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    Quote from CraftedCreator»

    You know you're a noob when you thought you were playing Minecraft, but really you were playing a ripped-off version.

    I've been playing two years and I still it constantly. XD

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    Angelshark8 is swimming with the fishes. Unfortunately, we haven't added those yet.

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    ... you drown in your farm

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    The game already implements this in a way - passive mobs respawn - but only if the mob cap hasn't been reached, which happens to be only 10 passive mobs in loaded chunks, far less than you usually see in a newly generated world (one in 10 chunks will have a pack of 4 mobs, which is a lot), and very slowly (400 times slower than hostile mobs).

    I was unaware of this feature, as mobs on servers often become heavily depleted at spawn, and as far as I have found, are never replenished. In single-player worlds on the otherhand, I never hunt, so the populations never get low enough for the respawning to occur. Interesting how this occurs, however, as it means the player cannot cause extinction of large animal life entirely.

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    This would in effect turn each village into its own biome, which would be effective but difficult at the same time. Would there be new buildings or only different varients? Either way, I think customizing each village would add to the minecraft world, but sadly not customize them enough to make each its own element.

    Overall, I think this would be a nice addition.

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    To put the matter simply, would it be effective to give passive mobs some autonomy in reproduction or would this not effectively fit into the world of minecraft? In effect, it would prevent local extinction of wild mobs and allow more dynamic populations.

    I did not know if this should go in suggestion or discussion I only want to initiate a discussion on the subject, so I placed it here.

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    Quote from joshosh34»

    That sounds nice. I just wish i knew what the heck I'm doing. I'm using Techne to create the models, but I don't know how to animate them. If I can't find a way to do it, I'll have to create some stop motion, snipping tool monstrosity, and then make it a gif. Also, the only problem I see is that the "jumping" might look a bit clunky. Regardless, I'll have to taper the abdomen of the "spaying" ant just to make it look decent. And if I do it to one, I'll have to do it to them all.

    Meehh, I don't know. You get rid of a specific status effect by just standing in something? Maybe getting hit by the projectile could give both the "poison 1" effect and the "irritation 1" effect? Idk....I'll think on it.

    If you still have not located an appropriate tool for creating mob animations, might I suggest you check out MCAnimator. (http://www.dd-studios.net/). It has the ability to create models and texture as well, but I have only used it for animation in the short time I have known it.

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    This is simply intriguing. I spent 15 months building a home, but I have never encountered something this developed.

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    A very interesting concept. I have not had the pleasure of learning a great deal about the nether, and I thank you for sharing this with the minecraft community. Perhaps you can add it to the wiki's page on zombie pigmen if that is allowed.

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    I believe those biomes are as rare as the canyon biomes; I have never encountered a single Ice Spikes Biome, but a handful of Canyons on servers.

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    I like the concept of dumbo octopuses in minecraft, and I feel they would add some variety to the oceans and lakes. The only issue is whether or not the dumbo octopus will like squid despawn, as it would present issues if they congregate to the bottom of the ocean. That was why squids were made to despawn. Overall, I support the concept.

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    Ostreos: Modifying Mob Mechanics (updated and improved)

    Previously on the forum...

    I posted this suggestion last August with a low level of feedback. I received a several hundred views, but no comments for reasons unknown, leaving me in the dark as to whether or not this is idea actually holds any water (pun intended). I have begun work on a modifications for the Ostreos mob, but progress is extremely slow at this time as I am not a programmer by trade. I have modified my idea and began work on the mob since I last posted to increase the appeal of this concept as well as to see if I will get any kind feedback this time around. If I get no feedback once again, I will continue to program the mob on my own, but I will consider the concept deceased with no further repost without other major overhauls.

    The original post can be found here for record-keeping purposes: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/suggestions/2197634-ostreos-modifying-mob-mechanics

    I now ask you proceed to the actual statement found below and I highly request you all vote in the included poll.


    Most of you who clicked on this thread out of curiosity are wondering “What is an ostreos and how does it change mob mechanics?”. I am not one to beat around the bush, so I will say directly that ostreos are my idea for an early, and hopefully promising, fish mob for minecraft.

