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    Looks like he did... The actual map says "Made by Al_T" :)

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    Alright, guys. You made me so curious, I (being the nerd I am) did some research. I'm pretty sure my updated information is right, (though I don't expect you'll probably want to stop arguing, anyway... ;)

    I'll probably also post a video about this, soon, because it's kinda confusing...

    Here is what I found...


    Tnt can't break obsidian, bedrock, or even water blocks without hacks.


    Obsidian has a blast resistance of 6,000 (And bedrock is 18,000,000, if you care). Since this is a numeric value, it means the game coders didn't actually hard- wire it into the game that it is completely invincible (though the number is so high, it practically is.). Therefore, with a high enough explosion power, it is actually possible to break it. However, It would require an explosion power not a achievable in the game without using hacks (And even then, your game may crash if your computer isn't powerful enough. But if it did work, such an immense explosion would literally annihilate your entire world, leaving you with a bunch of strange carved lines throughout every loaded chunk, and would probably instant- kill you, no matter where you were, provided both the explosion and you were in loaded chunks.).

    The highest explosion power found naturally is a numeric power of 7 (upon spawning a wither). Tnt has an explosion power of 4.

    The formula that Minecraft uses to determine whether an explosion is powerful enough to overcome a block's blast resistance value is as follows: ((1.3 × powerattenuation steps × step length × 0.75)/step length − 0.3) × 5 = Min Blast force

    This is important, because it means that the terms "Explosion Power" and "Blast Resistance" are not directly proportional. For example, Diamond ore has a blast resistance of 15, yet Tnt's explosion power is 4, and still breaks it, because after running this formula with the correct variables, Tnt's actual Blast Force is approximately 77.67 -- A value much higher than 15. (Someone might need to check my math on this. It's actually REALLY complicated...)

    So this means that you'd need to focus the explosive power of about 80 Tnt (or an explosive power of 320) on a single block of obsidian to break it. BUT, in fact, even if you DID manage to simultaneously blow up 80 Tnt in the exact same spot, it wouldn't break the obsidian, because multiple close explosions have no cumulative effect on the destruction of a block. This means you can't add up the powers from different Tnt blocks. You'd actually need to cheat to get an explosion with a power greater than seven. Be careful if you try this, though. if your computer can't handle it, it could do anything from crashing your game to corrupting your world.

    If you really want to try it, here's a command you can input into the chat bar to get a fireball you can hit into obsidian and break it. It's a little excessive with the power, just to make sure it does the job. I tested it. It works.:

    /summon Fireball ~ ~2 ~ {ExplosionPower:500,direction: [0.0,0.0,0.0]}

    Have fun! :D






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