About Me
Well my really name is completely different from my internet name, as most peoples but mines a little odd >.> i go by Etetherin (Eee-Tether-in) Yasuro Idexse Any where on the internet or gaming i go (even the many cons i go to) I made it up. and it took me a very long time to come up with not sure how i just did it but i did and its unique

Other then that I like to hack computers...not like most others they hack to destroy that's not hacking its cracking and hacking is to improve or bypass inconvenience in a system or program too make it easy to interface or work better. I'm Very friendly and like to chat with people (if you didn't already notice o.o) I'm a Geek >.< but not like the typical geek because I'm not like in a dressy shirt and wearing glasses and stating facts from Einstein.....oh wait i do that last one..NOT OFTEN though o.o (i recite portal and family guy more >.<) um i don't really no anything else to put.
Interests Definitely NOT minecraft >.> but other then that is Nyan cat, anime for sure but to be more specific Shin Chan, Naruto, inuyasha, and many more. Video games in general are my favorite pass time some more specific and the favorites among them: PORTAL/ PORTAL 2 the best video game ever created! Dark Cloud/ Dark Cloud two Best ps2 games ever made. Pokemon.... naturally. call of duty Mostly just zombies mode. Halo, Bio shock, ace combat. that's all for Xbox. Maplestory, Minecraft, Spore, Age of empires three, Sims.

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Minecraft Etetherin Xbox Etetherin FTW