    Before you leave this page thinking “another fish suggestion”, I would like to inform you that this is a focus on mob mechanics and I could have chosen something that swims, walks or flies. Fish were chosen as the candidates for reasons to be stated below. I have used the search feature have found nothing like my idea, so this is a new concept as far as I can determine. Now that that has been established, I hope you will continue to read and critique my idea.

    What are Ostreos?

    Ostreos is short for Osteostraci, a group of fish that died out several million years ago before even amphibians evolved. At first I was thinking of generic modern-day catfish as the choice group, but I went with Osteostraci because I have always liked the idea of the armored fish. Few people would want to pronounce Osteostraci if it was added to the game, so “ostreos” (oh-stray-ohs) would be a more reasonable name. Here is an image on an Osteostraci recreation based on fossils:


    Different from other Fish Suggestions

    Note again, that this is a test of new mob mechanics, but because a fish is the candidate for this concept, I will incorporate Ostreos in the manner one would with any fish mob. Differences between this and a generic fish mob will be stated in the next sections.

    Most of the ideas for fish state replacing the drop with an actual mob the spawns and despawns, but I find that idea extremely unrealistic. If fish were turned into mobs, fishing mechanics would need to be drastically altered, and fishing would likely become much more difficult because one would have to rely on unpredictable mobs to willingly attach to the hook. Even if they spawned frequently, this would likely result in extensive lag in deep bodies of water such as oceans. Besides, people would probably find it easier to kill them by hand in the long run, making the fishing rod somewhat less practical. Overall, replacing an item with a mob is not recommended. Ostreos would only supplement the fishing system. All fish currently in the game would remain as they are in the form of drops.


    Ostreos would require careful planning to prevent them from either over-spawning or under-spawning. My preferred systems only allows them to spawn on any opaque blocks underneath a water source block with a light level of nine or above, and at or above altitude 62. This prevents deep or underground pools from having extreme concentrations of these mobs, and they become more noticeable because they will not spawn in water deeper than three blocks.

    Ostreos will differ from other mobs, in that reproduce on their own accord without player intervention. Rather than spawning in any suitable body of water, ostreos will reproduce if given sufficient space. Any water source will neither spawn additional fish nor despawn fish after the chunk was initially created, unlike squid. To decrease the likelihood of a 1x1 pool of water housing a single cramped ostreos, they will have a much lower rate of spawning compared to other mobs. Any water block that meets the criteria for spawning has a 1/500 chance of spawning two ostreos mobs. This give larger lakes the chance of spawning ostreos and functionally excluding excessively small bodies of water. The lower spawn rate will also make the fish more erratic in their appearances, as one will not know if they inhabit a specific lake without exploring the area. Spawning them in pairs will allow the auto-reproduction mechanic to be introduced, which I have updated to increase the ease of introducing these mobs.

    Population Density

    Ostreos will behave more like terrestrial mobs than aquatic ones. They will spend most of their time sitting motionless at the bottom of the body of water, only occasionally moving to a new spot in the lake rather than constantly swimming like the fish you likely imagined. Not only does this mirror real life Ostreostracis, but also improve CPU performance. Whenever an ostreos decides to move (Roaming Mode), it will rise slightly and swim somewhat elevated from the lake-bottom, perhaps half a water block upwards. It will swim forwards, occasionally turning left or right until it decides to once again settle on the lake-bottom. When settled down (Sessile mode), it will scan its surroundings and make not of other ostreos in its vicinity.

    Ostreos can see 32 blocks in any direction, and each requires a different amount of space depending on depth. In one-block deep water, ostreos are content with 8 other fish in its 64x64 range of sight. In two-block deep water, each is content with 4 other fish in its range of sight. In thrree-block deep water, each are content with only 2 other fish in sight. If the number of fish in its vicinity exceeds its preferred density, the ostreos has an increased likelihood to go into roaming mode, potentially changing locations several times until it finds an area that meets its needs.

