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    Hello there friend, are you looking for new adventure maps to test?

    well, I have a perfect idea:


    This new map made by me, (EvercraftHD) its new and I'd like

    you enjoy playing when you have seen the map, playing and

    other stuff youll be doing.


    This is a CLASSIC MAP there isnt any redstone mechanisms or

    redstone mechanisms implemented

    First time i make a minecraft map

    map started for 1.8

    there's one thing its not true:

    flashing lights

    rules in thread.


    Dont break, place or replace any blocks eceptly if I say,

    the only blocks you can place are coal, charcoal torches

    Dont kill the animals, thats crueless.

    Verify your game mode before playing, if youre in creative,

    theres a pressure plate, stand on it and your game mode

    will turn to survival

    Play on minecraft 1.8 and try using optifine for better fps.

    Enjoy and after playing rate! (optional rating)



    version 1.0 -

    version 1.1 - WORK IN PROGRESS
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    For the next map update, I would you add a new dungeon / ruin or something very cool ;)
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.9 - How much time we're gonna wait for releasing?
    Minecraft 1.9 Discussion - How many time we're gonna wait?

    Minecraft 1.9 is other of the waited minecraft releases, I exactly think that Notch/Jeb doesnt know what day/week 1.9 will release, I'm waiting for the first 2015 snapshot (i really thing 1st 2015 snapshot is 15w01a) like minecraft 1.8 has been waited minecraft 1.9 is been.

    Dev snapshots 1.9

    I think that minecraft snapshot 15w01a will be ready soon, we must wait for next week for the snapshot releases, we are still waiting for 1.8.2 pre-2 but nothing... (im now thinking that Mojang stopped making snapshots :P)

    Minecraft Bugs

    What bugs will be fixed? some added, some fixed or removed :P - now think, what kind of blocks, features, bugs or other stuff will be expected for 1.9?

    Name changing

    Will minecraft name change in 1.9? We dont know now

    April Fools - minecraft 2.0 joke

    In 2013, Mojang made a joke in April Fools about minecraft 2.0 and Ive been thinking, what will arrive for the real 2.0 release? I'll see more

    More about this thread

    What am I talking about? - Im just making a discussion thread about minecraft 1.9 / 2.0 release and the first snapshot releasing this year

    Im making this thread to annoy Minecraftforum.net public? - No, its just a thread that has info of what to expect to 1.9 / 2.0 update and the first snapshot will be released for making a dev snapshot group for 1.9

    Am I lying about Mojang ideas for 1.9? - No, Im just saying what to expect to 1.9

    Is this a fake? - Yes, I have no idea what's coming on 1.9

    Is minecraft ruined forever? - Yes, I think because since Microsoft bought Mojang I belive minecraft is dead, its phiscally dead, but stills alive in our hearts (R.I.P Minecraft) Lol :P

    Can we put an oppinion? - Yes, If something is wrong in this thread just comment it, and I'll read it word to word :)

    Is minecraft 1.8.2 being developed? - Yes, I think that because 1.8.2 pre-2 hasnt been released because its on development phase, or that's what I think :P
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    Minecraft 2.0 - Mojang Total Bad Joke and one of the most waited updates of Minecraft


    MINECRAFT 1.0 - Minecraft finished its development or phase on Cave Game, Alpha and Beta, some people likes Minecraft Alpha, some Minecraft Beta and some prefer Minecraft 1.0, there are too much to see in this release

    MINECRAFT 1.1 - Notch decided to add Superflat worlds for any building, he added some translations like Pirate Speak, the Pirate Speak is a very crazy and less understanded translation in Minecraft, some people (not too many) understand it

    MINECRAFT 1.2 - Notch adds Ocelots, Cats, Jungles and introduces and new AI (reaction) to zombies, now they can break doors and attack you and villagers

    MINECRAFT 1.3 - Notch adds singleplayer commands, bonus chests, emeralds and new trading NPC they most liked it update, it was amazing

