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    I like the idea of zombies zpawning other zombies when engaged, but their increased sight does make them more annoying. Once you see them, they can see you and then you need to decide quickly whether you want to engage or run; the latter is difficult given their sight range. They are overpowered now and have moved out of their niche as easily- defeated mobs for easy play. The sight range has only made them more difficult to deal with instead of increasing the difficulty of attacking. I feel that only this feature should be corrected.

    I do however like the baby zombies with increased sight: fast, tough, and resiliant. Once you see them YOU NEED TO engage them because I have found that it is impossible to outrun them once they see you and getting them off your back is also a difficult tasks. I love them with a hatred because they add a new element to the gameplay. Essentially, they are quarterbacks in a small package.

    The now current zombies ability of increased sight should be transferred to a new mob, the swarm-raid zombie "queens" (all species in minecraft are hermaphrodites so queen is suitable) and give it higher recruitment capability. Lower the spawn rate of the original "queens" and seiges can be mixed in with general survival for those who want to fight and those who just want to relax.

    For the skeleton's rapid fire, I must admit that it is more difficult to charge them because of their "back up jack!" personalities. I suggest their fire rate be lowered and a new mob takes its fire to a new level. Chu ko nu (or repeating crossbows if you want a more European knockoff; no offencse to Europes repeating crossbows) skeletons would compiment the current acher skeletons's common nature and the wither skeletons's elite nature (I have never actually encountered them; I am still building my large 50+ room house).

    I like the current zombies, but their sight makes them more annoying than difficult to deal with, but swarmraider queens may be the solution.

    Skeletons fire fast, but spawn too often to effectively counter, so their bows should be dulled. Chu ko nu skeletons can act as rapid firing rare seige units to fill the overexploited niche.
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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse?
    I would last 28 days.

    Honestly though, I could last indefinately in my house because I could seal my doors and the only ways in would be my snow golem sentry traps. I have (or will have when I finish my house) a huge farm so, my bunker would hold; it would be REALLY boring though.

    Creeper apocolypes should be a thing. Maybe one night a minecraft month or year, the moon has a creeper face and emits a greenish blue glow. Creepers would spawn more frequently and have higher AI which could allow them to actually seige one's home. Maybe king creepers can spawn rarely and drop special items such as creeper vine seeds or a large amount of tnt. Note that I do not actually mean a king creeper; they would be more like naming an animals the king crab or the emperor penguin. A toggle for this would be nice.

    I think the questionaire needs more questions.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    I understand the option portion; I wanted to point out problems with the option portion such as terrain rendering errors. I supported this topic; but I wanted to establish and reinforce sveral errors.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from The_Watchman13

    Well then. Some people just don't get it.
    I shall try to make this short.

    The world CAN have infinite vertical generation, because Minecraft doesn't have to mirror the real world in everything. Technically, one could travel infinitely in every direction, it would just be travel through empty space. But that's beside the point. If we can have infinite world generation on the horizontal plane, we should have it on the vertical one as well. I won't even get into how unrealistic Minecraft is, but I will say that with all its differences from reality, it still works great and makes sense in its own way. It's BLOCKS man.

    No one has suggested removing bedrock, to my knowledge. Just giving everyone the OPTION of putting it so far down that one would never have to worry about reaching it. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)

    I do not believe the Nether is meant to be beneath the overworld in the way you mean, otherwise why make it only accessible through a portal? Cubic Chunks actually makes it possible to have the Nether literally beneath the overworld. As for the correlation between the bedrock on the bottom of the overworld and the top of the Nether, I believe it was just put there in both cases to have a barrier to prevent players from going outside the bounds of the area the developer(s) intended. (And because the inefficient chunk system they were using prevented it. :) )

    I also think the world should be expanded, but more importantly I believe everyone should be given the OPTION to decide the size of their world vertically. They may keep it how it is. If Cubic Chunks were implemented right now it would not change the terrain generation. I also agree that we should have better terrain generation and more biomes, but that is outside the scope of this suggestion.

