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IGN: ExplorerEze
Do you wish to join our community Skype chat? If so, what is your Skype username? (This is optional): Do not have Skype.
Have you read and agreed to both the rules and the lore of the server?: Yes! I 100% agree and are find with them!
What is the definition of “Powergaming”?: Powergaming is forcing RP in someone, and they dont have an opportunity to respond.
What is the definition of “Metagaming”?: Metagaming is when your character has knowledge it shouldn't know. Like a miner telling a warrior how to fight.
What is the definition of “Roleplay”?: The acting out or performance of a role. Being in the shoes of your character and really act like its you.
Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?: No one at all.
When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?: If they allow it, and also if its a RP death. (Not just kill someone because they want to die)
When are you allowed to speak out of character?: You can only speak out of character in the OOC channel, a private message, or with (( message ))
Do you have any previous RP experience, Minecraft or elsewhere? (Optional): No! This is actually my first one ever! :D
Character Information
Name: Edric
Age: 22
Race: Human
Physical description: Edric has black hair, a tan skin and is very firm from lots of training. He is average height and he is also young.
Screen capture of your skin (I recommend uploading to imgur and posting link here): My skin of an explorer! His is my skin when I first enter the game! I will change it too the second one as time goes on!
Biography (Minimum 225 words. Most very fleshed-out characters have around 300, but feel free to use even more than that if you wish. Try and avoid clichés such as loved one being killed by bandits or the like):

Edric's life
Edric was born in Alann. His father was a warrior for Alann and his mother was a teacher from unknown lands.
He had 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister. His family was poor, and there main source of income was from their father's job as a warrior. Edric would study, train and also play with his family and siblings for hours. He read books on the entire land and his nation. He knew all kinds of things. He went to best school (even though school didn't matter in Alann). Edric spend hours training and was really strong. His father called him a sure warrior. From a young age Edric remembers him fighting with a sword. Alann installed great pride for Alann and the Confederation in all its people. But what always lingered in his family was poverty. The constant thought of going homeless and hungry was there. Some days they did go hungry.Edric had one thing that nether his mother or father really liked, and it was his adventurous spirit. This was something rare at these times since people thought adventurers are useless and just like to get in trouble. Edric would secretly do mini adventures by himself and sometimes with his brothers and sisters. His father wanted Edric to be a warrior and his mother wanted Edric to study hard.
One day, there father got hurt badly. He was slabbed and was bleeding .13-year old Edric had alot of more responsibly. The oldest brother, who was 18 years old, became the main provider of the house. After his father got better, his father couldn't go back as a warrior and the oldest brother couldn't maintain both his kids and wife and them. In the end, they decided to create a shop.The nation of Alann didn't really approve of the shop, and thats because the military was the most important thing. Edric was in the army, worked in the family shop, and went on adventures. Edric and his second oldest brother was always going in the wild looking for things and materials they could sell. They had adventures an dlots of fun. The business went smoothly. They made enough money to mantain there selves and to have enough left over. As Edric grew up over the years, he grew more adventurous and when he reached 15, he set off and left Alann for 2 weeks. There Edric grew more strong and learned more things while in Drunn and the Horizon. His brother enjoyed listening to Edric's adventures. Edric learned how to fish and hunt and to survive on his own, something that would be useful in the future.
When Edric reached 18 he was ready to go to the university. He wanted to be a business man, as he had a lot of experience from working in the shop. (Although deep down he wanted to be an explorer). After 4 years of learning business and so much other subjects, Edric was 22. But then he changed his mind. He dropped out of university and his family was stunned. Edric simply explained to them "I want to be explorer."His family was surprised and tried to convince Edric to go back to school.....but that never worked. Edric now a man, has to settle down and live his life He doesn't want to live in constant warring Alann or in any troubled nation. He finds Enris as his best option, student-wise, and job-wise. Also Enris is the main nation and the blessed lands, which he feels are great for exploration. So there is his destination, Enris.

