System: Another striking feature of Mazeworld should be the enormous aqueduct system spanning across the map. This will be basically the most efficient way to travel long distances in Mazeworld, though the aqueducts themselves should form a maze on an epic scale.

    Epic Structures: Every once in a while while exploring, players should come across vast, epic structures on the surface that seemingly defy all explanation. These would likely take up an entire district's worth of space.

    Help would be appreciated, as fleshing out an entire dimension is a tall order for a busy college student with little modding experience ;) .
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    Actually, their squeaks can help you find nearby unlit caves. Just saying...
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    You were expecting a game like this to have a complex PvP system?
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    I *may* have overdone it a bit...

    Then again, it definitely fits the "Pipes Screensaver" influence we were going for. Right now there's three levels of walkways, at cube levels 9, 11, and 13 (that is, they're 16 blocks apart from each other).

    You know, those walkways would make for some really awesome ranged PvP...

    So now... it's between implementing aqueducts or districts first. I guess it'll depend what kind of mood I'm in.
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    Yeah, I think a more abstract biome might be interesting. H.P. Lovecraft themed biome, full of disconcerting inhuman architecture? And something based on mathematically interesting shapes would be pretty cool. Imagine walking around inside of a 3D Sierpinski triangle pyramid.

    That screenshot is pretty much how I pictured the foundry district. Not sure iron blocks should be too plentiful though, because then people will just use Mazeworld as a big iron mine and chop up everything to build armor. What about using iron bars as catwalks? It'd be pretty cool to look down and see lava far beneath your feet. It probably shouldn't require using another mod for pipes, in case people only want to use one and not the other, or one mod gets updated in the future while the other doesn't, or something causes them to conflict someday. But maybe if there was a second version of Mazeworld that did incorporate Buildcraft and one that was designed for vanilla, people could use either version.

    What I was thinking was maybe wrought iron could be a new, decorative block made from iron ingots (preferably either black or a kind of rust color - the gray on the iron blocks seems out of place). Players could collect it to decorate with, but converting it back to plain iron ingots should not be possible for balance reasons. Something like iron bars, but horizontal instead of vertical, would be really cool for catwalks. Maybe with a diamond grate pattern?

    As for other mods, what I had in mind was the Mazeworld mod would check to see what other mods are installed and generate accordingly if certain ones are found - by somehow getting the block ID's of pipes and things from the other mods and placing them. And if a certain mod is not found, it just doesn't use those modules for generation. It's just a random thought that may not even be possible to do, and might require a good deal of research to figure out. At any rate it's not happening any time soon.

    It's kind of funny, really, this thread is undead just like the old suggestion one...
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    Quote from super_powerz

    posting about herobrine is against the rules.....

    Making threads claiming that he is real is against the rules. This thread is not about him specifically, just unusual things people have seen. In fact, it could just be a rule in this thread to avoid claiming explicit encounters with Herobrine, thus avoiding breaking this rule at all. I suppose, too, people could somehow mark their fake creepypastas as such.

    Strange things that have happened to me:

    Once I was walking through the Nether, and I could've sworn I heard an Enderman teleporting to my left, and thought I caught a glimpse of those little purple particles they're covered in (and no, I wasn't near a portal. I think I was Ghast hunting). This was on a multiplayer server back before mobs could travel through Nether portals. I did look for nearby players but I didn't see any, and they wouldn't make that noise.

    Another time on that same server I was cutting down a large jungle tree I had grown on my little island base. The sun had just come up a few minutes ago, and while the area wasn't exactly walled off, enough of the area was lit to make it fairly safe. Suddenly, a creeper walked right up to the trunk I was standing on and stared right at me (I started cutting from the top down, so I was about 5 or 6 blocks above the ground). I tried to fire an arrow at it, but even at what was basically point blank range, the arrow didn't do anything, as if it went right through the creeper. Then the weirdest thing happened. It turned around, walked away, and took a left at the cactus farm. I cautiously tried to follow it, but when I turned the corner it was gone.

    A couple times while playing with a couple mods in SMP I've thought I caught a momentary glimpse at something watching me from afar (usually while looking at a desert, oddly enough). It seemed to move very quickly away from me, just kind of looking like a brownish-gray blur. It might have had something to do with the particles given off by the Forestry bee houses, but those were kind of far away from me. Could have just been a minor hallucination on my part, though.

