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    posted a message on ### Atlantia SMP ### {1.16.3} {Survival} {Fabric + Vanilla tweaks} {Community} {Player Economy} {Whitelist} {16+}

    Full disclaimer: I'm a helper on this server.

    We previously were on a server with a race-to-the bottom economy where you could buy netherite in your first day of playing. And one day it just wasnt viable. So we left and made our own little server with handpicked people we knew from this server and our previous experiences.

    I know this has been said on nearly every post down here, that the server is friendly and tight-knit, but I think we have something special to offer in that the economy is never going to tank into the silly season, We also are all friends on here and frequently build community stuff together.

    If you're looking for a minimally enhanced vanilla server (with vanilla tweaks) and nearly unexistant turnover in the player base: this is for you!

    Come join the fun! :)

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