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    All "How to install?????????????????????" questions will be ignored. Read the OP.

    Release policy has changed! The numbered versions have been eliminated in favor of "special" daily versions. They will usually match the unstable dailies, but if I add a potentially bugged feature, stable version will not update until that feature is known to work.

    This mod restores singleplayer mode in Minecraft 1.3.2 and newer versions, allowing to play fast and smooth game again. It still supports all the new features, including commands and even LAN multiplayer. It also provides a button to play default mode with local server, for the mod compatibility. Also fixes particle rendering bug.

    1. Create a local version for the launcher.
    1.1. Go to game directory (.minecraft by default), then to versions dir.
    1.2. Copy a version you want to clone.
    1.3. Rename jar and json files to the same name as the directory itself.
    1.4. Change "id" line in the json accordingly.
    2. Remove META-INF in the jar you have renamed in step 1.3.
    3. Unpack ssp.zip to that jar.
    If you are on Mac, replace 2 classes in the net folder one by one instead of copying the entire folder, as the Mac overrides folders completely, removing whatever was in them.

    Download the latest daily build
    Previous daily version


    This mod can cause many incompatibilities with other mods!

    This mod is merged OldSurvival, NBXlite and most other mods here. It has nice GUI for configuration and many new features.
    Important feature of this mod is modularity. It's divided into modules and core. All modules require core.
    Currently there are 9 modules:
    Actions, Bugs, Gameplay, Mobs, Crafting, Eyecandy, Sounds, Textures, NBXlite.

    NBXlite is very different from other modules:

    The Nostalgia Project/No Biomes X (by InsanityBringer) exists since 1.7.3. In 1.8 it received many new features, increasing mod size and changing almost everything, and became even more bloated in 1.0. So I took the mod and removed GUIAPI dependency and options that don't required for old generation. Then I added some new things, like support of new generator from 1.0, SMP, fixed some bugs etc.

    Differences from NoBiomesX:
    • Removed most features that old generation doesn't require
    • No need to change texture pack to switch between generators
    • Terrain generation from Beta 1.8, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.3.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 6 different versions of Infdev, Indev and Classic
    • Working the End instead of Sky Dimension
    • Sky Dimension as Overworld if selected
    • Server version
    • Buttons for choosing map type in "More options"
    • No GUIAPI and AudioMod dependency.
    • Mob spawning algorithm from beta 1.7.3 for old worlds.
    • Villages are enabled for old worlds.
    • Weather is enabled.
    • Beta 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 features for Beta generator
    • Jungle option for 1.7.3 generator
    • Fully working breeding for old worlds
    • Alpha world converter that was removed in Minecraft 1.2
    • Indev map (mclevel) importer
    • Uses OldDays Core
    • Many other things




    Woods theme:

    Alpha 1.1.2_01

    Snow world:

    Alpha 1.2.0-Beta 1.7.3

    Sky dimension:

    Beta 1.8-1.1

    Outdated screenshots:

    MrNewGuy (MrNewGuyGaming on youtube) made a nice "Let's play" called AlphaCraft using NBXlite and OldSurvival!

    Copyright: You can redistribute and modify this as you want, just credit InsanityBringer and me.

    New seeds for old generators!
    If you found a great pre-1.7 seed, feel free to post it here, so I can add it in the list.
    Note that I will not add to list seeds with nothing interesting or Beta 1.8–1.5 seeds.

    Settings are saved with world, but if world was not loaded with this mod, game will ask you which generator do you want to use.
    Warning: You can only do this once! If world was loaded with mod, it will not change its settings anymore, unless you use external NBT editor.

    To use 1.2.5-like standalone NBXlite, install SSP, Core and NBXlite, then disable SSP in the H menu.

    1. Install SSP mod using instruction in the corresponding section.
    2a. If you want to install everything:
    2.1a Unpack olddays-allin1.zip to the jar created in step 1.
    2b. Or if you want to install one/few particular module(s):
    2.1b Unpack core.zip and some module zips to the jar created in step 1.

