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    Looks like he did... The actual map says "Made by Al_T" :)

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    Quote from DracoX201»

    Cool!, but a little bit boring..

    Hmm... I suppose. :/ It's just a simple game of archery-- It is what you make it to be. :)

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    Put a lot of effort into this Game-In-A-Command.

    Video Link:

    Thank you for watching! Be sure to listen to my ramblings at the end of the video for some interesting info! XD

    Slime Snipers Command:
    - 100% Vanilla. Just one command block.
    - 10+ hours of work
    - 16000 characters
    - Redstone Clocks only active during game, so shouldn't cause lag when not in use. :)

    ▶ /here is the COMMAND (click on the link):
    ▶▶ http://pastebin.com/ny7Pc96S
    ▶ Use this command in Minecraft Version 1.8+.

    IJAMinecraft's Video that I totally ripped off... XD

    CrushedPixel's MCEdit Filter:

    ▶ Music: "Titsepoken 2015" by Lensko

    Intro & Outro - Sound Effects by:

    Outro Music - "Early Riser" by Kevin MacLeod

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    I love it! :D
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    Now if only people would pay as much attention to this huge amount of work as they do to all the random little parkour maps that come out every day... :P
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    Welcome to Blocked In, a redstone- powered minigame map made entirely by EJMonkey! :)


    Blocked In is a 2-4 Player Pvp Game that can get very chaotic, or very strategic, depending on different options that you choose for the game. Basically, it is a game where the last player alive wins, often due to how well players manage their resources. In addition to the minigame itself, the LOBBY of the map is quite specacular, so you might want to spend some time exploring the MINI- minigames in the lobby, checking out the easter eggs, doing the parkour, etc. ;)

    Official Map Release Video:

    How do you play/Teaser Video:


    -Youtuber’s note: This minigame is SUPER chaotic and confusing at first. You may want to try out a practice round or 2 before you start recording, unless you want to capture your initial confusion with what on earth you’re doing. ;)

    -This map runs best in Vanilla Minecraft 1.8, though it most likely will work with higher versions as well.

    -This map IS self- resettable, so you can play multiple times, and it had been bugfixed for AGES so it probably will run perfectly without need for a map reset, even if something abnormal happens.

    -If you plan on seeing how the redstone works, keep in mind that this is year- old, not-very-efficicient-or-updated-to-new-features redstone. XD


    1: Download the map, and unzip the .zip folder.

    2: Open the folder, take a look at the README (not that anyone ever does) and copy the actual map into your server.

    3: Goof around in the overly- complicated lobby! :D

    4: If you want, hit the "Game Reset" button, and mess with some options.

    5: Have one player stand in each of the doors for game start, and push the button.

    6: Note that the timing on how often power ups spawn is a BIG factor on how fast the game goes, the chaos involved, and overall amount of fun. Adjust rate of power spawning in the OPTIONS panel based on the # of people playing, and the type of game you're going for.


    When you start the game, the 2-4 players each spawn in their own quarter of the arena. Your goal is to kill them and be the last person standing, but you have to do it by building structures in your own quadrant, since you are separated by invisible walls (invisible, so you can see where each other are and can try to place blocks in the correct place to kill them). You are periodically given blocks to use in your building, and whenever you place them, there is a chance that a chunk of the blocks around you will be cloned onto someone else’s area, and there’s also a chance that part of someone else’s area will clone onto your area. This is a random chance, unless you choose the “No random cloning” option in the options panel, which will make blocks clone over to everyone’s area every time. Either way, cloning can cause blocks to be replaced with lava, or it could spawn someone else's wall onto you, suffocating you, etc. You must strategically use your blocks to trap your opponents without getting yourself killed, as well. You have HUNGER to limit your regeneration (and the length of games), so watch your health. You spawn with a few important tools at your disposal. You only get one set of them for the whole game though, so use them wisely. There are also powerups you randomly receive, which do various things. Lava and water are just more placeable weapons for you, a bow automatically shoots arrows into your opponents’ areas, a tnt block will clear some elbowroom in your quadrant, a spawn egg will summon zombies to attack your enemies, etc... OR... You could trade these power ups in to the vendors along the arena wall, and receive some different buffs, instead! If you trade in a piece of your leather armor, or some other non stackable item that isn’t really meant for the system, you will get a tier- 1 version of whatever vendor you bought from. A tnt block will get you a tier- two version, and a spawn egg will get you the highest level. Try to suffocate or trap your opponents without drowning or melting yourself! Manage resources like your ice pick, saving grace, and Tasty morsels to outlast your friends, and win the game! Keep your sword sharp, but your mind sharper, because in this mind- boggling game, either one could save your life. Suffocate, drown, melt, mob, or shoot your opponents down! Last one standing wins. Good Luck. :)

    Randomly- given Powerups include:

    Spawn zombies.