Edric was packing his packs when troubling news came. He heard his family was in major finical crisis. They still had a 17 year old girl (his sister) and 13 year old boy (his brother) to worry about. They were more poor than ever, and Edric tried to help out. Edric told his family that only Enris has jobs which pay enough, and he also said that was where he was moving to.,To clear his mind, Edric set off to another journey (Edric didnt know anything about the following event until after he set off).But this one was an awful journey. He saw entire cities burned to the ground and life of people wrecked an destroyed. He ventured down way to St. Jessica and saw the same thing. The screams and fire, the land. All destroyed. He had a lot of pride for his land and did what every he could to help out. He saw children and babies left alone and skeletons everywhere. He reflected on his life and felt sorry for these children, never growing up in happiness, but in a destroyed family and land.

Edric felt his spark of explorer was less. While on this month long journey he received news Alann was destroyed. He rushed back just to see the same pictures again. But this time his family and nation was in it. It was a terrible site. He rushed to help his family. Edric had to get a job to help his family. Soon news reached that Enris was untouched. Edric mind then thought of untouched and still peaceful. Edric had to go to get a job and help his family out.This was a once in a life time oppuritnty. Edric then explained to his family the awful situation the Cordolan Confederation was in. At that point Edric claims, his goal was to help and save the entire land. Alann's people had great pride for his people and wanted to stop the undead sieges. He stayed in Alann for 2 weeks and he soon after got news that the second oldest brother was dead, which was Edric's favorite brother.Edric's last spark of adventure lit.mOut of pride for his nation, Edric had and wanted to save and restore land, and restore it even better than before. He gets on his horse, packs his bags, and faces toward Enris, ready to go, with his adventurous spirit on.

What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation):
-To get a job in Enris, to help him start off his life and more importantly to help his family.
(Other second Motivations)

-Edric needs a place to begin his exploration, and he feels Enris is The right place
-To help the nations stop these invaders, in honor of his brother and his pride.
-(This a future Motivation, in The future) To study and and become a profesor

Strengths (Both physical and personality): Edric is very smart, wise and strong. He is also tough and has an strong mental mind, which comes from his adventuring.
Weaknesses (Balance out yours character's strengths with suitable weaknesses. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. I.E. Not knowing how to use a bow as a miner.): Edric loves adventures, and can be tricked very easily with one. He likes to think way to far, and think of the impossible, which sometimes makes him get into trouble. He is foolish when it comes to some things.
What is your character's personality? (Optional; use this field to note character traits that you feel don't fit into either strengths or weaknesses if you wish): He can adapt to stuff easily, which is good sometimes. He is sort of friendly but sometimes he isn't. His mouth can get him in trouble.
Bonus Language (Caro is free):
Arturan - Language of the civilized elves
Savage - Forlorn language, but also spoken by outcasts, exiles and wanderers
When i get my 8 Character point (Linguist):
Runic - Language of the Halfmen, it has been slowly dying off for centuries
Allani -
Character Traits (up to 7 points worth):
Scholar -2 (From his time of learning and reading)
Chef -2 (Learning how to survive in the wild)
Simple Weapons Proficiency - 1
Ranged Weapons Proficiency - 1 (All 3 from training in the army and learning in the wild)
Light Armor Proficiency - 1
Human talent: Roll-1
When i get my 8 Character point:
Linguist -1
Please note i may change Scholar for Fast Healing (not sure if it will be something else)
and Cross-Country Runner, in-game as the Roleplay progresses.
Please use the following link to read up on all the traits available: Trait System.
Your traits MUST COINCIDE with your character in description and biography. Whitelisters can and will defer apps if your traits do not match your character. New characters begin with 7 trait points, but a final eighth point can be earned in character through training. Some traits such as alchemy and arcane magic can only be obtained in game. You can learn new traits through in-character training at the expense of replacing one of your previously known traits. Some traits cost more than one point, so please ask if you have any questions.
I have finshed! If you have any advice for me (even if i am accepted) feel free to tell me!
I have re-posted my app for Deferred reasons!


Oh Government!

Written by Edric, in simple terms.

I , Edric, while in jail for being a political prisoner and for treason, took up pen and paper, and began writing. With ideas on my mind and easier to write it, i began my book of ideas.


I was an traveler from Alann, coming to Enris. I settled here, to help my poor family, myself and to save Enris. None of these worked out. I began thinking and wandering. I even thought of a life of crime. I began to think of the undead, and goverment. I realized, I don't have a big voice, my opinion's not that important in the Kingdom.I also realized, the king and Hand of King controls everything and has all the power. These didn't bother me at first, but I began to think deeper in this. How did I get this knowledge; some from my education, some from various place I ventured too, and some, I really don't know where. I am not an experienced writer, and actually never wrote before, but the peace and quite in prison has open my mind alot. I had the idea of a new government, a one never thought of before. This is my book of these ideas, not written in stone, but words expressing an idea.