    Every ostreos makes note of other members of its species within its surroundings. If the environment is understocked and can support additional fish, it has a chance to enter breeding mode and will search for other willing fish in the area for a few moments before giving up. If two fish in breeding mode encounter one another, they will create one baby ostreos which seeks out its own territory with no parental interaction. The population will continue to grow until maximum density is reached, a less complicated version of villager mechanics.

    Evolving Mob Reproduction

    An aquatic mob makes an ideal test subject for automatically reproducing mobs. Bodies of water are isolated from one another, preventing the fish from uncontrollably spreading across the entire map as would cows or other terrestrial mobs. Even in massive oceans, the water is too deep to promote large populations because each ostreos each requires their own space of shallow, well-lit water. Regardless, I believe ostreos should die in these biomes for the sake of control while the concept is new. Swamps and river biomes can be excluded habitats as well if further limits are needed as Ostreos development continues, but those biomes are more controlled than the ocean biome and seem like appropriate habitats for the time being. Lakes can be stocked with ostreos to create artificial populations, and they can become locally extinct from over-fishing just as with real fish. If the concept can be transitioned to terrestrial mobs in a controlled manner some time in the future, minecrafters would not have to regulate animals as extensively as they do now to prevent local extinctions, as populations would slowly recover on their own as herds emigrate from other lands.


    Breeding animals in minecraft is one of the mechanics which makes for sustainable living, so one should be able to breed ostreos. I believe that seeds are an ideal item for breeding because they are easy to find, but forces the player to put some effort into farming them extensively. To prevent the player from luring the ostreos close to shore to kill them more easily, their breeding mechanic will have to differ from standard mobs. If the lake is below or at the population it would achieve through auto-reproduction, the ostreos will show only vague interest in a player holding seeds. Every time an ostreos scans its surroundings, it will notice a player holding seeds and has a 5% chance of coming to the player. If fish swim to the player, he or she can feed them seeds and they will enter breeding mode immediately. As the lake rises above its natural stocking level, however, the fish will become increasingly willing to be hand-fed until they come to the player immediately for seeds within a dense farm-environment. This allow gamers to farm ostreos in their own ponds, but not catch them easily without a fishing rod in lakes.


    Ostreos would naturally inhabit shallow ponds, lakes, and rivers, preferring water one block deep, but will accept 2 or 3 block deep water. As a result, these fish will attempt to stay in water blocks with a light level of 9 or more when in Sessile Mode, and will go into Roaming Mode much faster in darker settings. If an Ostreos is for whatever reason swept into a cave or pitfall by flowing water (or a player trying to cheat his or her way out of fishing manually by creating a trap), they can and will swim out of these locations with relative ease, especially if the location in question is overstocked or dark.

    They are passive mobs and will not resent anything that enters their view. Ostreos spend most of their time sitting on the bottom of lakes, more so than terrestrial mobs, and will scan their environments with a 25% of moving under normal conditions ever 10 seconds, and 75% in stressed conditions. Although passive, they will swim away from anything that comes too close, which makes hunting them by hand difficult. Bows can be used to kill them easily, as they only have one hit point each.

    Ostreos will not take away from the fish items, and will actually only be caught a small amount of the time without enchantment, fulfilling the role of a “big catch” where they live. Every time the fish scans its surroundings and notices a hook in the water, it has a 5% chance of swimming to the line of an unenchanted rod and and attaching to it, allowing the player to reel it in for about half a second like normal fish. Upon reel in, the ostreos will be stunned for ten seconds, allowing the player to kill it with a single punch or capture it in something such as a large jar if such item were implemented. If the player does not want to kill the fish, it can be ignored to recover and swim away. When killed, an ostreos will drop 2-4 raw fish. Other fish will still be extremely valuable because of the ostreos's naturally low catch rate.


    Although I currently have a model created, programming this mob will be a challenge for me simply because I have no experience with this kind of work. Any guidance on how to improve this model will be appreciated, and I hope this updated post gets more feedback than the previous one.


    Update: I guess I'll take that as another no.

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    posted a message on Ant Dungeon! Found in Mesa Biomes!