    Latest version:


    All in one

    Previous version:


    All in one

    Changelog: 1.2.5;
    Review by BrettPhil
    Copyright: You can redistribute and modify this as you want as long as you credit me.

    Press H in game!

    Feature list:

    • Punch TNT: Allows punching TNT with hand to explode it
    • Extinguish TNT: Allows punching primed TNT to extinguish it, like in SurvivalTest
    • Smelt items on fire: Items will bounce off lava and smelt, but not burn, like in 0.31
    • Fire:
      • Alpha: Makes fire faster, allows logs to burn infinitely
      • Beta 1.5: Makes fire faster
      • Beta 1.6: Same damage on all difficulties
      • 1.4: Default
    • Punch sheep: Allows punching sheep with hand to get wool
    • Durability:
      • Indev: Makes diamond tools weaker
      • Alpha: Makes tool weaker
      • Beta: Default
      Default durabilities
    • Mushroom spreading: Enables/disables mushroom spreading
    • Solid TNT: Allows placing pressure plates on TNT
    • Big fences: Changes fence collision and selection box to cube
    • Less Nether lava flow
    • Enable fog key: F by default, can be changed in controls menu
    • Log rotation
    • Old crops: Makes them break when player walks over them
    • Time control: Allows scrolling time with F6 and F7, like in 1.8pre1
    • Old stairs: Direction is based on surrounding blocks
    • Old boat breaking: Makes boats always drop planks and sticks
    • Old block hardness: Reduces mining time of redstone ore, obsidian etc
    • Apples from leaves
    • Old bone meal
    • Snow falls on glass
    • Egg throwing
    • Boosters: Allows accelerating minecarts by colliding them
    • Water lifts: Makes boats float in waterfalls
    • Toasters: Allows lava to hurt entities through wall corners
    • Water ladders: Allows player to use water and signs as fast ladder
    • Ladder gaps: Allows player to climb ladders with 1-block gaps in them
    • Piston dupe: Allows player to duplicate blocks with two pistons
    • Crafting grid bug: Allows player to carry items in crafting grid
    • Inventory walking: Allows player to walk while inventory is opened
    • Experience: Enables/disables orbs and bar
    • Hunger: Enables/disables regeneration/starving, bar, makes food heal
    • Instant food: Makes food heal/fill hunger instantly
    • Food stacking: Makes food non-stackable
    • Old loot: Zombies drop feathers, pigzombies drop cooked porkchop, no chicken/beef/spider eyes
    • Rare loot: Enables/disables ingot/armor/weapon loot from zombies, skeletons and pigzombies
    • Machine bow: Removes bow charging
    • Bow durability
    • Combat system:
      • Beta 1.3: No critical hits
      • Beta 1.7.3: No critical hits, more damage
      • Beta 1.8.1: Fixed critical hit damage
      • 1.0: Default
    • Armor:
      • Beta 1.7.3: Based on durability, blocks all damage sources
      • Beta 1.8.1: Based on durability
      • 1.0: Reduces damage twice
      • 1.1: Default
    • Allow debug screen: Enables/disables F3 and Shift+F3
    • Allow sprint: Enables/disables sprint, may work glitchy with hunger enabled
    • Jump delay: Enables/disables jump delay added in the middle of beta
    • Start items:
      • Survival Test: 10 TNT
      • 0.31: Flint and Steel
      • 02.27 Infdev: 999 glass and 999 planks
      • OFF: Default
    • Sign stacking
    • Bucket stacking
    • Score:
      • OFF: No score, &e0 on game over screen
      • Survival Test: Displayed in the corner of the screen, given for kills
      • 1.0: Default
    • Old explosions: Makes explosions always deal the same damage
    • Disable sneaking
    • Old reach distance
    • Mob AI:
      • Indev: Advanced pathfinding
      • Alpha: Old AI, jumping mobs
      • Beta: Old AI
      • 1.2: Different visibility range
      • 1.4: Can walk over rails
      • 1.5: Default
    • Animal panic: Enables/disables animal panic after being damaged
    • Sheep eat grass: Enables/disables sheep grazing and wool regenerating
    • Spiders climb walls: Enables/disables spiders ability to climb walls