    Tnt to clear out an area for you to move in...

    Lava and Water Buckets to burn and drown...

    Bow- and- Arrow to auto- damage opponents...

    Potions of saturation to keep you from starving to death quite so fast…

    Wooden Pickaxes to break just a few more blocks…

    Creeper eggs to blow up opponents, but also endanger you!


    If you take off your leather boots and trade them in to the ARMOR vendor on the wall in the arena, you can get diamond boots instead. A useful trade!

    You also might want to trade your helmet for a sword. Swords can save your life for SURE.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my Saving grace... You might need it to dig out of a block if you start to suffocate.

    If you use a creeper egg, your enemies will instantly explode in a bit of damage… BUT you do still need to worry about a creeper, now. >:) …You should really read the lore on those items you get. XD

    Always be aware of what’s around you… As a random event, sometimes anvils will fall on your head if the block above you is air or clay… Also clay blocks below you might disappear… Also, you cannot place blocks on certain blocks, like ice, glass, sand, etc, so be sure to manage your surroundings.

    In the “CHAOS MODE” option, the barrier walls separating you sometimes turn into glass… So… Watch out, in case someone uses their ice pick to break the glass and attack you in person! >:D


    Feel free to play this map and record it, or dissect the map and use my redstone ideas, but PLEASE give me a little credit or recognition for all the hard work I put into this, pretty much on my own. :) Best way to give credit would probably be a link to my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQ6ahXdYb06c_bFqFnbo3w

    Planet Minecraft Page For Map Download:



    This map began as a goofy Idea I had in a test world, which then inspired me to build it into an actual map. I built, tested, and concealed the redstone in less than 1 WEEK of work, back in February 2014 (before other maps with similar premises came out, like Anti- Spleef). Then, sadly, since I didn’t know anyone that was willing to help me test my map, I was forced to do absolutely nothing but a tiny bit of decoration on the map for about 8 months. By the time I actually made some friends willing to help me test my map, I had begun college, and was very busy, to finding time to work on the map was difficult. Finally, though… 1 YEAR and 1 MONTH later, the map has been properly tested, and is finally ready to be released. So I hope you enjoy! :D
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    I take pride in knowing I suggested the exact idea for this minigame to sethbling in a video comment long before this game came out. Glad somebody made it happen. ;)
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    Quote from Geneo

    Ah, sorry, just now noticed this was a 2 year tread that Ethan revived. (Sheesh, I hate it when people bump an old thread).

    Heh, heh... Whoops. I was doing some research on the subject, and I came across this post, which seemed to leave off inconclusively, with no clear answers on the subject. I didn't realize that trying to help clear things up a bit would attract so much attention! Anyways, as established before, I apparently didn't notice that not only was this thread for Xbox, but it was pretty old... My bad. At least we're finally answering age- old questions and learning things though, right? ;)

    Quote from UpUp_Away95

    Per the Wiki on the page on Obsidian... It implies that, if you're using the wrong tool to mine a block, the game just uses a set multiplier of the time it takes to mine the block with the correct tool... which means that it would take the 4 min 10 sec time to mine a block with obsidian whether or not you use your hand or an iron pickaxe since both are the wrong tool.

    What I was double checking was blast radius, not blast resistance...

    Ah, yes. You're right about the time intervals. I think the amount of damage imparted by each tool type can vary based on the type of block. Clearly, SOME things must vary between mining with different tools, since if it was only a matter of wearing the block's durability down, then you could mine any block with your fist and collect drops. There's probably some hierarchy of items in the code that dictates this. (That's just a guess, I haven't researched this, yet.)

    And yes, I realized you were talking about Blast radius in your second paragraph. I was mainly talking about your first, though, where you mentioned "Block health/blast resistance" being "whittled down," which I don't believe is the case. Your stuff about the blast radius was spot on, though.
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    Quote from UpUp_Away95

    My understanding is that in order to break obsidian with a tool other than a diamond pickaxe, you need to apply a force sustained over a long, long, long period of time (4 min 10 sec according to the Wiki)... whittling down the huge resistance of the block itself. When this is done, a drop does not appear. If you stop mining, even for an instant, the block returns to full "health/resistance" and you have to start all over from scratch.

    However, TNT does not provide a sustained force, but rather it only delivers a quick one-shot blast. The effectiveness of that blast is also reduced the farther the TNT block is from the target block (as demonstrated by the fact that the player is unaffected by a TNT blast IF they are standing far enough away from it). The Wiki indicates that the blast distance in air is 7 blocks and that this is the farthest the force of the blast will travel. Therefore, I don't think it is possible to break an obsidian block with TNT, since you cannot pile enough TNT close enough to the block to deliver a breaking force in one instant of time.