    I'm glad to see you liked the ideas, and even though only one interested you, I'm still happy to have helped and shared some information of ants with you. I understand what you mean when you say you want to keep it simple or people will lose interest; "The Lag Factory" I'm visualizing would be way too complicated for Mojang to undertake in s timely manner. I'm a second year college student, so I know time restraints. The ants should be more imaginative than realistic because the world of minecraft is different from our own.

    Regardless, I want to specify a few things for the sake of clarity. They will still be difficult and are not likely to be implemented, however:

    1. The bounding box idea does sound ideal for the different rooms in the nest, as one would not have to worry about a dozen of ant moving through the colony every time one places a torch.

    2. I can think of several things a major could drop that would fit into the ant nest design. Perhaps it can drop a pheromone sack that can be crafted into an item that stops ants from attacking the player? Or a larger stinger that can be brewed into potion? It can even drop ant "meat" if you so desire.

    3. The nectar from repletes would only be a standard food item with no special affects other than restoring hunger to allow one to press deeper into the nest. Around the world, repletes of honeypot ants are viewed as a staple food source and I hear they are quite delicious.

    4. Suicide bombers within real ant nest show no concern for other ants in the vicinity if it help the colony as a whole protect the queen. Having the suicide bombers damage other ants was my attempt to keep this caste balanced. To continue with information on the suicide bombers as you requested, they would be produced within the nest only rarely and rush towards the player before detonating and dealing massive damage. They can either do a single-event damage like a creeper, inflict a status affect that drains health over time, release glue that prevents the player from moving momentarily, or grant an effect that increase damage taken from ant attacks.

    5. Remember not to confuse caustic chemicals, formic acid, and venom if you intend to use all three.

    6. I was confused on whether or not you were content with the queen ant or not because you had mentioned that you did not want it spawning other ants like any other mob queens would. Now that that is straightened out, the current AI sounds effective and I do imagine she would be most effective for combat support.

    I'm willing to give more information or suggestions if you desire to help your idea take off. I do not remember if you had found a way to animate the ants, but from what I have seen, it is pretty complicated. Still, I like the suggestion that you make this into a small a mod sometime in the future to showcase the idea, and better illustrate the concept to people. Or course, being a college student, you will be a bit short on time, so that may not be a viable option.

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    Quote from joshosh34»

    HHhmmmm, 3 no supports, but no reason why in the comment section? That's odd......

    Hey, if you guys don't like something, tell me!

    I'll fix it!

    On this forum people are very finicky in terms of both presentation and appeal of a post. Just be happy people actually posted on you suggestion; many are not so lucky and are never told what is wrong, left in the dark on whether or not their idea is even interesting.

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    posted a message on Ant Dungeon! Found in Mesa Biomes!

    I will just proceed with my suggestions for improvements to your idea, and you can use them if you desire to do so. I am a serious ant person with a lot of knowledge on the subject of mymecology, but I will not go too deep for the sake of keeping the an dungeon idea simple.

    Firstly, you have mentioned that the ants would spawn in the colony in a manner similar to that of nether fortresses, but have you considered having the queen be the only means of reproduction for the colony? If the queen ant's chunk could remain loaded for the entirety of one's incursion, it could produce additional ants to rush the player from the inner chambers. To accomplish this, one would only need to use the standard AI already used for mobs.

    You have likely noticed that breaking the fence of a large pen of cattle causes the cattle to disperse out until they reach a stocking density they prefer. The ants could use the same mechanics. The queen produces additional ants, which then spread outwards until they are stopped by an inhibitor. I suggest you use sunlight, or rather a distaste for sunlight already found in real ants. This would allow the ants fill their nest to your desired stocking density, but they would not spill out into the overworld. The final component would be to give the queen standard mob spawner AI so that it stops producing when there are a certain number of colony members within its vicinity.

    Secondly, you seem to desire specific ratios of ants be found in specific rooms within the nest. This could be better accomplished by changing your designations for the caste and their appropriate behavioral mechanics.

