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    Civilization Mod
    Bringing Civilization to Minecraft
    Planned Features
    New Mobs

    Q: Does this use Forge?
    A: Yes I ran into many problems with ModLoader and also it was heavily requested

    Q:When does the Download come out?
    A: I'm not entirely sure I am adding features that I won't release until the Testers are completely amazed

    Q:What is taking so long?
    A: I made This a one man project because of how little I can do when others have their own agenda.

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    Try Google my friend. The one teacher anyone can use.
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    Quote from Torarey

    To change Grass' texture, you just need to bind the current texture to the tile sheet of terrain.png, then use GL functions to set image data onto 0, 0 with the size of 16 * 16.

    That's if that's what you meant.

    Could you use example code or something to make simpler
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    You my friend are retarted JakeTehDracromancer because in your logic You are saying i can make a game with a figure named steve make the basis of the game about buillding and add hostile creatures in it and call it CraftMine and It would be "different" The logic behind being organized is smart so What the poop is this WTF is the logic behind this?? Do you know that there is something called copyright infringment ya thts what this whole mods doing so good luck.
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    How would it feel to be your own king in minecraft. Guards under your control a castle to yourself and villagers. But you cant just rush you start out a poor miner just like in any minecraft game ever but as you work your way up you earn money and respect.This is The civilization Mod!

    Villages are no longer the only friendly structure spawn now in this mod castles spawn. They add the whole Civilization Part to the mod. Villages are all owned by the castles closest to them.

    Guards are Friendly NPCs that unlike villagers actually attack mobs and are useful. Amount of Guards Depend on the Castles Shape so if it is in need of repair or extremely small dont expect many Guards. Villages will come with guards but even then villagers are sometimes unprotected due to the fact there will only be a few at a time. The rate of Guards comes from the populace as in they are born just like they would be in real life.

    There is needless to say a king. He will ALWAYS be accompanied by Royal Guards unlike regular guards they will adorn Gold armour and swords. He will have at least 2 with him if he goes into battle and he can prepare he will have up to 12.

    Later Versions Will include Engineers Or Villagers who build themselves but only certain kinds. The ability to adopt and Making and creating your own caslte which will be home to your new kingdom. Royal Guards will accompany you. New tools. New Mobs. Added tactics in Guards and More intelligent Villagers.

    I need Coders to help me create this mod i have a texture maker and also have some friends that are building the structures for me. I am DEFINETLEY making this mod but I would appreciate some help thank you!

    Here is the rough draft of the One of the new villagers there will be

    The New Mob i will be adding the barbarian!

    The New Gem Black and Yellow!!!!
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