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    Sunday Dec 16th, 2013: In preparation for 1.7 map resets, I have backed up all our old worlds on the Test Server... Our map was over 1.5 years old and over 5 Gigabytes large... Many players worked long and hard on many cool creations... And I don't want anyone to just lose all that their stuff, so i made backups. You guys can go there and make schematic files of your buildings. You can then download the schematic files and publish your builds to PlanetMinecraft to show off your work. Or we can paste them into the main server again (for a fee - in-game currency of course, not real money). Next, I'm going to set it up where the schematics will transfer to the main server automatically.

    Thursday Dec 12th 2013: I changed a lot of things on the website: I also added a link on the site to view Paintball Stats. Also, there was an exploit where you could build a Pigman Farm in the Nether to obtain gold nuggets. Because of this, players will no longer be able to sell Gold Ingots to the Admin Shop. Instead, you'll be able to sell Gold Ore for $6400 per stack. Also, the Test Server has been updated to 1.7.2 which means that once we test for stability, bugs, and exploits, the main server will update! You can join the Test Server at rbc.sytes.net and the main server at rainbowcraft.sytes.net ...Also, there's a new domain for the website: http://Rainbowcraft.net

    Mondy Aug 12th 2013: The server has been updated to 1.6.2... The survival world is over one year old with no resets !!! But if an absolute need ever arises, the map will be published, and homes can be transferred. Horses almost forced us to do a reset, but we were able to avert this by putting Horse Eggs on the Auction House. Btw, new AH feature. Check it out !!!

    Saturday May 11th 2013: The server is updated to 1.5.2... Anvils are now back. And there's a new Paintball Arena to play. Also, i re-wrote the entire Permissions file (over two thousands lines). Added some new stuff to each rank.

    Saturday March 2nd 2013: The recent item duplication bug has been fixed. Altho players can now make ChestShops, the central hub for shops has not been built yet.

    Thursday Feb 21st 2013: The annoying chat bug is now fixed. And we now have a cool little Paintball plugin (let's start building some custom arenas for it). Cole is configuring a mob arena plugin on the test server. Also, i have something planned that i think everyone will enjoy! Stay tuned.

    Wednesday Feb 13th 2013: The new Test Server is up... There are a lot of changes planned for the near future... way too many to list !!!

    Monday Oct 1st 2012: Ender Chests are fixed. And we have a new mining world that you can use for raw materials like mineral ores, trees, logs, etc... You can access this world via /mv tp mining (just don't build a home here or The End because they get reset frequently).

    Friday Sept 7th 2012: New website at http://dallas.enjin.com/

    Wednesday Sept 5th 2012: New PvP map available !

    Tuesday Sept 4th 2012: Ender Chests are temporarily disabled until they get fixed. Also, we will be adding a mining world soon.

    Tuesday Aug 28th 2012: The inventory bug is fixed. (the command to join the PvP world has changed to /mv tp pvp), where MV stands for MultiVerse. The command to join the pvp arena is the same: /pa join (/pa leave). Please report any other bugs, so we can get them fixed. Thanks!

    Thursday Aug 23rd 2012: Please clear your inventory (put items into chests) before you zone into PvP... Players have been losing their inventories (bug). I will be working on our Test Server to identify the problem and come up with solutions. The PvP Arena will be temporarily disabled until it's fixed. And plz, for all other bugs, plz Report them, so they can be fixed ASAP.

    To Submit a Bug Report: post, PM, or email me
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    well, the reason i started my own server is because of too many rules on other servers, as well as horrible Admins and Moderators that weren't very nice at all, and needless to say, this did NOT create an enjoyable playing environment.

    Also, if i join a server, and trapped inside an area that forces me to read the rules instead of allowing me to play the game, than that is HUGE TURN OFF... I wanna get right in there and play the game, not waste time reading rules...

    One of the great things about Minecraft VS other games is that you DON'T have to gain character levels, or level-up skills... (i'm not counting experience here because it's more like a currency that you spend to get enchants). And i don't feel that every server should have McMMO... Every server should have things that set them apart from other servers... If it fits in with your concept, then go for it... But don't just jump on the McMMO bandwagon without thinking it thru 1st: i.e. Is it right for you ?

    As far as ranks: I don't think the average player is thinking about this because it normally costs real money... It's hard to tell sometimes what goes thru a players head... but sometimes, i can

    Example, i'm looking at the console and a new player joins. He runs /tpa and is denied access to this command. He then quits the server... I think it's a pretty safe bet in this case, to draw the conclusion that the new player left because the Guest rank did NOT have the /tpa ability.

    Basically, what you're going to see is a bunch of new players join your server, and the majority of them are going to leave... Sometimes, like in the above example, you can see WHY they left... other times, it's not so clear...

    Lemme get back to ranks & permissions (since you asked). They pretty much serve two functions: #1. generate money to pay for server expenses. and #2. Make sure players don't have access to commands they shouldn't... Commands that could very easily wreak havoc on your server. Only highly trusted players should have access to those types of commands.

    Ranks... i don't think this particular topic should be influenced by a bunch of kids. lol. That's just me tho... I mean, the above poster had a one word reply... I don't think this type of analysis is good enough for the RANKS dept. ...Now, if you have any doubt about this, (which is seems you do), then you should check out various servers, and see how they do ranks, and how they divide the permissions and abilities among the ranks.... This will give you a good idea for what direction you wanna go...

    But... don't just copy what other servers do... If you do copy, then what's the point of making your own server ? You should be making it to be DIFFERENT than others, not the same. So... LOOK at what they're doing... then put a filtering lens on it: IS THIS RIGHT FOR YOUR SERVER ? What do you like ? What do you dislike ? What things do you think should be done differently ?

    I hope this helps... if you have any questions, just lemme know... Maybe some other players can let you know what they "look for in a server" also. ^^mine was NOT being boxed in when i join.
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