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    IP Address: Dunmel.atl33.creeperhost.net

    Dunmel Island is no ordinary RPG server. But you've all heard that a million times. So let me convince you that we're different. The Dunmel Island server is actually set on the archipelago of Montvonde -- several large regions of snow, ice, forest, sand, rock, and grass. Unlike the original Dunmel Island, Montvonde has never been populated. It is sparsely covered in new civilization, people from around the globe looking to find solace, supremacy, or salute.

    Explore chasms and caverns below ground, or hike the massive mountain peaks the likes of which you have never seen. Look for trouble in the Rivermouth swamp, or test your luck with the slippery glaciers in the northern Rels. Trek out Delver Valley, and move south to the Equalon desert wastes -- where the dark god Nathura spends his afternoons.

    Of course, the map is not everything to boast. With a low player cap, Dunmel makes it a point to give each player the proper attention. I equally hate when I'm on an RPG server and nobody can even see my messages amidst the storm.

    The only people to eventually become moderators must stay with the server and prove trustworthy and honest. You can see what we're about by going to the Outlook section, and you can see our lore in the Lore section. Furthermore, our beginning narrative in below.


    "Nothing," said Caesar Marcium gently. He slid the long oars into the hooked oarlocks and laced his fingers over the side.

    "What do you mean, 'nothing'?" asked Parnassus irritably. He was still rowing. The humidity was getting to him. They had pulled into the bay nearly an hour ago. The river was narrowing.

    Caesar stretched. "No civilization. It makes Dunmel look like a cosmopolitan wonderland. Here, everything is so... pristine."

    Parnassus took a moment to study the land. They were drifting in to a canal between a desert and a squat, lush forest. In the northwest, a massive mountain range loomed. "Not much to behold."

    "Just think," mused Caesar. "This place has no gods nor people. Its history is entirely green, blue, white, and gray nature."

    Fantastic," grumbled Parnassus. "You could help rowing."

    "I could," said Caesar blithely. "let's call this place Montvonde. A bit of mountain and the good old Dunmel vonde."

    They beached the boat on a sandbar and saw only possibility and opportunity. It was enough for anyone.


    Dunmel is all about role play and freedom. You can be an explorer, an assassin, bandit, mage, werewolf, werhinoceros, fallen god, or even a member of the mysterious Thauver. You can become a Byasvonde legionnaire, a Bloodreath wanderer, or a Republique warrior. Become an alchemist in RiffenCavin city, or a miner for the Guardian Angels. The possibilities are endless.


    Montvonde island has a deep history. As it was, Caesar was incorrect. Roughly three thousand years ago a civilization called Alasantine ruled the Montvonde archipelago. It was a sour kingdom, ruled by corrupted monarchs and it was worked by slaves. Yet it was sprawling, and it lasted longer than the Roman Empire.

    The evil so daily committed by this nation did not go unnoticed by Alasantine's chief god, Orel. Orel decided alone that he was to strike down the nation. And so he did.

    For five days death washed up on Montvonde's shores. Plague literally ripped through cities, and revenants and wraiths tore through the bodies of the living. After a week, Alasantine was finished. Orel was not done. To destroy every remnant of civilization, he sacrificed his very life force to wipe clean the land. And all was done.

    Now, three thousand years later, people are washing up on empty shores, searching for a new life. And they have found it.


    There are two ways to play Dunmel.

    1. Apply on this very page, therefore playing as an immigrant from other places. You are alone at first, and are free to do whatever you wish.

    2. Apply on our Nations post, where you can choose a nation that you can join. Joining a nation gets you more benefits, and if that faction is an ally of Byasvonde, we will supply you with provisions periodically. Get more details by clicking the fancy blue word "Nations".


    These rules are malleable. But break them one too many times will result in your ban. So read them carefully.

    1. Absolutely no sexism or racism. Breaking this will result in an instant ban.

    2. Do not destroy without reason. However, if you're destroying a faction's base and they've wronged you somehow, you're free to pay them back as you wish.

    3. Put the words "To Montvonde I come" in your whitelist application. It's the only real way to get on the server.

    4. Respect your superiors. Badmouthing an admin could lead to lightning splitting your mortal skull.

    5. No cheats or hacks of any kind. I personally will track you down and ban you from the face of the Earth. Screwing up your own experience on the server is something you can prevent, amazingly.

    6. Faction names and RP names need to be lore friendly. As you scroll down, you'll notice the first comment is by "epic_is_my_midlle_name". He is a moron, as he did not put the phrase in his application and he did not follow any lore rules. Do not be like him. Shun him.


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    Reason to play:
    Character Story:


    Visit our blog here! It has updates every few days, and it's a good way of keeping up with events.
    Here is our Nations post, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. You can visit our website here.

    You can see our BRAND NEW and OFFICIAL texture pack with the link below.
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    That thing by the red wool looks like Elmo. Seriously.

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