    You say that adding 1,000 blocks to the top and bottom of a world would work, but where did you get that number? Why not 500 blocks? Why not 500,000? As long as it doesn't change the terrain generation does it matter? You do not have the authority to decide how much it should be. Once again, I say give each individual player the OPTION to decide what they want. We cannot say there should be a vertical limit if we will not say there should be a horizontal one. You say you would suggest even larger numbers for vertical height, but you assume it would change terrain generation. You say a single mountain would take up the space of a single biome, but you forget that biomes are outside the scope of this suggestion. This is primarily a suggestion for the optimization of the chunk system, with a side effect being equal vertical and horizontal terrain generation. Although the infinite height is probably the most popular reason for it's support.

    I understand you never wanting to leave your world, but you wouldn't have to do that if Cubic Chunks were implemented. You probably would end up living in a large bowl-shaped area. (But it would be a large bowl-shaped area with less lag. :D )

    You nearly fell out of your chair? That is a somewhat more common reaction than you probably think. Please understand the sinkhole above the cloud layer is simply an example, it probably won't be common. If sinkholes do become somewhat common, they should be very varied. Not all "Filled with water" or "rarely appearing in deserts."

    I like the current terrain generation of the Nether too, but I don't understand why you think the ceiling and base (of bedrock, I assume) would be removed. I agree the End is fine how it is also. I don't see it needing any changes.

    The idea is nice, we agree. Cubic Chunks is helpful, we agree. Infinite horizontal travel is impractical, we agree. (I mean, what's the point?)
    But what we want is the possibility of infinite vertical travel. We already have infinite horizontal travel.

    I believe I have answered all of his arguments. If I have missed any, please point it out. Thank you.

    The reason I used the word "option" in all caps in this post is because it defeats most of the arguments against Cubic Chunks. Someone may say, "But it changes this and I like it the way it is!" But if you say players have the OPTION to do this or that it completely shuts down all objections to the subject feature. If they don't like it they don't have to deal with it.

    Well, so much for being short. <_<

    Sorry about taking the option part out of context; I simply wanted to review all the points made. I wanted to say that ore generation, biome generation, water, lava, and clouds would need to be changed if a world with more horizontal variation was added. I support the idea of cubic chunks, but it might only be needed if the ceiling was raised; I am currently building a very large house and would take up 64 chunks of space with this system as apposed to 16 chunks it curently takes up. (I know it would not make too much of a difference with a 200w X 200l X 100h house, but I jsut wanted to make a point). Several systems of my house could be seriously messed up I were to build a mine down to below the diamond layer under this system, because crop growth would stop so I would have to return upstairs to wait around until I could harvest more food. Better rendering needs to be incorrperated so the system can handle more of these chunks.
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    I like the idea overall, but the world cannot have infinite vertical block generation, because one cannot travel up and down forever in the real world. The bedrock must be present somewhere in the world because the nether is meant to be under the overworld. I believe that the world should be expanded, however. More realistic terrain generation would make the game experience better because most of the biomes are too flat. The extreme hills, ice plains, swamp, and possibly grass plains are the only ones which are realistic, but new biomes such as mountains, flooded jungle, and rolling hills would be a good edition. Perhaps a world of 1000+ blocks and 1000- blocks would work for the world. I would say even more, but the larger the amount of variation there is vertically, the more it would throw the world off horizontally. A huge mile-high mountain could take up an entire biome of space even with large biomes activated. The biomes need to fit together well instead of appearing as a splattering of featurs. A toggle for larger biomes should be linked to this update to make terrain generation more uniform. I NEVER want to leave my world, so I want the terrain to just increase as a explore more; I would rather live in a big bowl near the origin with a need to move into the surrounding "hills" than start again after blasting away all my time and memories. Do not take cubic chunks too far; when I saw the picture of the sinkhole above the cloud layer, I nearly fell out of my chair. Raise the cloud layer and make the sinkhole more of a canyon sort-of area. If sinkholes of a grand magnitude do appear, they should be filled with water to form large lakes as they would almost certainly do on Earth; sinkholes could appear rarely or in deserts. I like the current generation style of the nether, because it is only a large cave system under the planet's surface filled with beautiful and fantastic lifeforms. If the ceiling and base was removed, it would appear to be more of an alien world than a subterranean complex. Perhaps a floor of lava leading down a few hundred blocks riddled with holes in the bedrock would benefit the illusion. The End is fine how it is; unless they expand what genrates in it, it needs nothing else.

