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    I disagree.
    Superman 64 is the worst thing to happen to video gaming since ET.
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    Madness in Wonderland
    ...and what a night you will never forget.

    Are you sick of going onto a Minecraft server expecting to have a real challenge only to find some boring landscape and a bunch of illiterate and childish admins who will ban you for taking someone else's things? Do you get that horrible feeling when all that you want to do is kill the person that is bothering you, but you can't, because the sucky admins who favour him will stop you?
    Heck, do you just need a REAL SURVIVAL CHALLENGE?

    Well, my friends. I would like to present to you a real hardcore PvP / Survival server!
    No more blundering around on a plot that some power hungry kid has assigned you, release your chains and unleash everything you have upon the petty humans on this earth!
    Wonderland is a magical, disturbed place with much to explore, and many feats to achieve. It will turn on you with its 5 unforgiving continents and push you to the brink. There is only one rule: survive. Do whatever it takes! Kill, steal and betray your way to the top. Become an unimaginably strong deity and take to the skies with your allies or fight alone in the depths of your dungeons as a vampire, waiting to come out and prey in the night.

    ~ Factions ~
    ~ MCMMO ~
    ~ Anarchy ~
    ~ Hardcore PVP ~
    ~ iConomy ~

    Experience it yourself and see why we will arise as the new Hardcore PvP server and make a name as the most challenging, unforgiving and fun server to date.

    Can you survive the wave of darkness?

    - Don't spam, ask for admin rights or items. 1st time is a warning, second time is a mute.
    - Don't use hacking clients, instant ban.
    - Be a **** if you want, it doesn't bother me. Just don't take it overboard and be a cyber-bully.

    So what are you waiting for? Join today! NO WHITELIST!
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] ♣ DesertCraft ♣ SURVIVAL ♣ //factions//pvp//killing//stealing//griefing ♣ Extreme Survival Conditions ♣ NO WHITELIST //
    The Most Challenging and Rewarding MC Server out!
    Factions, Stealing, Griefing ; All without loss of structure.


    Connect Now!
    See why so many people are enjoying this fresh new survival experience!

    So, you came, did you came, did you?
    The desert is as unforgiving as the heart of Death Bell herself.
    A living nightmare, this place is cursed.
    You are to be hunted, the very means of your existance ripped from your soul.
    But I sense a great desire in you, a will to survive.
    So come, just as you had intended, and show the desert what you really are.

    Never let them take you alive.

    - The Desert -

    It is set after the apocalypse of The Deadlands, when Egypt begins to take form as the deserted wastes and barren deserts that we know today. This is because of the plagues that destroyed and devoured the land.

    You can be anyone you want, all it takes is a bit of imagination and you have yourself set. Although this is not a roleplay server, you will find that you find a lot more about your identity as a player as you continue on a server like this. However it is no easy feat to progress in a harsh and unforgiving environment as desolate as this. The sands run from the horizons to the edges of the bedrock wall, in a map over 3000x3000 blocks wide. That's over 96,000 chunks of desert for you to explore, die and fight in.

    You may remember an old server called Pandemonium, which in my opinion never reached its full potential as its desert was a secondary concern. This server is not to be confused or associated with that server. We are not as obsessed with banning and overwhelming people. This server will be extremely hard, you will die many times and ask for everything to be nerfed, but it is still a very enjoyable experience. The desert can truly be appreciated on this server.

    You'll find as soon as you enter that there are no common resources, here, players actually care about how much of what would be a casual items they carry around. You'll find that the competition over these things is crazy, and that's why we have clans. You can create a small to large group of people to venture out in the desert with and overcome the challenges. You can go solo, but it's much harder!

    Making your way to the top of a server like this is no easy challenge, and will take a lot of time to master, but it is truly rewarding being a part of such a competitive community. There are lots of perks along the way, and challenges. Things like secret chests and dungeons scattered all throughout the land, it's definitely a server that is hard to come by, and holds its own unique place of its own.

    As a server owner, I make sure that I only hire staff that are competent, literate and fair. You will find that no staff will abuse their position and will not stand by as you get put down or abused.

    There is a unique feel to this server, and as its owner I am proud to be starting it up. I hope that you enjoy playing it as much as I have creating it. Many nights have been spent without sleep getting things just right for you guys to come on and have a fun and challenging experience.

    One thing that I do need to emphasize, although I have already said, is that the server is very hard. It's a harsh waste that is very unforgiving. You will die lots, and to be honest I've yet to see someone make it past the first 10 minutes. Do not come in, expecting it to be a breeze because you will have a lot of questions that everyone else has learnt to deal with and love. This is not a server for the feint of heart, although we do not implement deathbans or use them, this is still a hardcore survival server. You will not get free teleports, you will not get a free sapling or food when you're on half a heart. Asking will just annoy people!

