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    posted a message on TU57 not working properly.......

    Please Help!!!!

    My son has just done TU 57 for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. The mini games are working fine, however, every time he tries to load up the worlds by selecting the play games button, it starts to load up and the little squares rotate in sequence .......and then, BOOM!!! it just freezes, completely, and we have to turn it off and then try reinstalling the update ( have done this 6 or 7 times now). It worked fine before the update and so does everything else on his console. Now the only way he can access the worlds or play the game is with the original version of TU 1- and then reinstall /TU57 to play the minigames and back again. Tried some suggestions on xbox support pages , but, to no avail! Can do without the stress. Thanks in advance.

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