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    So basically this would add more fighting into the game, because sometimes, fighting just plain old skelis and zombies get boring. So just like NPC villages, Castles would spawn. They could be anywhere from 30x30 (Big Castle) or 20x20 (Fort) or 10x10 (Small Fort) or even 5x5 (watch tower).

    Casltes: 30x30 only. Rare to spawn. Spawn with 7-10 soldiers, 3-5 spearmen, 3-5 archers, and 1 king. Have awesome loot in the middle.
    Fort:20-10x20-10. Uncommon to spawn, spawn with 5-7 soldiers(if 20x20) and 1-3 archers, or 2-5 soldiers and 0-1 archers (if lower then 20x20 Fort.
    Watchtower:spawn about every 100-200 blocks of each other. spawn with 0-2 spearman and 1-2 archers.

    Teams: there are 5 teams that instantly spawn in the game. Red(evil) Black(evil) White(Neutral) Blue(Neutral) and Green(good)
    (evil=attack on sight, nuetral=attack if attacked, and good=never attack you)
    there might be more teams in the future*

    Soldier:10 HP, 2.5 Damage, shirt is the color of its team, has leather chest plate
    Archer:7 HP, 2.0 Damage, shirt is the color of its team, has leather helmet
    Spearamn:12 HP, 3.0 Damage, shirt is the color of its team, has iron chest plate
    king:20 HP, 5.0 Damage, has Crown the same color of its team, has Gold chest plate
    Rouge:6 HP, 2.0 Damage, only spawn in groups of 3-5 and they spawn anywhere, are evil, are on no ones team, and attack on sight. Carries a Stone Knife
    Wanderer: never attacks, is only used to be recruited and used to get recourses for a team who hires them.

    Spear: 3.0 Damage(iron),2.0 Damage (gold), and 5.0 damage (diamond), gives 2 extra reach for attacks and are crafted just like a spade but diagonal in the crafting table.
    Pact: used to alliance a Neutral Team to make them Good. Crafted by placing paper next to the color dye of that team. you cant make a pact for Red or Black (they are evil)
    Knives:2.0 Damage(stone)2.5 damage(iron)1.5(gold)3.5(diamond) crafted like a sword but only one material need on the top (iron/gold/stone/diamond on a stick)

    Each color gradually grows in strength. They can hire wanderers to do work and gather wood/stone to make bigger walls (a tower would need say,64 wood to make, then when enough cobble is mined, it can be upgraded.)
    each structure (other then the Castle of the Team) must start with a Watch Tower. After being built the tower must be un harmed for 1 MC day to be upgraded, then after that, 2 days ect.
    you can donate blocks to help your Team(s) along in the process to help dominate.
    The biggest structure able to be built be NPC's will be 30x30 however you can expand there area if you like, but fresh new buildings (ex. you make a fort for them) will be ignored unless there is a battle and may give the enemy a place to hide/shoot from.
    The NPC's can only build if they (a) have the recourses and ( have a building at least within 75-100 or so blocks of it.
    Castles can ONLY be built if you downgrade the current castle then upgrade the other one.
    however, if the team has the recourses, they can instantly make a fort somewhere, but it will ALWAYS be only 10x10 until upgraded.

    there must be 2 days between each war (otherwise it would go in a chain of wars)
    when two different color forts/castles/towers get within 100 blocks (or so) of each other, a war will start. here is what happens with the different combos of forts:
    Tower vs. Tower: both sides rush out instantly(only if both towers are built) and fight until one team is dead. the winning team then claims the enemy Building (that goes for all the wars)
    Tower vs. Fort: because the tower is smaller, it is attacking so all the troops in the tower rush at the enemy Fort. sometimes there will be a hired wanderer there to make ladders to get up easy.(also goes for all wars)
    Fort vs. Fort: basically the same as the Tower vs. Tower
    Fort vs. Castle: same as the Tower vs. Fort, however the Fort can produce Catapults to attack the Castle. you would need at least 2 wanderers, then there is a 0-2 spawn chance of them. they fire every 20 seconds and destroy 1 block in every direction of where it hits, or if hits a mob (or player) it deals 8 damage.

    the normal villages can also be attacked or gained be Teams (but evil teams just pillage the village). the NPC's in the village can at as wanderers so they can be recruited

    i may have missed a few things (mob drops) but tell me what you think
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