    So come on, give it a try. I dare you, lol.

    The white-list is currently inactive so directly connect and join in!

    - TUTORIAL -

    When you get into the desert you'll spawn in the small town of Helena's Shire. It offers little protection but enough, for the small place that it is, for you to survive the night.
    As soon as you get the chance you want to go and look for an oasis to get food, wood and dirt. You can get saplings from the trees, take all the dirt and go set yourself up with your own tree farm and personal oasis. Remember that you don't have to stay in the oasis to get the resources.

    Once you get some decent resources you'll want to sell some of the junk that starts to build up as always. In Helena's Shire you'll see a small hole in the wall at the bottom of the bank which you can go in to find some villagers who will buy things off of you. Money is a great way to get new perks and special items.
    Emeralds are awarded to you upon your first two hours of play and every day after you log in for 30 minutes after that, if you right click on a villager you can trade emeralds for cheap or special items!

    Once you have a decent stash of money and items people are going to look for you to take all your hard work for themselves! This is where you want to create a clan. Clans are like factions but more simple and organized, you can't claim land either. This encourages people to hide their valuables and bases, and has a lot more realistic play. No more finding someone's secret entrance fair and square only to find out that you can't get in because they've claimed their land!

    From here on, the game sort of speaks for itself. You want to avoid zombies, but there are ways to farm them later on for some great loot and scarabs!

    - The Rules -

    [1] GRIEFING IS HEAVILY ENCOURAGED (See rule 6, though)
    [2] No spamming chat.
    [3] No asking for free items.
    [4] No discriminatory language or hate speech.
    [5] No hacking clients.
    [6] No deliberate and senseless mass destruction of the environment.
    [7] Absolutely NO crossing the bedrock wall - Not like you can anyway.

    When I say that I am not allowing hacking clients, I mean that no matter how subtle you might make your moves, we will find you and ban you. Don't think that you can make a few xray tunnels and cover them up because basically, anyone that progresses faster than a piece of iron in 2 hours is cheating. You'll find yourself either banned by the time you get out the tunnel, or we'll wait until you've got a nice set of iron tools and wood before we ban your IP.

    - TRAILER -
    - The Deadlands -

    If you venture far enough into the desert you may find a portal to the dreaded Deadlands. This is a time zone for an extra challenge.

    The horde of undead are upon us and the fate of the earth is seemingly unknown. A dark plague is spreading across Egypt, and its lush thriving forests and mountains. Who knows what could happen if this unspeakable plague infects the land and its people.

    The Deadlands is a time zone of ChronoCraft and set before the apocalypse of Egypt. It harbours similar gameplay elements as The Desert of Death Bell however, is more based around and encouraging player versus player contact, factions and typical hardcore pvp style play. It's not so much about surviving with anything you can get anymore, but trying to find yourself a safehaven from the hordes of zombies.

    There are hundreds of undead lining up at your doorstep, hoping to get in a bite. You have plenty of places to run, but the night is overwhelming. With only one remaining surviving town, Helena's Reach, you must survive in any way that you can from the terrifying extent of the bloodthirsty zombies that will do anything to reach you. You won't get far, trust me. The Desert of Death Bell has a point you will reach, where you will realize that you are suddenly starting to pick up, but here, there is nowhere safe. Just because it's easier to trust people, doesn't mean you should.

    Wood isn't everything, and while it might save you in the unforgiving desert, it certainly won't here. So again, come on and give it a go. I double dare you, rotfl.


    IP Address:
    ** Port: 25593 **
    Slots: 40
    Location: Chigago, IL
    Bukkit: CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R2.0
    White-list: No

    We are currently not accepting donations as money is not important to us and we want to provide fair and challenging play for all. Our aim is to provide a unique experience, not put cash in our pockets.
    This server is our gift to you.

    Run away from zombies, stop trying to fight them and then complaining about how hard they are.
    Don't try to kill people right out of spawn, unless you know they are carrying something valuable.
    Try to go in opposite directions to other people.
    Don't dig straight down for ore, it's not going to happen.
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    posted a message on Help Logging into Router
    Quote from xrocker30


    First off I apologize if this is in the wrong thread...it seemed the best fit because my overall goal is to set up my own server for my friends.

    What I need help with is logging into my Netgear router I got from Surewest, so that I can port-forward. The model is: WNDR3800

    Now if this was a normal Netgear router bought straight from Netgear, I believe I could just enter my default ip adress into the search bar and then use the default username and password : "admin, password" to login to the router and then forward the port

    But since it's from Surewest these default login details don't work. When I called SureWest and asked them for the login information they wouldn't give it to me because they said something like they don't want me screwing up the router.