    This idea is nice; cubic chunks would help, but infinite horizontal travel is inpractical.
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    posted a message on Palm Trees for the Oceans and their uses (Rubber and Cork for floating Ability)

    Edit: Ignore this concept; it is far too complicated given the rubber and cork.


    I have been putting some thought into the idea, but it is still very vague. Due to the speculation the minecraft update 1.7 will update the oceans, I wanted to make one suggestion which would greatly improve game play. I do not want to demand to much, I am specializing towards the subject of palm trees and their uses, nothing more.

    I would like to see the addition of palm trees to the ocean biomes. Instead of the oak trees currently present on the small patches of exposed land, I believe that palms should exist in their place, with the ability to grow on sand, gravel, and dirt blocks. They can also be found on beaches adjacent to ocean biomes as well. If island biomes ever become an occurrence, they would fit into these well, but these are not my point. Palms exist in several form ranging from short to very tall. Each leaf block can be broken with a chance of dropping a sapling and a small chance of dropping a coconut which can be eaten through some means. (I will leave the food item to be suggested by commentators). The palm wood blocks can be crafted into four items. The first is palm wood planks with a green-yellow color. After this the planks can be crafted as demonstrated:

    P= palm wood
    Water bucket

    This gives four cork blocks (and an empty bucket) which float on the top of water source blocks and bob about in other forms of water. Because iron for the bucket will be difficult to obtain early in the game, I propose that wooden buckets can be crafted by placing wood planks in the same orientation as iron ingots when crafting the bucket. The wooden bucket will wear out in time to illustrate that it slowly rots, and to give one encouragement to craft iron buckets as soon as possible. Lava wears the bucket ten times faster than water and and milk. Each cork block contacting the water can support 1 non-buoyant block adjacent to it. No more can be placed until more cork is added to the structure, to avoid accidentally sinking it easily. The cork will not be pushed underwater to avoid destroying water blocks. An anchor can be crafted in the following form to prevent the base from drifting:


    S= string
    A= anvil

    An anvil is appropriate because it is the only block affected by gravity that technically a solid unlike sand and gravel which are simply small rocks in the form of a cube. The anchor can dropped with the “use block” button and one will be left with the rope. Pushing the button again while facing at a block (or mob!) will attach the rope to that object, similar to a lead. Reversing the process will retrieve the anchor. When in water, the anchor rest “inside” the water block above a solid block on the bottom of the pool so as not to destroy entire columns of water. On land, the anchor will fall far more rapidly and turn any block it hits into a drop and will take its place, effectively using an entire block or space. The anchor can do damage if dropped on a mob while on land and the rope can be climbs, allowing one to climb walls which would be difficult to traverse. Note that this does not allow one to go over walls unless one currently has the ability to throw the anchor down. One can climb down a ravine, but not up a mountain. The player can, however, climb up an anchor rope so he or she can get out of the hole he or she climbed into. Grappling hooks would be a nice edition to scale objects, but I will not mention them at this point so as to not be too demanding, again to increase the chances of this being added. The method of steering is still undecided; give suggestions or allow Mojang to create a method.

    In addition creating ocean-going ships, one can make flying ships using the palm wood planks. By smelting a plank in a furnace one gets a rubber block. Jumping on a rubber block from a height decreases fall damage. The rubber block can also be crafted into balloons as follows:

    R R

    R= Rubber blocks

    This crafting session yields eight balloons. Placing a single balloon unconnected to another block will allow it to float to layer 256 and break into its drop, which will fall back down. Placing a balloon connected to another block, however, is different. Alone, one balloon lacks the strength to pull another material up, but five can support the weight of one non-balloon block and hold it at equilibrium as it floats in the place of air blocks. The structure will not rise unless AT LEAST ONE balloon block had an activated redstone current running through it, which will cause the structure to rise at a rate of one layer every ten seconds. That way, altitude can be controlled precisely and, in multilayer, it allows balloons to be combated. Aircraft can be grounds using several means. Hitting a balloon with an arrow or breaking it by hand will cause it to break into its drop. If enough balloons are destroyed to cause the structure to sink, it will fall at a rate of one block every ten seconds. No conventional means have been thought of to lower a floating structure's altitude; I will be open to suggestions or Mojang can find a means. Perhaps an ice block adjacent to a balloon block will work Because it is unlikely that anything should be able to reach a flying ship, mobs cannot spawn on balloon blocks. For aesthetic purposes they can be dyed in a matter similar to dying hardened clay with the hardened clay replaced by white (undyed balloons). The balloons can be washed and redyed.

    Wind currently blows west, so an unanchored, uncontrolled balloon will tend to drift west with the clouds. Until wind becomes and actual effect with varying direction and turbulence, this will suffice. Rain, snow, and cold air from tundra and taiga biomes slows a balloon's speed and lighting will destroy as many balloons are caught in its blast radius. They will also burn faster than many other types of flammable blocks. As with watercraft, I have devised no method to steer the aircraft. I am open to suggestions.
    Both balloon and cork blocks can be used in floating structures and the balloons will increase the carrying capacity of the cork, allowing larger structures to be made.

    I want to focus on the palm tree and its unique uses. Review this idea and give suggestions. Show no mercy.

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    posted a message on Mushroom Biome Enhanced
    I like the idea of adding more types of mushroom found only in mushroom biomes and possilbt more mushroom biome exclusive items, but remember that the biomes themselves are usually quite small and isolated. In minecraft, their role only seems to be specialized and unique biomes found in the middle of the ocean. I think the suggestion of adding hostile mobs to mushroom biomes is a bad one, because mushroom biomes are currently sanctuaries. I am one of those people who is afraid to go into caves on peaceful (laughing face icon). There should be at least one place in minecraft where one can outside without the fear of being mugged by a creeper. Maybe mushroom biomes should have hostile mobs, but there needs to be somewhere safe. I am actually content with mushroom biomes; I do want improvement with the game, but I do not hate them. I want to find one as soon as a can forge a bridge across the mighty sea.

    I will not support because I do not agree with the entire article. I like more mushrooms and more mushroom biome mobs, but no hostile mobs.
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    posted a message on Extreme Makeover: (Minecraft) Home Edition. What does every minecraft house need?
    I already have a number of rooms; but I need more. My crafting rooms will also house products of crafting. I carry a lot of materials, especially cobblestone and soil.Also list rooms you think I will need in the future. I will already adde 5 additional store rooms.
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    posted a message on Extreme Makeover: (Minecraft) Home Edition. What does every minecraft house need?
    I recently the minecraft forums, so please correct me if I put this post in the wrond section.

    I recently finished extragagantly renovating my village inb singleplayer and suddenly decided that I do not like my house anymore. At first I like living on a house overlooking the villege, but the population will increase well over 1000% and I cant really expand anymore. My house is on a hill and is a labyrith of rooms, farms, and I structures just below the surface. It works fine, but I think I could and should do better. AI have pretty much cleaned that hill out and the only place left to go is down, but I dont want to do that.

    I want to move a couple hundred blocks away and build a new hill more organized than my last house; with that I added room on as needed, but my tree farm is not in an ideal spot with my wood working room on the other side of the house just to name one example. I need people to tell me rooms so I do not have to mess up the design once I have built.

    Here is what I will have so far.