    • Survival Test mobs: Much more dangerous mobs
    • Old skeleton fire: Makes skeletons shoot faster, but weaker
    • Old mob health: Makes spiders have 20 health, sheep — 10 and endermen — 20, instead of 16, 8 and 40
    • Allowed mobs:
      • Classic: No mobs
      • 0.31 (Ranas): Ranas
      • 0.31 (Steves): Steves
      • Indev: Creepers, spiders, zombies, skeletons, pigs, white sheep
      • Alpha 1.0.8: Cows
      • Alpha 1.0.11: Slimes
      • Alpha 1.0.14: Chickens
      • Alpha 1.2.0: Same as 1.0.14 due to a bug
      • Beta 1.2: Squids, grey and black sheep
      • Beta 1.7.3: Wolves, brown and pink sheep
      • Beta 1.8.1: Endermen
      • 1.1: Mooshrooms
      • 1.2: Ocelots
      • 1.4: Bats, armed zombies
    • Slime spawning:
      • 1.5: Default
      • 1.4: No moon phase dependence
      • 1.3: No slimes in swamps
      • 1.0: Less slimes on Superflat
      • Beta: Max. height — 16 blocks
      • Alpha 1.0.11: 10 times more slimes, no chunk restriction, max.height — 32 blocks
      • OFF
    • Unnerfed endermen: Allows them to carry almost all blocks
    • Squids need water
    • Old walking: Crazy arm flailing, no block breaking animation
    • Bobbing: Like in Classic and SurvivalTest
    • Old endermen: Scary endermen with black smoke and green eyes
    • Endermen open mouth: Not an old feature, but made by request
    • Item sway: Enables/disables item swaying when turn quickly
    • 2D items: Like in 0.31. May look glitchy in third person view
    • Old chests: Bigger size, no opening animation
    • Show mob IDs in F3: Enables/disables seeing mob IDs through walls
    • Mob armor: Makes zombies and skeletons wear decorative armor, like in SurvivalTest
    • Main menu:
      • Alpha: No panorama, animated logo
      • 1.7.3: No panorama
      • 1.8.1: Texture pack button
      • 1.5: Default
    • Old digging particles: Makes them use block side texture, not bottom
    • Old redstone wire: Makes single redstone wire look like cross instead of dot
    • Item tooltips:
      • OFF
      • Beta: No blue border, tooltips are smaller and more transparent
      • 1.0: Default
    • Old fences: Makes fences not connect with solid blocks
    • Arrows stick to mobs: Beta 1.8 feature, removed in 1.9 pre-release
    • Version: Allows version string changing
    • Inventory blocks:
      • Alpha: Stairs are glitched, blocks have darker shadow
      • Beta 1.8: Blocks look to the left, have no shadows
      • 1.0: Blocks look to the left
      • 1.3: Default
    • Liquid drops
    • Hand:
      • Survival Test: Rotated hand
      • Indev: Glitched in inventory and after third person mode
      • Beta: Default
    • Tool breaking animation
    • Old labels: They are smaller when player or mob is far away
    • Smooth loading bar: Makes loading bar in SSP mode smoother
    • Old Creative inventory: No categories, more space to items
    • Old arm swinging: Slower, allows to continuously punch air
    • Bobbing in 3rd person
    • Water particles
    • Old dropped items
    • Old GUI backround — more transparent, blue
    • Old explosion sound
    • Old XP orb sound: Same as for items
    • Old hurt sound: Ooh!
    • Falling sound: Enables/disables bone-breaking falling sound
    • Old door sounds
    • Chest sound
      • 1.0: Default
      • 1.8.1: Old door sounds
      • OFF
    • Old bow sound
    • Old arrow hit sound: Drr!
    • Eating sound
    • Drinking sound
    • Tool breaking sound
    • Lava sound
    • Enderman sounds:
      • 1.0: Default
      • 1.8.1: Zombie sounds
      • OFF
    • Use calm4.ogg music
    • Old creeper sound
    • Old walking sounds
    • Old mob walking sounds
    • Old cow sounds
    • Old large slime sounds
    • Old skeleton sounds
    • Level-up sounds
    • Old Flint and Steel sound
    • Shearing sound
    • Old water splash sound
    • Swimming sound
    • Minecart sound
    • Old planks: Every log gives oak planks
    • Leather armor:
      • Cloth: Use cloth/wool as material