    Just about all of you are on the right track. But I have one thing to add about the quoted post here... (I did a lot of research on this subject and posted a super- long reply back on the first page of this subject, so I'd like to think I pretty much know what I'm talking about... You can check out that post if you want- it already has most of this other information...)

    The way a block is mined is as follows: You slowly wear away a block's durability with whatever tool you're using at a rate dependent on the tool type, and once your tool's amount of "block damage" given has exceeded the durability of the block, the block is mined. The amount of time it takes can be thought of as: Time = Block_Durability/Block_Damage_Per_Tick ... Each tool (including your fists) has a set ratio of how much damage it imparts upon the block each tick. If you stop mining a block in the middle, the durability is not instantly reset, because you actually aren't changing any of the block's data values (which would cause a chunk update any time you simply tapped a block). ---Meaning all it does is cancel the action you were doing, since the computer is actually just calculating how long it will take for your action to be completed if you continue, and then it displays a different block texture as you slowly come closer to mining the block. Thus, multiple players mining the same block do not make it mine twice as fast, and multiple explosions (multiple "actions" trying to mine the block) don't combine into a super- powerful mining force... ...And also why you can't come back to a half- mined block to continue mining it, though the idea of "GRADUALLY HEALING" and damage- saving blocks would be pretty cool, though perhaps annoying.
    The same goes for blast resistance. The blast resistance is just a number saying how much damage an explosion of a certain force will do to a block of this type. The blast resistance is not changed, or "whittled down." It simply decreases the damage dealt to blocks by explosions, the higher the blast resistance is.

    But, you actually CAN break obsidian with Tnt IF you use cheats/hacks. Otherwise, it's impossible, since no one Tnt has an Explosion Power great enough to break it. Having one Tnt block would be no different than 10,000 exploding all in the same spot. Without editing the PrimedTnt entity NBT data, it isn't possible to blow up obsidian. (Or at least, it shouldn't be possible, in theory. Some people apparently claim differently...)
    As for other methods of blowing up obsidian... The only ones that would work still involve cheats/hacks. The most powerful explosion attainable in- game is brought about by summoning a WitherBoss. That is still nowhere near powerful enough to break obsidian. An explosion power of WELL over 200 is required.

    Hope this helps! :)Oh- Should have mentioned...
    Summoning a Wither is an explosion power of 7.

    Check the wiki or my other post (on previous page here) to understand about explosion power, blast resistance, and the super- complicated technical stuff about that... :)
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    Quote from Badmichael

    I thought bedrock had a blast resistance of -1, am I wrong?

    Not according to the wiki on this page : http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Bedrock
    I mean, I assume that most, if not all of the game coding between Xbox and PC is reused for simplicity, so it is probably the same, but Mojang may have changed some things to make it cross- compatible between devices... But I'd say the wiki is a good bet about what the right information is, for just about any version of the game.
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    Quote from DatGuy251

    I know this post is old, but you can break obsidian. I did it on my Bukkit server. If you have WorldEdit on Bukkit then you can do "//hsphere 46 6 or //sphere 46 6" you can make a hollow (hsphere) or a non hollow sphere made of tnt, that has a radius of 6. The 46 is the block number and the 6 is the radius of the sphere. I made a sphere of tnt with a radius of 6, on top of an obsidian wall. I was testing out cannons and stuff like that and I launched some tnt into the sphere which created a series of flying explosions. I tried doing this before by being nearing the explosion and my server crashed. This time I stood far away, and it looked fantastic btw, and after the explosion, 75% of the obsidian wall was destroyed. Now there were 1640 blocks created when it said I made the sphere. So that's 1640 blocks of tnt that broke about 30 blocks of obsidian. Possible, but the number is really high.

    Hmm, Interesting! According to the minecraft wiki, that doesn't seem possible, but I know mistakes can sometimes happen... Are you sure the explosions actually destroyed the obsidian, or could the actual placing of the tnt sphere have replaced some of the blocks? ...To be quite honest, I've got almost no knowledge concerning the Xbox version, considering that I myself don't actually own an Xbox, and therefore can't conduct tests of my own, so I'm just going to have to be content with the results of your findings.
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    Quote from usikpa

    Can any one help me, please? I've downloaded the 1.2.5 MC version and been trying to modify C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\.minecraft\versions\1.2.5\1.2.5.jar with pasting the contents of Modloader.zip

    However, it appears every time I launch MC after that, the launcher OVERWRITES the altered 1.2.5.jar .

    How do I get to play a mod under MC 1.2.5?

    Alright, there are a number of things that could be going wrong, since modding is so tricky, but I can try to explain a few things that might help...

