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    The ory of the Username: ExplorerEze


    I was 10 and a half when I got Minecraft, and this month marks my 2 year anniversary. My first username was:


    I got the word "eze" from the first three letters of my name. "Minecraft" from the game, and "2013" was the year.

    I played on a server called Lichcraft, and that was a great time of my Minecraft life, and I had a lot of fun with MC friends. Overtime, my MC buds, disappeared or were boring.

    Then, I decided to update my myself, and be a new Eze with a new way of doing things. My second username was:


    I continued to play on Lichcraft, but it was of so much boredom. I consider this my middle period on Lichcraft, I loved it but was bored of it and I though middle of it. One day my computer, "died" for two months, and I was gone. One I day returned, around late June. July had develop a big interest for history, and I was a historian-social studies-geography guy. I was also tired of minecraft in my name and a year in a name. My third username was:


    ExplorerEze marked the end of Lichcraft. I stayed on Lichcraft for just.....a month, until mid July. Lichcraft grew so boring, and I had a interest in "RP Irl- History-Based Faction servers." I wandered Minecraft, jumping from server to server, until August, when I settled down on a firm History Faction Servers.

    My MC friends on lichcraft were strangers and the server that I loved dearly was boring and uninteresting, and I left it for good. Then that server closed down, and reached a new server, called "Rising Nations" where I continue to play and have a good time, I hope it becomes better than Lichcraft.

    that was the story of ExplorerEze

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    Ehhh, it seems like a mod. Partial Support. It has it goods and some seem too far fetched.

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    Minecraft isn't down.......the Multiplayer servers are............

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    I love this server and i just joined, and i thought i just give it an bump :D

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    As a PC player, we have been waiting 2 years just to get one rubbish update inbetween. 2 years of wait for another update that I think isn't that great. But, I mean the updates are good, and what I mean is that we wait so long for almost nothing. Currently 2 years ago we got 1.7.2 1 year ago 1.8 and now we are expecting 1.9 which can take like another year!

    Better wait for a good update than updates that give you nothing.

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    Do skins matter? I believe people choose what skins they want, and just leave them to it. Yes sometimes skin can be annoying but still, I don't really care. This thread would be better if the title and "lamest" "dumbest" and "noobish" words were gone.

    Maybe your skins suck. Your skins are probably the same like others.

    But out who cares, that's all I have to say, now just continue posting!

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    All depends.....none of them is a clear winner.

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    Let me tell you an evolving change in minecraft

    As minecraft began few players came and soon more and more. I call this the "Dawn Age". Minecraft is rising and the players here, are (I feel) really respected. Classic, Beta, Alpha come in, and minecraft is at its beginning. This is a "peaceful" "time".

    As minecraft entered 1.0 minecraft entered its "Iron Age". This age was a good age. And more players come along and Minecraft is known now. This is aged ended in 1.7.10 . It was in this Age I feel minecraft grew a lot by players.

    As Minecraft entered 1.7.10 and 1.8 and 1.9 the "Golden Age" has began. Minecraft is fully known and not knowing about Minecraft makes you sort of "outdated and behind times" person. Players join and the Dawn Age members feel minecraft is dying. They feel minecraft has changed into some thing else.


    As Minecraft entered 1.10 and 2.0 minecraft it is its "Dark Ages" Minecraft is simply not #1 and Minecraft is now not as famous. As the generation grows up, and the newest generation are interested in a new game. Our generation is marked by Minecraft.

    Minecraft will never die. Minecraft will just change, and this change will devastate older members, thinking, is this what Minecraft has become? Members that been here since Classic, Beta and maybe Alpha are important as they combine newer members in sync with older versions and continuing carrying early Minecraft. Once they are gone, Minecraft loses its history and its gone too.

    O, I don't deserve to talk.... :(

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    Great quiz!!! Awesome job. Just shame on the words.There was no need for those words, it didn't make it better. It made it worst but I don't really mind those words so I won't really "hate" on it.

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    What? Refunds? Why does minecraft need Refunds? What?

    Please give details on your suggestion, because for me this is a USELESS thread.....

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