    To begin, lets focus on the classes. The worker ants could benefit from an avoidance AI, which causes them to flee the player and other mobs if they are attacked, if the foreigner retaliates to their weak attacks, or even at the sight of foreign bodies if you desire. Like workers in a real colony, they would be seen as rushing away to protect their brood (eggs, larvae, pupae) and resources. Soldiers on the otherhand would rush towards the invader on sight and engage him/her with their main attacks. As the workers and soldiers follow their AI, you would end up with the frail workers falling to the center of the nest, the brood chambers, food stores, and garbage dumps as you desired, while the soldier stay in the outer chambers, that is the “resting chambers” and entrances.

    Next, lets discuss the ant classes themselves. Although you call them soldiers and workers, might I suggest you pick medians and minors instead respectively? They are more technical terms, and using that terminology would better allow the inclusion of additional classes if you so desire. This takes me into my next suggestion: Majors

    Supermajor of the Maruader Ant (Pheidologeton diversus) assisting minors during an espedition


    Majors are the classes of ants used by many species for combat or utility purposes noted by their large sizes, and in many, oversized heads. Including them could work well to better balance out the drops found within the nest by making them act as mini-bosses, taking strain off the queen. Each major could be spawned by the queen rarely (more commonly if you want a more realistic density of majors found in real life ant species), and have increased attack and health points, notable to the player by its superior size and massive heads. When killed, a major could drop rare chitin plates for crafting, better levels of resin than workers, or other drops you choose. If you use minor, medians, and majors, a good ratio (depending on the species) would be one of three options:

    1. 33% for each class
    2. 50% minors, 40% medians, and 10% majors
    3. 74% minors, 25% medians, and 1% minors

    This brings me now to the suggestion to add “specials” that appear rarely in the colony (1% of entire colony population) and are based on the unique morphs of some ant species found in the wonderful world of mymecology:

    ----- Repletes have bloated gasters filled with food and act as larders for the ant colony. They seldom move, and should only occur in the deepest reaches of the nest hanging upside down from the ceiling. They should have passive AI with a preference for only the lowest light levels to ensure they do not stray from the central parts of the nest. When killed, they could drop nectar which can be consumed by the player or perhaps superior amounts of resin.

    ----- Suicide bombers (maybe call them formipetard as some find the name offensive) mix chemicals within their bodies to unleash a devastating blast of boiling chemicals onto whatever attacks the colony. They would work like creepers, but to prevent them from destroying their own nests they should be unable to destroy resin, sand, sandstone, or hardened clay. Anything caught in the explosion would take a massive amount of damage. Perhaps they could drop gunpowder or a special material that can be used to make an acidic splash potion.

    ----- Formic Artillery could appear in the game with a ranged attack that would give the a small amount of damage with each shot. You stated you did not want to animate the ants shooting acid, but you could instead have a caste of ant permanently in firing position, indicating to the player which ants have the ability to perform their ranged attack. Like suicide bombers, they should drops ingredients for acid potions.

    Finally you mentioned that you wanted the queen ant to have something special beyond simply producing ants to fight for it. Might I suggest you look to the semi-clausteral species or the more primitive colony-dwellers of our planet. Some ant queens are well suited for combat if only combat support, and you could very well give the queen an attack in its own right. I suggest its main attack be a stinger, which grants several abilities beyond the obvious... sting (these are names I created for attacks, not terminology of course):

    -----Caustic Cloud

    By extruding venom from its abdomen, the queen ant could create a toxic cloud that harms the player (note that formic artillery and suicide bombers would not be given the aftereffect). This could be done with the new effect cloud potion to be introduced in update 1.9.

    ----- Venom Slash

    Many ants slash their opponents with their stinger rather than jabbing them directly, leaving a large open wound and increasing the effect area of the burn. This attack could increase damage taken for a short period by introducing a re-purposed splash potion ants that does not effect ants.

    ----- Jaws of Death

    In some species, queen ants hunt above-ground while raising their first broods and thus are capable of restraining and killing prey. The queen, therefore can be given the ability to tightly squeeze the player, preventing him/her from moving while it quickly jabs the player with a weak sting. This would also allow other ants to deal damage until it releases its grip a few seconds later.

    That is all I have for now, and you can use them if you desire or ask me to elaborate further if you like any of my ideas.

    (Tisk, tisk. I might end up making this mob myself if you don't want my ideas. XD Now I'm interested.)

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