    Is there any way possible you know the information to get into my router so I can forward the port so my friends and I can play on a server together? Or is there anyway I can find out the login info?

    Thank you,

    Surewest are retards, call them up again and demand the router password. It's your internet connection, you're entitled to be able to access it. Threaten to cancel your plan and take it to the telecommunications ombudsman if they don't, lol, trust me they will listen. It's not worth that kind of [profanity="[profanity="shit"]"] for one access that you'd normally have with any other ISP.
    EDIT: If you can't get in with [Admin, password] on a Netgear router, they've purposely put it that way. Tell them that you're paying for the service, and if you want to forward some ports you'll bloody well do it, + the above post. Sound like you know what you're talking about even if you don't, and this is true, there's no way that you can screw up a router by editing the - We don't have a "reset to factory defaults" button for aesthetics.
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    posted a message on ThePilotGuy is the best moderator ever.
    Don't you just love his piggyness?
    His bacon chops, so tasty in his display picture.
    I love it when he infracts me, it makes me feel so special. Like I have a place in this world.
    I'm so loved when it comes to this moderator,
    he's the best mod in the world.

    I wrote a poem for him.

    ThePilotGuy is great,
    He's my very best mate.
    He likes bacon strips,
    But goes straight to your hips.

    He is my best friend,
    until the very end.
    ThePilotGuy is great,
    he's my very best mate.

    Everyone here, sign this petition and vote ThePilotGuy for president of Minecraft.
    No other moderator is as awesome as he is.

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    posted a message on Using a website subdomain as a server IP address?
    Okay, so all is well with the A record? I just need to wait up to 24 hours then use mc.desertofdeathbell.com:25593 and all should be working properly?
    Quote from NorthAntrim

    edit 2: so to summarise:

    create an A record with the IP address and the URL mc.desertofdeathbell.com, allow up to 24 hours and connect in-game with mc.desertofdeathbell.com:25593.

    Thankyou, thread solved for now.
    I'll come back if it's still not working in 24 hours.
    Thanks for all the information, all three of you.
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    posted a message on Avante Hosting Services Inc. | Minecraft Servers| Instant Setup| USA| Starting at $4.00/Month |SSD!| SELF OPERATED NETWORK | 1 Y
    Quote from Avante

    That employee is no longer with us today.

    As for the website, it was made by a competing host NixHost, there was some problems between me and the owner of their company but it has been solved now. I haven't asked them to remove the website, but I will in the future.

    As for HackForums, we left HackForums since we didn't want to be involved with 'illegal activity' since there was a big amount while advertising there.

    But we are here with one sole purpose, to provide a cheap and reliable hosting service.

    Sure these issues shouldn't have EVER happened in the first place, but I myself and my other employees were not able to control this other 'employee'.

    Thank You

    LOL you guys are hideous and horrendous.
    Trying to cover up your flaws with pretty words.
    NEVER go with Avante. EVER.
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    posted a message on The selfishness and tantrums of minecraft users...
    I want to vent about something that angers me so much on Minecraft.
    It's the childish tantrums that people throw when things that are perfectly logical go wrong.

    I'll start with griefing, and this isn't your typical survival idiots who walk around putting gravel in people's homes. It's about the renegade ops and hackers that take advantage of people's security loopholes.

    For example, my server was in offline mode because of a default setting with a host, I have no idea how it got that way. Anyway, a group of people come on unprovoked and pose as me, wrecking everything and blowing things up. This is unprovoked, why do people do this? I don't even know them, it's weird!

    Another example is a moderator who started making dirt swastikas, we found him out through LogBlock and he denied it. After taking away his moderator right, he found access to the cp through a node and opped his friend, WEditing away spawn.

    Again, another would be what happened today. My spawn got griefed so I give someone that really wanted to help WorldEdit when all my friends are helping me rebuild. He starts building skyscrapers and other ridiculous **** with World Edit, so we take him off the builder list. Next thing you know he just edits the whole thing out before I remove the node and leaves.

    What is wrong with these people? Can't they just mature up, and leave people alone who are just trying to give other people a pleasant experience? They have their own servers! Why can't they go on their own servers and do these things, instead of taking advantage of the fact that I am kind to them and let them help, since when do I not have the right to speak my mind and make decisions on my own server, why do these people need to get revenge on me for it?

    I don't understand, I'd never do this to someone else so why do they feel the need to do it to me?
    We're all people. I just don't know why this happens.
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