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    Why do you want to play Java Edition with a controller?

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    If there's anything I've learned from listening to the TF2 community complain, it's that people hate being in a position of helplessness. I doubt that people will want their hard work to be destroyed because RNGesus said so.

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    Little kids are getting scammed out of their monies for things that PC people get for free :'(

    This is unacceptable.

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    I like most of the gameplay parts of the update, other than the recipe book. A big aspect of Minecraft imo was that crafting was a mystery. People used to have to use their brains or study other peoples' gameplay/ the wiki to figure out how to craft something. I learned how to craft by watching Paulsoaresjr, and I was overjoyed every time I saw him figure out how to make a new item that I needed.

    The handy-dandy tutorial takes away the charm of being taught by a peer.

    • That aside, I like the glazed terracotta. I think it will be great for mapmakers who want to use a custom texturepack to make blocks fit the scene of what they are making without having to take an essential building block out of the game. It will also be fun to experiment with in general.
    • The parrots seem interesting I suppose. I am not all to sure of what they do other than probably sell plushies on the minecraft store. It might be fun to wear one on my shoulder and pretend that I'm a pirate.
    • The concrete stuff adds interesting concepts to redstone, so I am for that all the way!
    • I've been waiting for dyed beds for a while now. I'm glad that they've been added.
    • I think that the colors change is great!

    I am disappointed that Minecraft Java edition will not be included in the crossplay update. I think this may be for a few reasons.

    1. Player limits would be weird since apparently the other versions can't get their stuff together.

    2. Plugins and mods might be difficult.

    3. It might lift the veils from the heads of the people who play Minecraft on the other platforms, and people might start realize that they are getting conned by Microsoft and then resist in some way. It would be hard, after all to release the community marketplace after people find out that the Java boys have been getting the same stuff and more for free for years.

    4. It might just be me, but whenever I have played the console edition, even trying to PvP has been incredibly clunky. If people in the other editions have as bad PvP skills as I do when using a controller or touch screen, their fun might be jeopardized by people running around with keyboards and mice.

    Finally, removing Herobrine was a horrible decision. They should keep him in the game next time.

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    posted a message on Annoying instruction upper right. How get rid of it?

    I'm going to LOVE doing this on every single 1.12+ server I play on.

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    posted a message on Advance Crafting Table

    I might support a separate crafting table with more slots for cool banner designs.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from DrWeegee»

    What's wrong with full (completely optional) auto crafting? All it does is assist new players and makes crafting a little bit faster.

    Because people won't be playing the game how I want them to play it.
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    posted a message on Scenes In Movies That Make You Cry

    This scene made me cry. You can see how much Atreyu cares about his horse and wants his horse to live, but the horse still gives up and allows itself to die in the Swamps of Sadness.

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    I hate it when I have everything I need for a task except wood. I should probably build a tree farm too.

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    posted a message on Survival Tips

    Snow Golems are a lot of fun!

    Cats scare creepers away.

    Try out some of the nametag easter eggs.

    Resist the urge to delete your world when you die in lava and lose all of your diamonds.

    Play multiplayer! IMO, it is a lot more interesting than singleplayer.

    If you want to build something large and important/tedious in survival, try building it in creative first. It is better to build something correctly in both creative and survival then to build it all wrong in survival and then have to go through the trouble of figuring out what you did wrong, how to fix it, and then actually fixing it.

    Hide glowstone in trees or under carpets for some sneaky lighting.

    Redstone is amazing, if a bit frustrating to work with. Watch some redstone youtubers like Mumbo Jumbo, Xisumavoid, and Mr Crayfish.

    Be careful when you leave your house in the morning. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a spider drop off of my roof and land on my head as I stepped out of my house in the morning when I first started playing the game.

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