    1: The new minecraft launcher does update old versions of the game, like the old launcher did when you selected "force update", only it does it every time you load up mine craft using that version. Knowing this, you need to copy and paste the entire Application Data\.minecraft\versions\1.2.5 folder and make a copy of it in your "versions" folder. Name it something different than "1.2.5". For example, "1.2.5 Modloader". Then, you must go into that folder, and rename the 1.2.5.jar to the same thing. In this case, "1.2.5 Modloader.jar". Finally, open the .json file in notepad, and change the top first or second line, where it says "1.2.5" to "1.2.5 Modloader". This should solve your overwriting problem. If you still have trouble after that, double- check that you did a couple of things in the correct way:

    Make sure you created a new launcher profile that uses the specified version that you're trying to mod. In this case, under "Use version:" select "1.2.5 Modloader", rather than "release 1.2.5".

    Make VERY sure that you've downloaded the correct version of ModLoader and the correct version of your mod-- There are TONS of outdated links, bogus scams, and misleading pathways out there that give you files that are supposedly what you want, but really aren't. I've noticed that a lot of people are just are lazy with labeling their links correctly (or they want to trick people into making them money with their download links). Just screen the file name of whatever you download before you trust it. It usually has the version in the name.

    If the mod you're trying to install requires more than just additional class files in the jar file, be sure you put the additives in their respective locations. For example, anything in a folder called "resources" should go into Settings\USER\Application Data\.minecraft\resources, anything supposed to go in "mods" should go in Settings\USER\Application Data\.minecraft\mods, etc...

    Since a lot of old mods require the META-INF folder being deleted, you could try deleting that, if you have not done so.

    If none of these things work, let me know, and I'll get back to you. I'm still learning how to do it, myself. Evidently, there hasn't yet been released any "official" fail-proof method for getting old versions of modded minecraft to work in the new launcher, so it can vary between mods. For now, the BEST and easiest way to get a previous modded minecraft to work is just to go back to the old launcher after backing up your .minecraft folder.
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    Quote from SwashPonchos45


    [font=comic sans ms', cursive]This topic is in the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. Minecraft 360 doesn't have chat bar or commands. That part would only apply to the PC version, which in my opinion, is way better.[/font]

    [font=comic sans ms', cursive]I don't get the rest. My brain sort of exploded in the process of reading it :P[/font]

    [font=comic sans ms', ', cursive]But that just proves that you did a good job. :)[/font]

    Ah, I see... Sorry- Missed the part about it being in the Xbox section.
    Thanks for the compliment! I worked hard... :)
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    Alright, guys. You made me so curious, I (being the nerd I am) did some research. I'm pretty sure my updated information is right, (though I don't expect you'll probably want to stop arguing, anyway... ;)

    I'll probably also post a video about this, soon, because it's kinda confusing...

    Here is what I found...


    Tnt can't break obsidian, bedrock, or even water blocks without hacks.


    Obsidian has a blast resistance of 6,000 (And bedrock is 18,000,000, if you care). Since this is a numeric value, it means the game coders didn't actually hard- wire it into the game that it is completely invincible (though the number is so high, it practically is.). Therefore, with a high enough explosion power, it is actually possible to break it. However, It would require an explosion power not a achievable in the game without using hacks (And even then, your game may crash if your computer isn't powerful enough. But if it did work, such an immense explosion would literally annihilate your entire world, leaving you with a bunch of strange carved lines throughout every loaded chunk, and would probably instant- kill you, no matter where you were, provided both the explosion and you were in loaded chunks.).

    The highest explosion power found naturally is a numeric power of 7 (upon spawning a wither). Tnt has an explosion power of 4.

    The formula that Minecraft uses to determine whether an explosion is powerful enough to overcome a block's blast resistance value is as follows: ((1.3 × powerattenuation steps × step length × 0.75)/step length − 0.3) × 5 = Min Blast force

    This is important, because it means that the terms "Explosion Power" and "Blast Resistance" are not directly proportional. For example, Diamond ore has a blast resistance of 15, yet Tnt's explosion power is 4, and still breaks it, because after running this formula with the correct variables, Tnt's actual Blast Force is approximately 77.67 -- A value much higher than 15. (Someone might need to check my math on this. It's actually REALLY complicated...)

    So this means that you'd need to focus the explosive power of about 80 Tnt (or an explosive power of 320) on a single block of obsidian to break it. BUT, in fact, even if you DID manage to simultaneously blow up 80 Tnt in the exact same spot, it wouldn't break the obsidian, because multiple close explosions have no cumulative effect on the destruction of a block. This means you can't add up the powers from different Tnt blocks. You'd actually need to cheat to get an explosion with a power greater than seven. Be careful if you try this, though. if your computer can't handle it, it could do anything from crashing your game to corrupting your world.

    If you really want to try it, here's a command you can input into the chat bar to get a fireball you can hit into obsidian and break it. It's a little excessive with the power, just to make sure it does the job. I tested it. It works.:

    /summon Fireball ~ ~2 ~ {ExplosionPower:500,direction: [0.0,0.0,0.0]}

    Have fun! :D






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