      • Leather: Use leather as material
      • Both: Allow both recipes
    • Slabs:
      • 1.3: Default
      • 1.2.1: Unflammable oak slabs from every plank
      • Beta: Same as 1.2.1, but gives 3 slabs instead of 6
      • Alpha: 3 cobblestone → 3 stone slabs, others are disabled, pressure plates take 3 stone/planks
    • Ladders from crafting: 1/2/3
    • Old cloth: Needs 9 strings instead of 4
    • Old glowstone: Needs 9 dust instead of 4
    • Golden apple: Needs gold blocks instead of nuggets
      • 1.3: Default
      • 1.1: No improved golden apple
      • Beta: Needs gold blocks instead of nuggets
    • Old mushroom stew: Shaped recipe
    • Old ore blocks: Needs 4 ingots/diamonds instead of 9
    • Old books: Shaped, don't require leather
    • Old sign: Gives 1 sign instead of 3
    • Old maps: Gives normal map instead of empty one
    • Old arrows
    • Old bread
    • Old buttons
    • Cobblestone:
      • 0.0.13a_03: Almost same as Alpha, more flat
      • Alpha: More contrast and sharp texture
      • Beta 1.7: Default
    • Old mossy stone: More contrast texture
    • Old stone: Some tiny changes
    • Bricks:
      • Classic: Red bricks
      • Alpha: White lines
      • Beta 1.8: Default
    • Old sand: Some tiny changes
    • Gravel:
      • Beta: Sharper texture
      • 1.0: More noisy texture
      • 1.3: Default
    • Old dirt: Some tiny changes
    • Old grass: Some tiny changes (NBXlite biomeless world will always have old grass)
    • Planks:
      • 0.0.13a_03: Looks like grey bricks
      • Beta: Some tiny changes
      • 1.0: Default
    • Sapling:
      • Classic: Brighter, has less details
      • Beta: Brighter, has less details
      • 1.2: Default
    • Cloth:
      • Classic: Much brighter
      • Beta: Brighter, more saturated
      • 1.2: Default
    • Old glowstone: Some tiny changes
    • Ore blocks:
      • Classic: Uses 3 different textures
      • Beta: No lines on iron, some tiny changes
      • 1.0: Default
    • Old mob spawner: Blue instead of black
    • Stone furnace top
    • Old dispenser: Different face
    • Old cobweb: Pure white, has less details
    • Old porkchop: Cooked porkchop looks like steak
    • Old axes: Two sided axes
    • Old coal: Has less details
    • Old flint: Similar to coal
    • Old flint and steel: Flint in it looks similar to coal
    • Old feather: More straight
    • Pig snouts
    • Old slimes: Opaque, have black eyes
    • Steve with beard
    • Old explosion: No shockwaves
    • Moon phases
    • Armor slot shapes
    • Old cocoa beans: Look like a dye instead of seeds
    • Old netherrack
    • Old leather armor
    • Old food items
    • Procedural textures — enables old dynamic water, lava, fire, portal, clock and compass
    • Old Mojang screen
    • Old charcoal
    • Old lapis lazuli block
    • Generator
    • Theme: no biomes only
    • Features (For Infdev/Alpha generators)
    • Features (For Beta generator)
    • Features (For 1.8+ generator)
    • Flags: Many map-specific options
    • Ground bound height: finite maps only
    • Ground bound type: finite maps only
    • Liquid bound height: finite maps only
    • Liquid bound type: finite maps only
    • Sky color: Set to 0 for theme settings
    • Fog color: Set to 0 for theme settings
    • Cloud color: Set to 0 for theme settings
    • Skylight amount: Set to -1 for theme settings, to 16 for eternal day
    • Cloud height: Set to -1 for generator settings
    • Leaves decay
    • Old mob spawning
    • Old hoes: Seeds from grass
    • Textured clouds
    • Opaque flat clouds
    • Lighting
      • Beta 1.8: Default
      • ClassicLight: InsanityBringer's tweaks to make it look like 1.7.3 lighting
      • Beta 1.7.3: Chunk updates, no brightness settings, less light glitches
    • Bedrock fog
    • Sunrise at North
    • Sunrise effect
    • Old stars
    • Old Nether fog
    • Old saplings
    • GUI in More Options
    • Default generator
    • Default features (Infdev/Alpha)
    • Default features (Beta)
    • Default features (Release)