    MINECRAFT 1.4 - Halloween! The most creepy update! Notch adds huts, flower pots, cobblestone walls, carrots, carrots on sticks and beacon blocks with new mobs like wither skeletons, witches and the wither boss

    MINECRAFT 1.5 - Redstone Update! Comparators, Quartz, Daylight Sensors, Redstone Blocks and new borded items (1.4.6)

    MINECRAFT 1.6 - The Horse Update! Notch adds horses, horse armors, leads, hay bales and coal blocks, Jeb decided to improve the charcoal texture

    MINECRAFT 1.7 - Notch adds Twitch TV Broadcasting (1.7.3), new kinds of biomes, flowers and stained glass and 2 new types of wood (acacia and dark oak)

    MINECRAFT 1.8 - Jeb adds banners, fence wood types, fence gate wood types, door wood types and mobs like endermites, guardians and rabbits, structures like ocean monutments, new features like craftable stone bricks and working sponge and new blocks like Dorite, Granite and Andesite - THE BOUNTIFUL UPDATE IS HERE! -

    MINECRAFT 1.9 - Its the future

    MINECRAFT 2.0 - Diamond Chicken, TNT Slabs and Other stuff will be added, so lets wait and see
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    posted a message on Minecraft snapshot 1.8.2 pre-release 1
    Yeah... I was confused and I need to install Minecraft snapshot 13w36b
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    posted a message on Minecraft snapshot 1.8.2 pre-release 1
    If someone knows how to get the weekly snapshots, please., tell me :(
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    posted a message on Minecraft snapshot 1.8.2 pre-release 1
    WORLD CUSTOMIZATION - This feature has been added when 1.8 was in development phase on snapshot 14w11b and has been improved in 1.8. if 1.8 released, where's 1.9? The recent answer was: they're not released yet. and... Lol, some users dont care about 1.9, when people start talking about 1.9 some users are thinking that person is talking about Minecraft beta 1.9

    NEW GRASS GRAPHICS - In 1.8 the grass in better, in 1.8.2 is... is... light in 1.9 will be best!

    NEW ACHIEVEMENTS - The achievement 'Overpowered' has been added basicly on Minecraft snapshot 14w34d or Minecraft release 1.8

    WEEKLY SNAPSHOTS FROM 2013 AND 2012 - Who knows how to get weekly snapshots... please help! :(

    NEW MOBS - 14w28b: introduction of rabbit mob to Minecraft nobody WTF knows why Notch/Jeb/Bill Gates knows added rabbits 14w25a: Guardians! a kind of fishes and Endermites

    NEW OCEAN MONUMENT - 14w25a: Ocean Monuments! Jeb added ocean monuments like a kind of temples that spawns in the water will evil guardians mob

    NEW BLOCKS - 14w02c: added Slime Blocks, Granite, Dorite and Andesite 14w25a: Sea Lanterns, Prismarine, bricks and shards, working sponge

    COLOURED BEACONS - 14w32d: added new Coloured Beacon feature

    RED SANDSTONE - 14w32d: added new red sandstone

    NEW NPC VILLAGERS TRADING SYSTEM - Now you can see the proffession of NPC villagers while trading - it was improved too

    NEW SAND TEMPLE GENERATION - The decorations with wool in the sand temples now has been replaced with Stained Clay

    MICROSOFT BUYS MOJANG - Sept 14: Microsoft buys Minecraft for smooth 2.5 billion dollars

    MINECRAFT 2.0 BAD JOKE - Minecraft 2.0: Diamond Chicken, TNT Slabs and Exploding Horses, the 2.0 Update is to crazy or no? if its crazy write 'yeah' in commentaries, if no write 'no dude' in commentaries

    COPIES OF THIS THREAD - Today: if there are copies of this thread just say 'your thread is unic' if no say 'there's a copy dude'
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