For years and years, the world has had kings. Kings have always been around, doing good, and bad. Kings, our beloved kings, are in control of everything. Kings create great nations, and ruin others. This brings up, are Kings and nobles the only ones to rule? Is there anyway, you and me or anyone can have power without wars or revolts? Why do we trust Kings and nobles so much? A king has all power, and listen closely, all power. They have the power to help the nation, or destroy it. What if there is a government which makes it impossible for anyone too have so much power that they can destroy or ruin an nation.....

Chapter 1

King Harrick and Hand of King Renault are great rulers, and the problem is not them, its the system. I want to show an piece from a book i found: " King Harrick Glenmonte II - King of Enris, though not for long. He is old and sickly, and with both of his sons dead, his dynasty will most certainly meet an end. The fate of the realm is uncertain with his death surely approaching in the coming years, months, or even weeks. A kind, just man, well-liked by his subjects, few men could be holding together the Kingdom as well as he." King Harrick is a great king indeed, but he is old, and dying. What will happen when the dynasty of Great King Harrick ends? Wars and Revolts will spring.
People of Enris, i ask you look closely at that quote. We all love King Harrick but his time is reaching an end. If a foolish king takes the throne...Enris is gone. These are bad times, and kings like king Harrick are needed, or even better, an entirely new goverment. Has it ever occured to you that the king doesn't know what the people wants, but we the people advise him. Without we the people, King Harrick will have to rule on his own judging. We should be grateful we can even advise the King. If a hard decsion comes and King Harrick picks another choice and we the people know the other is better, we have to tell him and convince him! If we are not there, the king wouldn't know! Our
system is based on trust. Yes trust. We trust the King and Hand of King too do whats right. Our trust and just trust, trusting King Harrick and Renault will do whats right. We need a goverment the people control. It wil benfit in many ways. We need a goverment that doesnt rely on trusting only 2 people. You must understand Enris is in the hands of only 2 people, with subjects helping out. What government do we need, I will explain, that will make us all happy.

Chapter 2
We need a goverment for the people and by the people. In this goverment, the people will make decsions and laws. These laws and decsions go through the "King" first. If the king approves, the law or action will be confirmed. I want to call this group the Parliment of People. The Parliment of People will make major descions and laws. The people's voice. Another branch is the King and his advisers. The king, i mean if i should even call him king, will have his cabinet, or advisers of people,ordaniry people. Renault will perform his usual duties, but his word has to be approved by the King and cabinet. The "King" will be incharge of the army.(Declaring war,and the likewise will have to be passed by Parliment) The Kinf will be
the commander-in-cheif. The King will also make small desicions and laws, not major but minor. The King can also suggest laws too, too be past by Parliment and his cabinit. I still dont know what to call this "King" yet. Another branch will be the Fair Senate. The Fair Senate will make sure the laws are just and rightous. They will also do trails and court. As you can see, balance in power is made. The Paliarment of People can vote out this "King" as well as the Fair Senate. The Paliarment and Fair Senate can remove laws the King has done. Now do you see, how this goverment will be? No trust, no man with all the power. Just Balance,rights and fairness.

Chapter 3
How will this benfit the nation? Number one, no more systems based on trust. Number two, no man or men has all the power. Number three, the people rule, and the people have more power to change there lives. People are not just unworthly subjects, now they are worthly people. The people now have a voice. Number 4. The people of Enris know the undead troubles, and in these times the presure for the king is much. His sons just died, very sad. The King has an entire troubled kingdom in his hands. With a goverment for the people, the King has an easier duty and the people can help out.

Oh People of Enris! Do what is right! Don't be foolish, but serve your nation! This is another step to making Enris, the Confenration and the world a better place. Enris will be ahead of the time, and people will admire the nation. King Harrick and Hand of King Renault are great rulers, but the system is not! Be a great citizen, and help worki out this new idea for government, with much missing.

That is all.

Do what is right, and serve Enris with your might!