    Thanks to:
    InsanityBringer for original NBX!
    jimeowan for translation class!
    Xizz3l, 15382, ficion and danix111 for translations!
    Many other people for testing!

    Spawn human
    Press G (configurable) key in creative mode to spawn human, like in very early versions of minecraft.
    They just run aimlessly. And they will die if they touch cactus or fall too high, or if you punch them.

    Copyright: You can redistribute and modify this as you want, just credit me.

    1. Install SSP mod using instruction in the corresponding section.
    2. Unpack spawn-human.zip to the jar created in step 1.

    Latest version
    Previous version

    Configuration (.minecraft/config/SpawnHuman.properties):

    When Minecraft 1.3.2 was released, simo_415's SinglePlayerCommands were rewritten from scratch to work with the internal server. Unfortunately, that also means that most of its commands were removed and are still not available.
    SSPC is SPC 3.2.2 (1.2.5 version), updated to work with Minecraft 1.5.2 and SSP. It has all former SPC commands and few additions as well.

    • Updated to 1.5.2.
    • All SPC 3.2.2 commands, including the ones absent in the SPC 4.*, like /spawnstack.
    • Commands are displayed in the vanilla /help.
    • Plugin commands are also displayed there.
    • /phelp and /superpunch actually work.
    • /path supports block names, and not onlt IDs.
    • /useportal now can work without arguments.
    • //regen works.
    • Commands conflicting with the default ones were renamed. For example, /clear became /clearchat.

    1. Install SSP mod using instruction in the corresponding section.
    2. Unpack every file from spc.zip, except WorldEdit.jar to the jar created in step 1.
    3. Put WorldEdit.jar to the game directory (.minecraft by default).

    Download latest version
    Download previous version

    Source code of the latest version
    Source code of the previous version

    This mod is licensed under GNU LGPLv3.
    TL;DR: You can do whatever you want as long as the mod remains under this license; source code of any modification/derivative should be available.

    Source code of the latest versions
    Source code of the previous versions
    Latest code on github

    Old versions

    Daily builds:
    These builds have the latest features, and are the most unstable ones. They are generated automatically, so they may contain unfinished features.

    They may work well, they may crash, they may give black screen, corrupt worlds, whatever. They may have all sorts of debug messages or "Useless test button: ON/OFF" options. Use them at your own risk and don't forget to backup your worlds! Also check the latest posts, they may have some information about upcoming bugs.

    Changelog for all daily builds since the last "normal" development version





    Spawn Human


    SSPC src


    Before you ask any questions, read this FAQ:
    Q: I got crash/blackscreen/saving chunks/etc!
    A: Post the crash log.