    Every once in a while I'll come across an area, usually underground, that feels like there's an evil presence of sorts about it. The torchlight, almost imperceptibly, takes on a menacing, evil feel. I'm pretty certain I'm not the only person who has experienced this; there was an old thread about the "Ghost Town Effect" where people would visit their old homes in Minecraft only to feel unwelcome, as if the place no longer wanted them there.

    And a couple times I've experienced precognition with regards to Minecraft (i.e. somehow knowing a skeleton is going to pop out and knock me into lava before I've even seen or heard said skeleton). However, this has not been strictly Minecraft related; I've experienced this a couple times while playing other games or just having experiences IRL. Kind of wish I could learn to harness it, but it's uncontrollable, unpredictable, and usually happens in the back of my mind when I'm operating more or less on autopilot, so it takes quite a bit of mental effort to actually act on it. And sometimes when I do act on it, it's not enough to actually prevent the thing from happening.
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    Quote from GerbilCrab475

    Let's see:
    1. Too big
    2. This isn't Wind Waker
    3. Too complex
    4. This isn't the Hoenn region
    5. Too stupid
    6. And just plain impossible

    A lot of your points are kind of redundant. And I doubt anyone wants the default terrain generator to regularly make continents small enough to pass as the Hoenn region or the islands of the Great Sea. The oceans would be fine as they were, or perhaps even a tad smaller than that (but still interconnected, that's the important part). Sheesh, some people just automatically jump to the most exaggerated conclusions...

    And no, it would not be impossible to add some ocean content and some slightly larger boats. I'm not talking big modern day freighters, I mean more like caravels. You know, stuff from the golden age of sail.
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    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 250 is already occupied by [email protected] when adding [email protected]

    Sounds to me like this chocolate guy tried to put two blocks in the same blockID. I would suggest going to his thread and mentioning this.
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    Quote from Ouatcheur

    You don't get Hardened Clay in the Mesa biome.

    Yes, you do. There's hardened clay along with brown, yellow, orange, red, and light gray stained clay.

    Quote from KyoShinda

    The word 'overpowered' has been used so much in this forum that you guys don't even know what it means anymore.

    ^ THIS. A thousand times this. I've been really wanting to make a thread in the suggestions forum about what balance really means, but I know it'll probably devolve into a flamewar because some people are very stubborn about being horridly wrong.

    Hardened clay is less useful than cobblestone. Cobblestone is available everywhere. Therefore, clay is actually less "powerful" than cobblestone. QED.

    Quote from UnDawg

    First of all stained clay is one of the most used building blocks to decorate nowadays.

    By who? One could use any other kind of block to build with. I've found it only marginally useful for getting more shades of orange and red for more artistic projects, and unless you're building a little pueblo it's not particularly aesthetically pleasing for making proper, functional buildings IMO.
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    Quote from EvilCreeper10

    You don't see people playing Battlefield or Metro on a P4 machine, so why do people expect Minecraft to run on whatever hardware they have?

    My guess is they assume it's less intensive than those other games because of the old school graphic style. But really, can we go without the PC snobbery?

    I'd rather they just add rare clay beaches along rivers (or cover the bottom of rivers with clay) than put it at the bottom of the ocean. Diving to the bottom of the new oceans to collect clay would just be kind of annoying, IMO.

    As for the nausea, I think a better option would be just to make a potion of nausea, brewed with a potion of underwater breathing and a fermented spider eye. Or they could invert it, where the pufferfish gives you a potion of nausea and that can be made into underwater breathing (seems more balanced that way, and makes more sense).

    Extreme hills could stand to get really tall in some places. Maybe halfway between amplified and where they are right now.

    Some kind of savannah animal would be good. Some thoughts:
    Zebras: Basically a rare variant of horses; they could be faster but harder to tame.
    Elephants: Big, possibly usable as a mount to carry multiple people. Could drop ivory and leather?
    Giraffes: Also an interesting thought, though I'm not sure what giraffes would do.
    Honey badgers: Honey badger don't give a crap.
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