    Living Room
    Bed Room
    Dragon Nest (Also acts a hanger if they ever add balloon travel, a garage, and a secondary door)
    Armory (Tools and Armor)
    Redstone Control Room
    Bunker Room
    Turrent (Big tower on top of my house so I can just look outside)
    Music Room
    Trophy Room (wither "fossil", nether star, dragon egg, bow that killed ender dragon, others)
    Display Room (Block types, assorted items)
    Closet (contain chest to hold my usual adventuring inventory I need to put the stuff away)
    Snow Golem Lounge
    Pet Room

    Snow Golem Sentry Turrents (around perimiter)
    Snow Golem Sentry Turrent Drop-Collection Room (Snow golems lure mobs into water channels and die)

    Crafting Room (General)
    Storage Room (General)
    Terraworking Room (sandstone, glass, clay. Just rocks)
    Wood Crafting Room
    Wood Store Room
    Stone Crafting Room (for stone, mossy cobblestone and cobblestone)
    Cobblestone Generator Room
    “Powder” Room (Dynamite, flint, fireworks other)
    Coal Store Room
    Iron Crafting Room
    Iron Ingot Store Room
    Redstone Crating Room
    Redstone Experimentation Room (just hold redstone experiments, interesting contraptions)
    Redstone Store Room
    Potion Brewery
    Potion Store Room (for ingredients)
    Potion Pantry (for finished potions)
    Smelting Room (General ore crafting)
    Gold Store Room
    Emerald Vault
    Diamond Store Room
    Nether Quartz Crafting Room (If they ever give it a purpose beyond redstone crafting)
    Nether Quartz Store Room
    Netherrack Crafting Room
    Dye Room
    Dye Store Room (Lapis Lazi, Ink Sacs, Dye Ingredienet)
    Clay Crafting Room
    Addtitional Crafting Room
    Additional Store Room
    Addtitional Crafting Room
    Additional Store Room
    Addtitional Crafting Room
    Additional Store Room

    Paper Crafting Room (For sugar cane)
    Map Room (world map, clock, compass, other)
    Map Closet (Holds maps of various sizes and areas)
    Enchanting Room
    Beacon Room (on top of turrent)
    Water Well Room (With evident pipes(droppers and hopper of now use of course))
    Lava Well Room (do use for now; just for show)
    Rail Room (Minecraft central station, probably above main livng room connected to garage, below turrent)
    Mincart Rail System Store Room
    Dog Room (little fun area, dogs also around house)
    Cat Room (little fun area, cats also at points in house)

    Dining Room
    Ornamental Plant Greenhouse (grasses, flowers, shrubs, store random plants)
    Crop Greenhouse (Automatic collection)
    Auto-Farming Receiver Room (hoppers and droppers transport drained farm items to central chest fo sorting)
    Green Pantry (Stores seeds for crops)
    Mushroom Greenhouse (Big Mushrooms)
    Mushroom Store Room (Growing mushrooms, big mushroom pieces for construction)
    Tree Farm
    Sapling Greenhouse (stores saplings, some on display to look as if starting indoors)
    Indoor Pond
    Pig Farm
    Cattle Farm
    Chicken Farm
    Sheep Farm
    Horse Range (Test abilities compare to other horse for best)

    Dirt Store Room
    Glowstone Store Room
    Stone Store Room
    Cobblestone Store Room
    Mossy Cobblestone Store Room
    Oak Leaf Block Store Room
    Birch Leaf Block Store Room
    Spruce Leaf Block Store Room
    Jungle Leaf Block Store Room
    Snowball Store Room
    Ice Store Room
    Sand Store Room
    Gravel Store Room
    Clay Wad Store Room
    Obsidian Store Room
    Netherrack Store Room
    Soul Sand Store Room
    End Stone Store Room

    I will automate everything as much as possible so it is really cool and easy, but not too much. I want to look like a guy who rose out of nothing, not like ruler of the world. I dont want my mine in my house or it migt be breached while working. I dont want a mob grinder; takes the work out of killing them. I hate the hostiles but I consider them people too just of a different faction. I will have chest just for melons and pumpkins with a dropper connecting it to my auto farms. I dont want a mobe collection; too dehumanizing. No pet spider, I want my house secure.

    I want rooms that would just be live in, no archery, no indoor pool (I will have a pool outside though).

    My house will be connected to other areas by branching minecart lines with at least one house in every biome I find and put villages all over. My mine will be on here.

    Any suggestions before I build will be helpful.
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