    Q: I did not get crash log! How do I get it?
    A: Download MCPatcher and launch Minecraft from it. Then copy the log from MCPatcher.

    Q: I use MagicLauncher and it crashes for me!
    A: MagicLauncher fails to load the mod. Don't use it.

    Q: Is it compatible with Forge?
    A: No.

    Q: How do I use it with ModLoader?
    A: Install ModLoader before SSP and OldDays.

    Q: Can you add X?
    A: First make sure that X is not in the ToDo list or the development versions. If it's not, I might add it to the ToDo list and implement eventually.

    Q: I found a bug!
    A: It is helpful if you post the log and a screenshot; however, this may not be possible, depending on the nature of the bug. Make sure that it's not feature.
    Q: I don't want OldDays, I just want old generation!
    A: The only module you need is the NBXlite module. The merge did not remove any features, it just added a configuration GUI.

    Q: Why do I have gears in my creative inventory?
    A: They are there to fix Indev map import.

    Q: Why are there themes for Classic and other generators? There were no themes!
    A: Themes for the Alpha generator is feature from NoBiomesX; I didn't remove them. The themes for the other generators are there just for consistency.

    Q: I don't need the world creation GUI, how do I disable it?
    A: There is an option in the OldDays GUI, called with the H key.
    Q: I have a .mclevel map, how do I play it?
    A: Place it in your saves folder. After first loading it will be converted to the standard Anvil format. However, the seed will be 0, so don't try to re-create it.
    04.20 Infdev
    Q: Why don't leaves decay?
    A: Since all the trees are quite large, decaying would cause considerable lag.
    Q: Why do Alpha worlds have snow?
    A: Snow is an Alpha feature. When it happens is random and it does not depend on the world seed.
    Q: I tried the -7711547331594155648 Beta 1.8 seed, but there isn't a stronghold there! WTF?
    A: It's a bug, and I know about it. Actually the stronghold is there, but is buried. Dig 2 blocks down to get it. OldDays
    General & Core
    Q: How do I use OldDays with Optifine?
    A: Optifine is incompatible. For Minecraft 1.3.2 or newer versions install it in the following order: SSP-Optifine-OldDays.

    Q: Why are some options disabled?
    A: Some mods conflict with these options by editing the same classes.

    Q: Why is everything disabled in SMP?
    A: If it were enabled, you could cheat with instant food, ladder gaps, etc.

    Q: Why is everything disabled in singleplayer?
    A: Read the installation instructions.
    Q: Why does smelting on fire give me more items than I originally had?
    A: It's an intended feature.
    Q: Why can't I use them with texture pack?
    A: Default textures look awful with almost any pack. To force enable them, copy the olddays folder in the textures module to your texture pack's zip file.
    Q: How to disable those tooltips when you switch the items in the hotbar?
    A: Open .minecraft/options.txt file and change heldItemTooltips value from true to false. If it's absent, add it manually.
    Q: What is it?
    A: True singleplayer mode for 1.3.2 and higher, not a shell of SMP.

    Q: But I have singleplayer, why do I need this mod?
    A: Singleplayer now works like it's local SMP, and is much buggier than this; this mod reverts singleplayer back to how it was - pure singleplayer.

    Q: How can I disable it?
    A: There is button to temporarily use SMP mode. Disabling is pointless, since this mod does only one thing. OldDays allows you to disable it, however.

    Q: Why is it required for OldDays, even when I disable it?
    A: SSP contains the loader for the core/modules. ModLoader should work, but it might have various bugs in singleplayer, while SSP will work fine.

    Q: How do I use it with Optifine?
    A: Install SSP, then Optifine, then copy bfy.class and ng.class from SSP again, replacing Optifine classes.

    Q: How do I use it with ModLoader?
    A: Install ModLoader before SSP.

    Q: Why is it so incompatible?
    A: SSP changes a large number of classes, thus creating more conflicts with other mods. Additionally, it changes the way entire game works, while most mods are designed to work with internal server.

