About Me

Hello. My names is Evanist. A pokemon fan, but also a final fantasy fan (Though I have been playing less in the new ones)

I will say this... After some time, people start to understand themselves, and to some extent, others.

I am a rather philosophic person usually, trying to think about the words, and the right thing. I think people that know me well from the start when I was in these forums know what I am talking about.

I understand how people think usually... trying to see in their eyes before criticizing. I am not a hater, I accept how people are different. I know there are a lot of personality, from brony's to furry's to homestuck fans and all the between. I find it rather intriguing.

I consider myself a jack of all traits, and personally... I have a liking to Pokemon... If you don't like it... fine... thought don't go on hating me because of what I like... even if I know haters gonna hate...

And to this... I say... welcome to my profile page.


Final fantasy
Kingdom hearts
League of legends.

Location In a large pokemon forest

Profile Information

Minecraft Evanist Xbox NOPE!