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    Hi, we're looking for staff [Builders] for our new minigames server "EverCraft,

    Disclaimer - According to 25/10/2021 our minigames server is completely fresh, None is built yet.
    *The role is for people who's wanting to volunteer - We'll discuss a Fair payment for the for the work you had done when the server will start earning.

    The server's going to include the following minigames:
    Skywars, Creation, Bedwars, Block party and Parkour.

    Please answer the following questions in order for you to apply:

    > In-Game name
    > Age
    > How long have you been playing minecraft?
    > How long can you come onto our nework daily? (Hours)
    > Why do you wish to become part of our Building Team?
    > How decent are you with Worldedit?
    > Why should we choose you? please be honest, and detailed in your response, any short answers or responses will be rejected.
    > In case you were chosen, would you be able tao join our discord server for communication purposes?
    > Are you willing to be loyal and only be staff on our network and not others?(if your found to be staff on another network and or server, you will be rejected from applying for any other positions here at playevercraft.aternos.me)
    (We'll be upgrading from aternos)

    My discord ID: Viro#4528
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