    Signature banners!
    By Regicidal!


    By seanvanpelt2!

    By 15382!



    By LS11_GAM3R!



    By MTX1996!

    By Jimmykong!



    By wetamiso!

    By xSatuim!



    By 3pix!

    By _123WheatleyCore321_!


    By gjellestad!

    By gus33000!



    By boxesandmoreboxes!

    Sorry for my bad english:/
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    Quote from CliffracerX

    I'm planning on making a mod that does some of what Olddays does in Forge, because Forge is better then base-class modding. -_-
    Remember that the most important part is SSP. Start with implementing it with Forge. :D
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    Updated the OP to link to stable dailies. The unstable ones remain unchanged.
    I have backed up the old OP, so, if something goes wrong, I can always restore it.

    Quote from Exalm »
    The numbered versions have been eliminated in favor of "special" daily versions. They will usually match the unstable dailies, but if I add a potentially bugged feature, stable version will not update until that feature is known to work.

    Also updated instructions. If they are unclear, I would like to see suggestions on how to improve them.

    The only problem now are changelogs. The ones used for daily versions are very uninformative, one might as well look into the latest commits section on Github.
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    Quote from Stefsarch7

    I switched through the generators in-game (indev/alpha, beta, release) and when I hit escape with the release version selected it crashed:
    I suspect this was the same crash, and is fixed as well.

    Also, an idea. Currently everyone uses daily versions anyway, so what about making them the only versions? The stable release is very outdated anyway. If I make dailies "official", I would not have to bother with releasing stuff, and nobody would ask about daily installation. :)

    Edit: Ah, that thing with SSP /group, when 314rft has lost his castle. And the Floating Beta experiment... I have forgotten about that. So the dailies are really unstable.
    Well, maybe I mark some particular daily version (that is known to be free of critical bugs) as the stable one? This can be done on my side and does not require OP editing.

    I afraid that it block put my Dropbox account because of high traffic, like it happened back in 1.2.4 time, if anyone remembers. But something has to be done.

    Since I can follow the thread again (kinda), I'm most probably back on track.

    BTW, the version with floating Beta gen still exists. :) I had saved it before it was removed by the daily.sh script.
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    Quote from TXF

    Hmm.. I seem to have an issue. The mod has been working fine, no issues at all. But now all of the sudden, it refuses to save my world. It'll save the inventory and time of day, but not the world changes.

    Entire Console Log:

    Obviously the "The save is being accessed from another location, aborting" is something. Any help?

    I don't have anything else open that is doing anything with Minecraft. Nothing else that uses java is open. I've closed things and tried again, and it's still doing it.
    Seems to be an SSP bug.
    When did it start to happen?
    Quote from CreativeNinja456

    This may count as a "how do I install????????????????"
    question, but if you have seen me on other posts, then you know
    that I use magic launcher. I compressed the contense of the folder
    and put the zip file in my mods folder. It said "OK" but it did not show up
    on my minecraft title screen. I used forge mod loader, so I did technically
    have modloader. can you guys help me? this mod is the best I have seen.
    rediscovered mod gets old after a while. not in minecraft is outdated and
    buggy. This looks awesome!
    FML is not ModLoader.
    MagicLauncher is not supported. If you can get it to work, good for you, but I can't help if it doesn't, other than telling you to try with default launcher.
    Quote from Newlight

    To be honest,where is Exalm?
    I'm here. :P
    Quote from Kedlub

    Help me, my minecraft crashed how to fix it?
    My crash report is:

    There is a quirk with the mod: your log is very generic: it may mean anything because of one bad hack I had to do in SSP.
    Can you post the log from the launcher instead? The actual exception would be before this one.
    Quote from 314rft

    Please, DON'T say that! This mod CAN'T DIE!!!!!!
    To be honest, it can. And it has been since 1.3. I just can't develop SUCH large codebase. I think you remember how quickly I developed it in 1.2.*, and how I updated it in few hours, not even days. This is impossible now because of SSP.
    Quote from 314rft

