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    posted a message on Ultimate Skyblock [Economy, Shops, Buy and Sell, Spawners, etc.]

    If you want Skyblock that has economic features, then this map is perfect for you to download.

    This game is designed with a business concept, where in order for you to win the game you have to get rich to buy an End Portal, then defeat the ender dragon

    You can read about features, general instructions, warnings, and other guides here.

    Here is a preview of the features of this map

    1. Guidebook general manual of guides, warnings, and instructions

    2. Global Minecraft Currencies the concept of currency, here you can convert emerald into larger or smaller fractions

    3. Big Madam here you can buy basic survival needs such as seeds, saplings, resources, and many others

    4. Father of Villager here is where you sell plantation, agricultural, and many other products to get emerald (more than 45+ items)

    5. Mob Collectors here you can buy more than 25+ spawn egg mobs, such as animals, pets, monsters, etc. and also you can buy a spawner

    6. Quest Master To finish this game, you have to go to the end and defeat Ender Dragon

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    posted a message on TURN ON GAMING GUI BEDROCK

    Brief Introduction:

    Like to play in low light? In general, the GUI is very dazzling to the eyes of gamers who like to be in dark places, therefore this GUI is here as a complement, with the main theme "TURN ON GAMING". Come enjoy the new sensation of minecraft appearance which is modern, simple, and dark


    *IMPORTANT* Read and understand until the end, because every word has meaning and contains a clue

    This is my first GUI, critical advice is needed, please help me find and resolve any BUGS

    it's hard to explain in words, just take a look


    Tiktok: @euforia_alhaq

    Instagram: @euforia_alhaq

    You can support me by download, share, and enjoy my projects


    I apologize for including an ad in the download link, because I need it for future EuForia Project

    Download, share, and have fun with my submissions that means you support for future projects

    and to be honest I am very happy that you play this map,

    But I want you guys to interact more with me like criticizing my map properly, the reason?

    with that I can improve the quality and your game will more fun!


    I believe that everyone can have fun, but because not everyone is able to have these facilities,

    I try to facilitate your happiness.

    Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use any of my projects as a form of business,

    my projects are prohibited from being sold and published elsewhere, because I made this exclusively for MCPEDL

    [Creative Commons license]


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    Minecraft versions support: 1.16.100, 1.16.200, 1.16.101, 1.16.201

    Installation details:

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    posted a message on Dream’s Tactical PVP Map

    You must know Dream right? His game is really inspiring, especially when it’s 1 vs 3 and he wins.

    We know he’s the winner, but do we know how he won?

    I really liked the video and learned how to play it and I found 1 thing.

    He is a very genius in tactics, such as outwitting his opponent, parkour while PVP, traps, and many other tactics.

    But unfortunately, so far the PVP map that people usually make is only fighting swords.

    So, here I come to dedicate a tactic PVP map to Dream because I love the video and the way it plays.

    I hope you guys can enjoy a new sensation in PVP with traps, elytra, parkour, and many tactics.

    Your tactics in Minecraft game will be highly tested here, especially the bow, parkour, and trapping knowledge.

    but don’t worry because the trap is easy, it’s just that when it’s PVP it will be hard to avoid

    Therefore, download this map now and feel the new sensation of PVP with your friends!



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