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    posted a message on Not liking the 13w36b snap shot :/
    Quote from cecilexplodes

    Why do we need this choice? You don't get to choose to start on the star world board in super mario world why should you get to make choices about every single aspect of minecraft? Regardless; you get the choice in minecraft: find a spot in your world with easy access to everything you need.

    Because Minecraft is a sandbox game and you should be able to do whatever you want. Why shouldn't we need this choice?
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    If I wanted Minecraft in 2D, I'd play Terraria, lol. Nice game you have going here though!
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    posted a message on Cube World Wiki is Live
    Quote from KingMiner

    It's a pity that Cube World is *Impossible* to buy at the moment due to DDoS attacks.
    SO much for me having fun.

    Do you have a source for this? I went searching to find out why I can't make an account and when the "server maintenance" will be done.

    Just looked at their main news page. D'oh!
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    posted a message on Why the Change to Boats?!
    It's much more like real boating. That said, I haven't tried it yet so I don't have an informed opinion.
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    posted a message on The Future of MC Patcher
    Quote from Pizkwat

    I wish to inform you that this post will be written in Article Format.

    With the coming update of 1.6, mods will be different; saved as new versions of Minecraft.jar and put in the bin folder, the private modloading client is now dead. Many people see this as good, but I see a major question left unanswered.


    I am a Texture Pack Artist. Soon, the Texture Pack will be transformed into the Resource Pack, which is an easy transistion to make (thanks to a simple program one of Minecraft's programmers posted online). The Resource Pack will be able to change items names and sounds, as well as textures. HOWEVER, many popular texture packs are dependent on the mods that come with the private modloader, MC Patcher. Since the private modloaders are being phased out, Texture Pack Artists like myself are worried about what will happen!

    You say a lot about ModLoader, which has been obsolete since who knows when (Forge ftw). Optifine also supports custom packs so it amazes me why people also still use MCPatcher. Forge also supports HD packs (but no custom animations or random mobs like optifine) and I believe vanilla does too, now.

    For those of you who do not know this, MC Patcher is necessary for a texture pack to:
    • Change potion, spawn egg, fog, and smoke colors, as well as dye and map colors
    • Change colors of water across biomes.
    • Change colors of blocks across biomes.
    • Change colors for the sky across biomes.
    • Change the color pallete for the sky at different times of day
    • Change lighting
    • Change the color of shadows
    • Make torchlight flicker
    • Animate mobs
    • Change the color of spruce leaves and birch leaves
    • Use CTM, AKA "Connected Textures"
    • Have transparency in glass
    • Randomize mob textures

    Optifine can do all but the glass transparency, and I'm pretty sure it has that too.

    So, what will become of MC Patcher? Will it offer all of these mods included in a minecraft.jar, which can be downloaded and installed? Will these features be integrated into the default game in versions to come? Or will all the texturepacks who depend on these features simply have to go on without them? -pizkwat

    Surprised MCPatcher isn't already dead with Optifine's custom pack support these days.

    However, I do remember reading somewhere the the Mod API will allow pretty much unlimited access to the very nitty gritty of the game's engine, so I wouldn't be surprised if Optifine was remade for the Mod API when it comes out.
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    posted a message on Your WEIRDEST Minecraft Habits
    Quote from superbacon66

    This isn't a good idea, because what if your diamonds are in the chest and you don't want to wast diamonds showing what's in the diamonds chest? It would contradict why you wanted to keep all your diamonds in one chest so you wouldn't lose them but then you end up wasting them for looks.

    Here's how I organize my chests:

    Ores/Gems - use an iron ingot for item frame
    Tools - use a stone pickaxe for item frame
    Weapons/Armor - use a stone sword for item frame
    Raw blocks - use cobblestone for item frame
    Crafted blocks - use a crafting table for item frame

    Works perfect, and I waste no diamonds.
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    posted a message on Internet acting.. odd.
    Downloading at 16 mbit? Check
    Low, steady pings? Check
    Play online games (Dungeon Defenders): NOPE!
    Load most any webpages? NOPE! Most webpages only load some of their features and some take really long to even start loading.

    The problem is recent as of like an hour ago during a Dungeon Defender online game.

    Steps taken to attempt fix: Restart router and modem, restart computer, and turn off MBAM's malicious website blocking feature

    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

    Edit: Update - Disconnecting then Reconnecting to the internet gets the connection process stuck on "identifying..." for at least 30 seconds, which is a very long time.
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    posted a message on Bored Of Regular Minecraft
    I would recommend Feed the Beast if you have not tried that already.


    They have not updated their front webpage with their list of mods, so it's much more expanded than that.
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    posted a message on Considerably insane zombie detection range buff in 13w23b

    Should definitely be a hard-only feature. What's next, creepers that have an AI to seek out and blow up chests?

    Ah, crap! That hurt!

    ...sorry. I fell down your slippery slope.

    In all seriousness, though, I think this update is amazing. Hard mode is finally starting to become hard!
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w22a Ready For Testing!
    Great bugfix update! :D

    Also, inb4 "just bugfixes?! What a crappy update"
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    posted a message on The Internet if getting boring....?
    Quote from Necronus

    You're joking, right?

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    posted a message on I'm creating a new language!
    At first I thought this was going to be some dumb wannabe post with maybe 2 lines of "Hey guise im making an awesum language! Who wants to see it??!?!?"

    I was wrong.
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    posted a message on The Internet if getting boring....?
    You've obviously never been to Reddit.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 18w19a - Coal smelts 80 items? Good/Bad?
    I voted 80.

    Reasons: Even though you'd have to actively smelt (i usually afk or go caving during smelting), the extra 8 smelts can be seen as a bulk discount. Although 81 would probably be better so you have 'down time' to insert another 8 items.
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    Quote from Crimsollite


    Use pens, dude.
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