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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    After playing for a few hours, the zombie upgrade isn't actually that big a deal. In fact, thanks to their ability to find their way to you from just about anywhere, they're even easier to kill than before. My strategy goes like so:

    1) Make something similar to this...

    2) Commence the slaughter.

    Now obviously there are much more efficient ways of doing this, not to mention mob grinders and traps, but for the first night or people like myself who don't have the inclination or materials for more advanced disposal techniques, this works fine. The biggest problem is that distant Skeletons have a clear shot at you, but a couple dirt blocks will nullify the threat they pose easily enough.
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    posted a message on MinecraftDev [1.6] awesome seed !
    Quote from Gnmmarechal

    Wt is the seed?

    Quote from NrpTheNinja

    can you tell us the seed so we can check it out

    Unless I'm mistaken, the seed is "MinecraftDev" from the title, although I don't know if it's supposed to be all caps or not.
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    I too shall take up my Wooden Sword in defense of our freedoms against the Yogsurpers!
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