    But the reason this mod is dying is that Forge is literally taking over the forums, I wouldn't be surprised to wake up one morning and Minecraft is now called Forgecraft.
    Well, this is pretty much a "global" mod, so it isn't really meant to be used with forge mods. However, if anybody before 1.3 would tell me that NBXlite that was created specifically to improve compatibility would become what it is now, I would not believe, honestly.
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    posted a message on OldDays/NBXlite, SpawnHuman, SSP, SSPC
    Quote from subway5411

    nvm i was doing somthing wrong =(
    but can u make it FORGE compatible or can u try? and ps IT WORKS!!!
    It will not be forge-compatible.
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    posted a message on OldDays/NBXlite, SpawnHuman, SSP, SSPC
    Quote from subway5411

    i got this when i installed it

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: atv.invokeModMethod(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;(Ljava/lang/Class;(Ljava/lang/Object;)Ljava/lang/Object;
    at bgl.<init>(RenderManager.java:96)
    at bgl.<clinit>(RenderManager.java:12)
    at atv.O(SourceFile:343)
    at atv.d(SourceFile:599)
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:101)
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from TheMcGuider

    You guys already got a awesome new terrain generation and massive mountains which reach the sky, new biomes, better biome generation and new tress. What exactly more do you want? 1.7 have already everything that old beta had and more.
    EDIT: Yeah forgot about the new flowers and colorful blocks in the world.
    Good sand beaches? Gravel beaches? Varied caves density? Large trees in forests? Varied tree density? Better biome transitions? Real height variation instead of M biomes that just spam few mountains?

    All of that was in Beta, and I can continue the list.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from TheMcGuider

    You guys seriously want too much, i'm already satisfied with the new generation system.
    Is having what already _was_ in the game too much?

    Similar question: is asking Mozilla Foundation to restore freshly-removed features in UX branch (Like addon bar, custom toolbars etc) too much?
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from RobertFrans
    The fundament for the new terrain is now builded, so in the next updates it is possible to improve things, without constantly causing chunk borders.
    What exactly was done? I haven't looked in the 1.7 code since 13w36a.

    One should also always take in mind that the beta versions generated the world in a total different manner then the current versions. In the beta world, biomes were decided by the seed and not by the generator itselve.
    And they still are. The terrain gets changed to conform biomes, not opposite.
    That's why biomes were not that restrictive and why heigh variation could be generated independent from biomes.
    It still can be done with very little code changes.
    So if the terrain would change, the biomes would not fit anymore. Just try to load an old beta world in the current version and you will see that very clear. Snowing in the desert, snow golems dying in parts of the tundra, that kind of stuff.
    And if you will load Beta 1.8 world in 1.0, or 1.0 world in 1.1, that will happen too.
    In beta, Mojang could hardly add new biomes and so change the world, without really breaking old worlds.
    If they didn't do it, it doesn't mean that it could not be done. But yes, they never changed biomes in Alpha 1.2.0–Beta 1.7.3 period. And still managed to improve terrain in almost every version. Without breaking seeds.

    I'm quite sure that that is the reason why Mojang made the current generator biome based. It has its limits indeed, but it does not break worlds if there are more biomes or other fundamental features added in the generator.
    Proof that it doesn't?
    It gives now only some chunk borders.
    Just like before. And, do you know that pre-1.8 system didn't give chunk borders in this case? You could add a biome, and only sometimes see harsh borders to that biome on the edge of old explored area, other biomes would not move, and now they would.

    Worlds don't have to break after every update of the terrain.
    Third time you say this. Proof?
    Structures are easier to implement, because Mojang can choose biomes for them.
    They could, and did since Beta 1.8.
    Biomes themselves can thus also have more biome specific features.
    They could always do.

    So... Waiting for a proof that you can add biomes without breaking seeds.
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